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acknowledge applause1) As he lifted his cap to acknowledge the applause , they froze.
2) He stood in the ballroom entrance and acknowledged the applause with a small bow.
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applause1) This proposition was accepted amid loud applause .
2) The crowd applause was getting less and less enthusiastic.
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applause cheer1) When Rumsfeld arrived, warm applause and cheers greeted him.
2) applause and cheers , smiles and happy tears!
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applause die1) The applause died down and Brian smiled.
2) applause died down as the curtains folded Hubert and his weights away.
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applause die down1) The applause died down and Brian smiled.
2) applause died down as the curtains folded Hubert and his weights away.
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applause echo1) 10.07 pm GMT 19 min: A vociferous round of applause echoes round Villa Park as the home fans pay tribute to the absent Stilyan Petrov.
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applause erupt1) When the lights went down, applause erupted as the band took the stage.
2) As the piece ended and applause erupted from the crowd, McNamee addressed the audience again.
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applause for1) The government deserves applause for this inspired judgment .
2) A little applause for this heroic work is welcome.
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applause from1) She drew standing applause from the students.
2) The line drew big applause from the conservative audience.
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applause grow1) You get to realize that gradually, as the applause grows .
2) It was not until Robert Kajanus presented a wreath to Sibelius that the applause grew louder.
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applause line1) Finally able to speak, Stein ran through her best applause lines .
2) One of the president's biggest applause line was directed at women specifically.
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audience applause1) No audience applause is allowed during the programme.
2) Linda then called for audience applause to determine the finalist.
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be greeted with applause1) Virginia Mayo was greeted with applause on her first entrance.
2) His statement was greeted with applause .
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break into applause1) The huge crowd spontaneously broke into applause .
2) The courtroom broke into applause upon hearing the verdict.
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burst into applause1) The crowd sat in stunned silence before bursting into applause .
2) The room burst into applause when he changed his vote.
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burst of applause1) The music triggered a burst of applause .
2) Each contestant received a loud burst of applause , and some were cheered heartily.
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crowd applause1) The crowd applause was getting less and less enthusiastic.
2) The crowd's thunderous applause made the official more comfortable about the event.
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deafening applause1) Sure, Paradox for Windows has just shipped to deafening applause .
2) In his review, Boy Abunda, Jr. (People's Tonight, June 13, 1990) said, She was met by deafening applause .
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deserve applause1) Being constructive is harder and is what deserves applause .
2) The government deserves applause for this inspired judgment .
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draw applause1) The line drew big applause from the conservative audience.
2) The votes drew applause in the chamber.
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earn applause1) In act 3 only Micaƫla's aria earned applause as the audience became increasingly disconcerted.
2) Coletti managed a brief comeback in 1867, singing the bass role of Mefistofeles in Gounod's Faust in Palermo, earning applause and a polite review.
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enthusiastic applause1) The two strode in to reasonably enthusiastic applause .
2) In Lisbon, the performance was met with enthusiastic applause in 1976.
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follow applause1) Reserved applause followed each song's performance.
2) Her words were followed by applause to indicate that everyone agreed.
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garner applause1) Of course, these mentions garnered wild applause from the audience.
2) The Oak Forest band came last , garnering applause as it played.
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get applause1) Anyone and everyone wearing cobalt blue and emerald green got applause .
2) To receive one and get applause is really quite novel.
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great applause1) This speech aroused great applause from the entire audience.
2) Arrived to great applause during opening ceremonies.
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greet applause1) A chorus of applause greeted him from every side.
2) She is greeted by the rousing applause of her fan.
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hear applause1) Then I walked towards the room just as loud applause was heard .
2) Could be heard thunderous applause from the crowded rows of benches.
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huge applause1) His intervention met with huge applauses from the delegates of the conference.
2) There was a huge applause from the students when the youth performed classical dance blended western music .
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loud applause1) This proposition was accepted amid loud applause .
2) The toast was drunk with loud applause .
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minute applause1) Given openly wept during and after the minute's applause .
2) There was also a minute's applause in tribute to Cole before the match.
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more applause1) Each of the three leading performers was recalled for more applause .
2) That observation prompted more applause and howls of outrage.
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much applause1) And so the orator sat down amidst much applause .
2) The giant wombat releases David and shambles offstage to much applause .
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muted applause1) To muted applause , a small white flag fringed with red is slowly hoisted in the blustering wind to just below the bright Bolivian tricolour.
2) Flash back to the end of the second period at the Air Canada Centre on Wednesday night : The Leafs were up 4-0 and left for the dressing room merely to muted applause .
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polite applause1) This statement received polite applause , but the protest continued.
2) When he concluded, there was polite applause .
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prolonged applause1) Almost every sentence was responded to with prolonged applause .
2) Another standing ovation and prolonged applause brought a reluctant end to a magnificent concert.
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rapturous applause1) He was welcomed with rapturous applause by several hundred refugees.
2) This performance and collaboration was greeted with rapturous applause .
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receive applause1) This statement received polite applause , but the protest continued.
2) They both received a mighty applause from the audience .
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ripple of applause1) There was a ripple of applause , and I saw his lordship exchange a look with Sir David.
2) The slogan is so grey-haired that even at party conferences it wouldn't get a ripple of applause .
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roar of applause1) The duet ended to a roar of applause and laughter.
2) He takes a bow to the thunderous roars of applause .
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round of applause1) She was given a round of applause .
2) The winning team gets a round of applause .
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spontaneous applause1) What I found fascinating was the spontaneous applause from the audience.
2) When he left the lectern there was spontaneous applause .
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sustained applause1) This was met by the loudest burst of approval yet, followed by warm and sustained applause .
2) Oct. 30, 2006 - President Bush received sustained applause when he told a conservative crowd in eastern Georgia that we need to hold the line on traditional marriage.
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thunderous applause1) The announcement was met with thunderous applause .
2) The large gathering responded with thunderous applause .
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to applause1) Gomez then bows to applause from the small audience.
2) His second at bat was delayed as well due to applause .
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tumultuous applause1) There was tumultuous applause for Gershwin's composition.
2) After remarks by local dignitaries, Tibbits was summoned onstage with tumultuous applause .
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warm applause1) When Rumsfeld arrived, warm applause and cheers greeted him.
2) ASPL: Let's congratulate these Scouts with warm applause .
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wild applause1) He left the stage to wild applause .
2) It won her wild applause and a standing ovation .
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win applause1) It was the only part of the performance which won applause .
2) The actors put in their best to win the applause of the audience.
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