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applied1) That condition was already being applied through agency policy.
2) Executive fire officer program applied research project guidelines.
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applied analysis1) There are four main characteristics of applied behavior analysis .
2) Two related terms are behavior therapy and applied behavior analysis .
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applied anthropology1) applied anthropology you might call it.
2) Society for applied anthropology , Monograph 10.
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applied art1) She continued her individual experiments in applied art .
2) The departments of monumental art and applied art closed.
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applied arts1) Building 2 was constructed as an applied arts school.
2) These also often involve increasingly integrated and applied arts type applications.
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applied chemistry1) Psychology is not applied biology nor is biology applied chemistry .
2) Psychology is not applied biology, nor is biology applied chemistry .
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applied economics1) Providing a solid background in theoretical and applied economics .
2) Today is the leading journal in ' applied economics ' with a 2011 impact factor of 1.552.
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applied ethic1) It is also a branch of applied ethics .
2) These take the form of applied ethics .
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applied ethics1) The applied ethics unit concentrates attention on ethics and the community.
2) But not all questions studied in applied ethics concern public policy.
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applied field1) The distortion appears generally parallel to the applied magnetic field .
2) That is how progress is made in applied fields .
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applied heat1) The applied heat converts the water in the solution into vapor.
2) Damage to color and flavor can result from excessive or improperly applied heat .
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applied linguistics1) Language education is a branch of applied linguistics .
2) Today, computers are widely used in many areas of applied linguistics .
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applied load1) The calculated buckling load of the member may be compared to the applied load .
2) The rotor accelerates until the magnitude of induced rotor current and torque balances the applied load .
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applied math1) To me, applied math is probably something else.
2) I guess I don t know what applied math is.
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applied mathematics1) Options are also available in modern applied mathematics .
2) A major in applied mathematics is also offered.
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applied maths1) I found applied maths interesting; I liked the design and problem-solving element.
2) Instead of applied maths .
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applied mechanic1) However, that nomenclature is not universally accepted in applied mechanics .
2) The first edition focuses on two specific domains of numerical modelling in applied mechanics .
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applied mechanics1) However, that nomenclature is not universally accepted in applied mechanics .
2) Journal of applied mechanics , 32: 443.
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applied physic1) The article turns speculation about vehicle handling into applied physics .
2) It incorporates elements of applied physics and chemistry.
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applied physics1) applied physics & math to improve golf.
2) The article turns speculation about vehicle handling into applied physics .
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applied psychology1) One founder of applied psychology was Hugo M√ľnsterberg.
2) Challenges arise when trying to achieve a successful applied psychology in a culture.
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applied research1) SAC offers experiential learning opportunities for applied justice research .
2) This multidisciplinary university develops innovative, fundamental and applied research .
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applied science1) It specializes in pure and applied sciences .
2) The field contributes to both basic research and applied science .
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applied sciences1) It specializes in pure and applied sciences .
2) Until that moment universities of applied sciences had no research tasks.
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applied scientist1) You haven't actually mentioned biologists or applied scientists .
2) Or maybe hire applied scientists and train them to be good software engineers.
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applied statistics1) The traditional applied statistics course is not accomplishing its mission.
2) applied statistics , 29, 119-127.
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applied stress1) Below a critical value of applied stress , a material may exhibit linear viscoelasticity.
2) The investigation showed that the ultrasonic waves change speed a little due to the applied stress .
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applied voltage1) The applied voltage was varied and the experiment repeated.
2) That is the response of liquid crystal molecules to applied voltages .
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