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all applaud1) He complimented him some more and we all applauded .
2) We laughed and teared up when the diners all applauded .
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applaud1) The capacity crowd vigorously applauded his honor call.
2) The ruling was applauded by online privacy advocates.
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applaud action1) His action was applauded by the UMNO delegates.
2) In a prepared statement, the Humane Society applauded the Senate action .
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applaud announcement1) The announcement was applauded by the audience.
2) Sen. Sherrod Brown applauds today's announcement .
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applaud decision1) The victim's family applauded the judge's decision .
2) Personally , I applaud the Presidents decision .
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applaud effort1) I applaud all efforts to prevent child abuse.
2) I applaud the efforts in these 100 cities yesterday.
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applaud enthusiastically1) From his VIP seat, ANC representative Steve Tshwete applauded enthusiastically , while Asians in the otherwise disappointing 7,000 crowd let off firecrackers.
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applaud fact1) He applauded the fact that the episode is suspenseful, even though the ending has a certain inevitability.
2) And from the tone of the comments you were all applauding the fact that the deficit was shrinking .
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applaud for1) He is highly applauded for taking parts in religious debates.
2) He should have been more applauded for this.
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applaud government1) He also applauded the Saudi government for facilitating Visas for the pilgrims.
2) The Organic Trade Association in Canada applauds the government of Canada for standing behind the organic sector in this way.
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applaud heartily1) The farmers were also applauded heartily by all, elevating them to guests of honor.
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applaud loudly1) The crowd cheered and applauded loudly .
2) His November speech was applauded loudly .
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applaud performance1) Father is watching and applauds Pingu's performance .
2) He also applauded Foster's performance and the film's cinematography.
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applaud politely1) Celebs congregate and applaud politely .
2) Like Pancho Gonzales years before her, she brought color and charisma, fire and fury to a sport that ladies and gentlemen were in the habit of applauding politely .
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applaud speech1) Her speech was warmly applauded by a full chamber.
2) Zhao's emotional speech was applauded by some students.
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applaud the courage1) However the cry was raised all over the floor: They've removed their team leader Some thirty young dealers applauded the courage of these two.
2) 'I applaud the courage of the Turkish referee in bringing the matter to UEFA's attention.'
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applaud the move1) He applauded the move and said it showed leadership .
2) the Wall Street Journal , however, has applauded the move .
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applaud warmly1) The fans who were in their seats stood for six minutes and applauded warmly .
2) She has played solo concerts in cultural festivals and small auditoria, and was applauded warmly .
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applaud wildly1) If he attacks Obama , he'll be applauded wildly .
2) The audience applauded wildly , and we saw it happen yesterday as Americans marched on the National Mall.
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applaud work1) I especially applaud work done by academics and others who undertake serious study.
2) The work was universally applauded , and laid the foundation of his fame.
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applauded1) The capacity crowd vigorously applauded his honor call.
2) The ruling was applauded by online privacy advocates.
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applauding1) This is mostly stuff that deserves applauding .
2) They are applauding the services of man.
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applauds1) This number sequence applauds your decisions to live honestly.
2) Lower left, the congregation stands and applauds .
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audience applaud1) The announcement was applauded by the audience .
2) The audience applauded ; he bowed and smiled.
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cheer applaud1) How we cheered and applauded at the end.
2) The crowd cheered and applauded loudly.
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crowd applaud1) The capacity crowd vigorously applauded his honor call.
2) It is our sixth borough, she said, and the crowd applauded .
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fan applaud1) Girls screamed, cameras flashed and fans applauded .
2) Aberdeen fans generously applauded Queens' victory.
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is to be applauded1) I think what they are doing is to be applauded .
2) Any halt to the violence, however short-lived, is to be applauded .
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laugh applaud1) People laughed and applauded and Sheridan looked truly murderous.
2) This caused the audience to laugh and applaud .
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loudly applaud1) Her words were loudly applauded , and the punishment was voted down.
2) The crowd cheered and applauded loudly .
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member applaud1) The board members applauded the young people for their initiative .
2) The board members applauded the students' performance, when they concluded.
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people applaud1) The people applaud , instead of suppressing these false teachers.
2) The sight is truly spectacular and people applaud when it begins!
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sarcastically applaud1) The latter sarcastically applauded him in frustration, but Rossi retaliated by physical assault.
2) Radha sarcastically applauds over Gurumata's win on Sarju.
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should be applauded1) This is a sound position that should be applauded .
2) They should be applauded for defending our countryside .
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stand applaud1) The crowd stood and applauded for almost two minutes.
2) Ranma stood and applauded , earning a dirty look.
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warmly applaud1) Her speech was warmly applauded by a full chamber.
2) Joe warmly applauded his predecessor's achievements.
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widely applaud1) The reforms were widely applauded after bitter protest.
2) This move was widely applauded by architectural historians.
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