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applicable1) The applicable locality per diem rate applies.
2) The applicable tax rate is 40%.
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applicable domestic1) The Convention leaves these matters to the applicable domestic law.
2) On the other hand, the details of the obligation to pay interest - in particular, the amount - are governed by the applicable domestic law chosen by conflicts rules.
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applicable employer1) Sec. 54.4980H-1; define an applicable large employer at Prop. Regs.
2) applicable employers not offering QHPs by January 1, 2015, may be subject to financial penalties.
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applicable environmental1) Supplier must comply with all applicable environmental , health and safety laws and regulations.
2) Package development involves considerations for sustainability, environmental responsibility, and applicable environmental and recycling regulations.
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applicable federal1) Plus any applicable federal , state and local income taxes.
2) All applicable federal state, and local laws and regulations apply.
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applicable fee1) Please check your mobile service agreement for details on applicable fees .
2) applicable escrow fees must be deducted from the payment.
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applicable for1) This is particularly applicable for spatial navigation .
2) This is applicable for those receiving a taxable income.
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applicable international1) Country reviews also take into account applicable international humanitarian law.
2) In the instant case, the arbitrator immediately determined the applicable international law.
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applicable large1) Full-time equivalent employees factor into the determination of applicable large employer status.
2) For purposes of determining applicable large employer status, an employer includes a predecessor employer.
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applicable law1) This newsletter may be deemed advertising under applicable state laws .
2) The government continued to fail to enforce applicable laws .
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applicable legal1) We have considered these arguments in light of the record and applicable legal standards.
2) The buyer decides whether to breach according to the costs implied by the applicable legal rule.
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applicable legislation1) All personal information is processed by us in accordance with applicable data protection legislation .
2) This Privacy Policy is designed to comply with applicable privacy legislation in Canada.
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applicable limitation1) C5718-D1 within the applicable time limitation and par.
2) Must include the applicable limitation of Cost clause at FAR 52.232-20 through 23.
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applicable local1) In the absence of applicable local standards, State standards shall apply.
2) Those include whether a request is sufficiently narrow and whether it cites an applicable local law.
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applicable minimum1) The Company funds retirement costs through a trust and complies with the applicable minimum funding requirements specified by ERISA.
2) In addition, an employer must retain documentation of the applicable minimum wage source consistent with the Department's regulations.
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applicable national1) For federal substantive law issues the court will apply the applicable national law (subject to circuit differences).
2) Speed limit road signs are used to inform road users where speed limits other than the applicable national speed limit apply.
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applicable percentage1) The applicable percentage of the total excluded cost-sharing payments.
2) The applicable percentage is based on the length of time you held the land.
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applicable principle1) There is broadly applicable principle that laws should not usually yield counter intuitive results .
2) The applicable principles are interpreted in accordance with European Court of Justice (ECJ) precedent.
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applicable provision1) Beginning of the expiry period is subject to the applicable statutory provisions .
2) This was not consistent with applicable provisions of the National Agreement.
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applicable regulation1) For those standards consult the applicable governing regulations .
2) The design criteria are finalized considering project features and applicable regulations .
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applicable regulations1) The design criteria are finalized considering project features and applicable regulations .
2) All such services are conducted in compliance with applicable regulations .
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applicable regulatory1) Such agreements are subject to applicable regulatory approvals.
2) RBC Direct Investing is monitoring applicable regulatory developments.
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applicable requirement1) The employee must meet all applicable eligibility requirements .
2) Such property must be procured in accordance with applicable procurement requirements .
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applicable requirements1) Specification-based testing aims to test the functionality of software according to the applicable requirements .
2) Federal agencies are responsible for identifying ARRA awards and the applicable requirements to the recipient.
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applicable rule1) The vessel operator is responsible for knowing and following applicable navigation rules .
2) However, the applicable tax rules have changed significantly in recent years.
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applicable rules1) In the following a brief description of applicable rules organized by source.
2) Before you undertake such transactions, you should familiarize yourself with applicable rules .
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applicable standard1) The applicable due diligence standard is discussed below.
2) This project was conducted in accordance with applicable evaluation standards .
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applicable standards1) And they can begin expanding their views of the applicable standards .
2) This is the only charging mode that meets the applicable standards regulating electrical installations.
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applicable statute1) This Court must therefore examine the legislative history of the applicable statute .
2) applicable statutes and case law support reaching the merits of the dominant issue.
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applicable statutory1) She maintained escrow accounts in accordance to applicable statutory and federal regulations.
2) Carefully review applicable statutory guidance about providing the debtor's name.
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applicable tax1) The applicable tax rate is 40%.
2) The applicable tax rate is 28%.
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applicable taxis1) Prices shown are subject to applicable taxes .
2) All rates are subject to applicable taxes .
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applicable to1) These rules are generally applicable to verbal agricultural leases.
2) The package is applicable to children 3 17 years old.
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as applicable1) This rule is as applicable to men as it is to women.
2) SECURITY DEBRIEFING ( as applicable ) ____ 2.
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be applicable1) The procedure is applicable unless ordered otherwise.
2) A damage security deposit of 250 is applicable .
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become applicable1) The invention also became applicable in other fields, including banking.
2) Therefore , these also become applicable to private companies.
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broadly applicable1) It gives you knowledge that is more broadly applicable .
2) OpenNSPECT was designed to be broadly applicable .
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directly applicable1) Proposers must describe only those resources that are directly applicable .
2) Brussels II bis is directly applicable in the UK.
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easily applicable1) Also, it was not easily applicable in certain occupations.
2) They provide major quality metrics but are not easily applicable by non-experts.
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equally applicable1) This is equally applicable to brand marketing strategy.
2) The technique is however equally applicable to discrete distributions.
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especially applicable1) This is especially applicable for States within the same area.
2) This is especially applicable to germanium parts.
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generally applicable1) These rules are generally applicable to verbal agricultural leases.
2) There will be guidelines that are generally applicable .
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if applicable1) Describe linking and coding errors if applicable .
2) if applicable , that subsequent rounds are more difficult.
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immediately applicable1) The following ideas are more immediately applicable to the current system.
2) I could immediately see how the practices of XP were immediately applicable to an open source project.
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make applicable1) Similar restrictions were made applicable to artificers and workmen.
2) The settlement provision has been made applicable retrospectively with effect from April 20 , 2007.
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not applicable1) They are especially not applicable in cities during rush hour.
2) not applicable to group or wedding attendees.
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only applicable1) Customers pay only applicable taxes and fees.
2) This method is only applicable in research settings.
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otherwise applicable1) Prevail over any conflicting law otherwise applicable to the claim or cause of action.
2) The displaced employee must be within reach for selection, consistent with otherwise applicable provisions of law and regulation.
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particularly applicable1) This is particularly applicable for spatial navigation .
2) Sales promotion activities are particularly applicable to consumer products.
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potentially applicable1) Various renewable energy electricity sources are also potentially applicable .
2) Architecture Implications: potentially applicable across all aspects of RDP delivery.
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prove applicable1) Revusky (1971, 1977) has developed an account of the role of interference effects in associative learning that has proved applicable to a wide range of phenomena.
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readily applicable1) Additionally, gamification is readily applicable to increasing engagement on sites built on social network services.
2) Also, as the NBN will be a new build, the standard approaches to regulation are not readily applicable .
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remain applicable1) Such measures remain applicable wherever dengue is endemic.
2) In another 7 police station areas, AFSPA remains only partially applicable .
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seem applicable1) Ralph Gibson L.J. 's observations seem equally applicable to libel.
2) This is precisely the kind of case where a continuing violation theory seems applicable .
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specifically applicable1) This method is specifically applicable to the fabrication of long period fiber gratings.
2) The reorganization of the rules includes new rules specifically applicable to appeals in limited civil cases.
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universally applicable1) The no fault approach is not universally applicable .
2) Many adherents believe his ideas are universally applicable over time.
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very applicable1) This is very applicable to work and personal life.
2) This concept is not very applicable to large 3-phase motors.
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where applicable1) Details are given where applicable in each course description.
2) These are explained below with examples from translated texts where applicable .
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widely applicable1) Mechanical engineering is a very widely applicable field.
2) The program will teach the women widely applicable career skills.
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