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appoint1) The city council appointed school board members until 1969.
2) Virtually powerless city councils were appointed through similar procedures.
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appoint Minister1) In 1984 he was appointed Minister of Finance.
2) A Prime Minister was appointed in January 1988.
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appoint Secretary1) Salman was appointed Secretary in August 2006.
2) Jamal was appointed Secretary to the Executive.
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appoint a Cabinet1) The normal practice is to appoint a Cabinet of fifteen to twenty-five members.
2) Soon he will appoint a Cabinet that must steer the ship of State.
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appoint a board1) He appointed a board of Control that made most decisions.
2) Moses did not appoint a board of directors and a new CEO.
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appoint a captain1) He had been appointed a captain on 21st October 1914.
2) Later that year, he was appointed a captain in the 7th U.S. Cavalry.
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appoint a chairman1) So instead of directly appointing a chairman .
2) The Nominations Committee shall appoint a chairman from its members.
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appoint a commission1) The government responded to the growing clamour by appointing a commission .
2) The government appointed a commission to study the feasibility of the suggested merger.
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appoint a committee1) The GA appointed a committee to examine the matter.
2) Let them appoint a committee to judge the results.
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appoint a deputy1) Brooks was appointed a deputy public defender .
2) The mayor may appoint a deputy mayor if needed.
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appoint a director1) The directors may appoint a director to chair their meetings.
2) He was appointed a director in July 2003.
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appoint a lawyer1) Do I need to appoint a lawyer ?
2) You need to appoint a lawyer to draw up your loan documentation.
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appoint a leader1) I will appoint a leader for each expert group just for today.
2) appoint a leader , and let him beat up for volunteers.
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appoint a manager1) East Stirlingshire did not officially appoint a manager until 1966.
2) The brewery decides to appoint a manager rather than sell the licence.
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appoint a minister1) Knox was appointed a minister at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.
2) However, the Japanese government refrained from appointing a minister Plenipotentiary to Israel until 1955.
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appoint a panel1) The Department of Civil Aviation immediately appointed a panel of two to investigate the accident.
2) The UNHRC has appointed a panel led by William Schabas to investigate war crimes allegations by both sides.
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appoint a professor1) On 1 February 1999 Woon was appointed a professor of law.
2) Hawking was appointed a professor with a chair in gravitational physics in 1977.
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appoint a replacement1) Sometimes provision is made for appointing a replacement expert.
2) Snyder in 2011 appointed a replacement for Bobb .
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appoint a representative1) If you appoint a representative , a proper letter of authorization.
2) CellC had appointed a representative to assist in the matter.
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appoint a successor1) Lincoln did not appoint a successor .
2) Shoghi Effendi died in 1957 without explicitly appointing a successor Guardian.
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appoint an administrator1) May appoint an administrator for any division.
2) The court will issue letters of administration and appoint an administrator .
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appoint an auditor1) To appoint an auditor for the coming year.
2) To appoint an auditor for the ensuring year.
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appoint an executor1) appointing an executor with conflicts of interest .
2) The court will also appoint an executor to the estate, and the estate will be distributed.
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appoint an expert1) However, the ISVA will appoint an expert on application.
2) Sacramento County appointed an expert on mental health practices , Nancy Callahan.
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appoint annually1) The mayor pro tem is appointed annually by council members.
2) The officers of the lodge are elected or appointed annually .
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appoint as1) He was appointed as manager four days later.
2) Feldman was appointed as a health care plan insurer.
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appoint by1) The fifth member is appointed by the previous four members.
2) Experts are frequently appointed by professional bodies acting as appointing authorities.
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appoint chairman1) He was appointed municipal chairman in 2004.
2) Ross was appointed chairman of the enlarged company.
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appoint commander1) He also was blamed for appointing inadequate commanders .
2) The governor and commander were appointed by Bavaria.
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appoint director1) Weinberg was subsequently appointed director in 1955.
2) Both appoint four directors plus one independent director .
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appoint governor1) The governor was appointed by the king.
2) governors were appointed directly by the caliph.
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appoint judge1) It makes those who appoint judges understandably cautious.
2) The judges are appointed and announced beforehand.
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appoint manager1) A new manager was appointed within five days.
2) Clare Miller is appointed assistant contracts manager .
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appoint minister1) His new cabinet included three newly appointed ministers .
2) The king also appointed three female ministers .
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appoint officer1) Some governing bodies appoint a press officer .
2) No particular officer is appointed the energy agenda.
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appoint official1) It is nothing personal against the appointed official .
2) Lesser titled state officials were also appointed .
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appoint to1) A committee appointed to study such matters made those choices.
2) A special master was appointed to oversee reform implementation.
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appoint up1) Each minister may appoint up to two assistant ministers.
2) Each member organisation may appoint up to four delegates to represent it.
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appointed1) The city council appointed school board members until 1969.
2) Virtually powerless city councils were appointed through similar procedures.
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appointed day1) Did a certain appointed day x set in?
2) Celebrate the praises of Allah during the appointed days .
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appointed governor1) King Darius I of Persia appointed Zerubbabel governor of the Province.
2) In 1933, Roosevelt became President and appointed Morgenthau governor of the Federal Farm Board.
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appointed member1) The three appointed members each serve six year terms.
2) Between 1998 and 2010 the Dominican Republic sent 22 appointed members .
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appointed official1) Local governments were dissolved, and appointed officials replaced elected mayors and councils.
2) In Alaska, a constable is an appointed official with limited police powers.
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appointed position1) The office of City Manager is an appointed , long-term professional position .
2) Our preparations were quite complete by nightfall, and we all took up our appointed positions .
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appointed representative1) Normally MAS would act for the shareholders or their appointed representatives .
2) A number of other companies have also become appointed representatives .
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appointed time1) The appointed time has grown very short.
2) The appointed time came and passed without incident.
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appointing1) But boards are increasingly appointing a truly independent chair.
2) They were responsible for appointing war artists.
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appoints1) It appoints committees to examine specific academic matters.
2) The commissioner in turn appoints numerous deputy commissioners.
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be appointed1) Virtually powerless city councils were appointed through similar procedures.
2) She has been appointed public relations assistant.
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beautifully appoint1) The bedrooms are all beautifully appointed in period style.
2) The house is beautifully appointed and thoughtfully equipped for visitors.
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commission appoint1) A judicial commission was subsequently appointed to investigate the matter.
2) A commission was appointed to regulate the streets.
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commissioner appoint1) The commissioner in turn appoints numerous deputy commissioners .
2) How often does the governor appoint county commissioners ?
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committee appoint1) A committee appointed to study such matters made those choices.
2) It appoints committees to examine specific academic matters.
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divinely appoint1) That is the divinely appointed programme for changing sinners.
2) It is the divinely appointed educator of mankind.
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duly appoint1) The surveyor was duly appointed by the parties under the lease.
2) De Botton was duly appointed to the position.
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formally appoint1) He was formally appointed on 5 August.
2) He was formally appointed prime minister on June 30.
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hereby appoint1) The Trustee is hereby appointed a Paying Agent. 2.
2) I hereby appoint Mickey Mouse as the Chief Commander .
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jointly appoint1) The Pou will be jointly appointed by iwi and by the Crown.
2) Recently, they have been jointly appointed to the national faculty for the NHS Leadership Academy.
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luxuriously appoint1) An elegant 4 Star rated Edwardian hotel with luxuriously appointed rooms.
2) However, they are larger and are very luxuriously appointed .
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member appoint1) The city council appointed school board members until 1969.
2) The appointed members serve terms of 2 years.
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newly appoint1) Five members were newly appointed including two women.
2) His new cabinet included three newly appointed ministers.
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presidentially appoint1) Each region is headed by a presidentially appointed governor.
2) These are headed by presidentially appointed divisional officers ().
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recently appoint1) The Governing Council recently appointed cabinet ministers to run government departments.
2) The competition also recently appointed Elizabeth Blanckenberg as administrator.
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royally appoint1) The colonial assembly shared power with a royally appointed governor.
2) The governor of New York was royally appointed .
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self appointed1) Certainly more than self appointed importance .
2) Research the backgrounds of the self appointed leaders of the truth movement.
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specially appoint1) For special occasions Friends can hold specially appointed meetings.
2) Your hospital has a specially appointed officer who deals with all complaints.
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subsequently appoint1) Watkins was subsequently appointed national indoor coach in 1985.
2) Weinberg was subsequently appointed director in 1955.
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superbly appoint1) October 2007 - A wonderful short break in your superbly appointed apartment.
2) superbly appointed suite with King size bed and LCD TV, DVD.
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well appointed1) It was really well appointed and very spacious.
2) The room itself was nice and well appointed .
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