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Web application1) The same is true for multiple Web browser applications .
2) The chapter then identifies various Web applications .
more Web application sentences
Web based application1) The real work will be done within the browser via Web based applications .
2) This is the Web based application merging basic HR activities and processes with Information technology.
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Windows application1) The second has a Windows desktop application .
2) How to print from a Windows application .
more Windows application sentences
accept application1) The city began accepting applications last week .
2) Classes start once per quarter and applications are always accepted .
more accept application sentences
access application1) Users can then access applications running on the local web server.
2) Employers will still be able to access applications processed in 2009.
more access application sentences

agricultural application1) The remainder supported industrial and agricultural applications .
2) They aim to develop human and agricultural applications .
more agricultural application sentences
application1) A standardized application form makes direct comparisons much easier .
2) The recommended limit is 10 property databases per search service application .
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application approve1) The approved application is valid for 10 days.
2) The application was approved by district planners last week.
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application deadline1) The application deadlines are generally in spring quarter.
2) What are the financial aid application deadlines ?
more application deadline sentences
application developer1) The application developer decides how to employ these components.
2) Availability of languages depends on the application developers themselves.
more application developer sentences
application development1) IBM Notes applications development uses several programming languages.
2) Microsoft is clearly the follower in speech platforms and applications development .
more application development sentences
application domain1) The problem context contains the machine and the application domain .
2) We have developed three entertainment applications to explore this application domain .
more application domain sentences

application error1) Log this as an application error to alert the system administrator.
2) By default, WindowsXP will request to report application errors to Microsoft.
more application error sentences
application fee1) The application processing fee is $70.
2) The application fee applies per project entered.
more application fee sentences
application firewall1) Most specialized network appliance application firewalls are for web applications.
2) To secure this application, you are deploying an application firewall .
more application firewall sentences
application for1) Patrick has been developing web applications for ten years.
2) The court has repeatedly denied applications for bail.
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application form1) A standardized application form makes direct comparisons much easier .
2) The simple application form is downloadable right here.
more application form sentences
application framework1) Not suggesting sample code , instead an actual application framework .
2) SharePoint is a web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft.
more application framework sentences
application guidelines1) Applicants should read the application guidelines before preparing an application.
2) How to Apply Before applying, carefully review the application guidelines .
more application guidelines sentences

application interface1) The application programming interface consists of over 160 functions.
2) First application programming interfaces are due in the third quarter.
more application interface sentences
application layer1) Unfortunately, the next easiest target is usually the application layer .
2) Addressing is also part of the application layer .
more application layer sentences
application method1) There are two application methods for shotcrete.
2) The differences in application methods can be seen in a comparison presentation.
more application method sentences
application of knowledge1) It tests application of knowledge and skills in practical situations.
2) Its wealth and power depend on the application of knowledge .
more application of knowledge sentences
application of law1) This is an application of law insofar as authority is concerned.
2) It ensures certainty and consistency in the application of law .
more application of law sentences
application of logic1) Meta-programming techniques underlie many of the applications of logic programming.
2) Synopsys proceeded to pioneer the commercial application of logic synthesis .
more application of logic sentences
application of mathematics1) Maybe it's the application of mathematics to successfully explain everything.
2) For example, mathematical physics is the application of mathematics in physics.
more application of mathematics sentences

application of principles1) They emphasize discussion and hands-on application of principles learned through readings.
2) Case studies illustrate the application of principles and design procedures.
more application of principles sentences
application of science1) Technological crises are caused by human application of science and technology.
2) You're mistakenly conflating science and the application of science .
more application of science sentences
application package1) The application packages contain all required forms and certifications.
2) You will sequentially assemble loan application packages in three separate stages.
more application package sentences
application performance1) This would enhance the application's performance under difficult lighting situations.
2) This improves system fault isolation, while increasing application performance and scalability.
more application performance sentences
application procedure1) States have separate application procedures but requirements are quite similar.
2) How long does the application procedure take?
more application procedure sentences
application process1) The application process guides candidates through several critical business issues.
2) The application process is very simple and almost everybody is approved!
more application process sentences
application processing1) The application processing fee is $70.
2) The application processing standard is 45 days.
more application processing sentences
application program1) Many application programs deal principally with documents.
2) Please try before buying the application program .
more application program sentences
application programmer1) Transaction support is transparent to the application programmer .
2) Both interpreted and compiled languages are simultaneously available to the application programmer .
more application programmer sentences
application programming interface1) The application programming interface consists of over 160 functions.
2) First application programming interfaces are due in the third quarter.
more application programming interface sentences
application rate1) Shear strengths were slightly higher at higher application rates .
2) Different application rates were used depending on the type of surface.
more application rate sentences
application requirements1) These are based upon audition or department application requirements .
2) Each academy has its own application requirements and registration deadlines.
more application requirements sentences
application run1) The computer mainframe era saw many applications running in legacy mode.
2) The processing mode in which applications run .
more application run sentences
application server1) The middle tier is also called the application server .
2) There are several application servers and database servers for each department.
more application server sentences
application service provider1) Welp, application service provider or active server pages ?
2) Essentially, SaaS is a different way to spell ASP ( application service provider ).
more application service provider sentences
application sharing1) Examples include chat rooms and application sharing in the business context.
2) The protocol is an extension of the ITU-T T.128 application sharing protocol.
more application sharing sentences
application software1) Select application software appropriate for specific tasks.
2) A programming language used to develop application software .
more application software sentences
application suite1) An application suite consists of multiple applications bundled together.
2) Enterprise application suite is an alternate name for such systems.
more application suite sentences
application technique1) How the larger space would effect the application technique .
2) All application techniques can be used with any type of color.
more application technique sentences
application testing1) Part of my job is doing software and applications testing .
2) He implemented further application testing , using a formula of water retention gel mixture with barren soil.
more application testing sentences
application to1) Auto loan direct shops auto loan applications to lenders nationwide.
2) The opportunity theory has direct application to crime prevention.
more application to sentences
applications1) For certain applications however steam is effective.
2) Web applications are running under clearly defined user accounts.
more applications sentences
approve application1) The approved application is valid for 10 days.
2) A tribal organization shall have an approved application .
more approve application sentences
build application1) ASP.Net allows the developer to build applications faster.
2) We not only build applications -we understand the needs behind them.
more build application sentences
business critical application1) Mission, life and business critical applications must work right the first and every time or lives and fortunes could be lost.
2) For business critical applications , many organizations aim for five nines, or 99.999% availability, and this level of robustness requires careful planning and design.
more business critical application sentences
by application1) Unicode must be actively supported by applications .
2) MAP participation is available by application only.
more by application sentences
client application1) Extension features are accessed by client applications through extension libraries.
2) What kinds of client applications support actions?
more client application sentences
clinical application1) The mobile music touch has a potential clinical application .
2) clinical applications of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging.
more clinical application sentences
cold application1) Sometimes a continuous cold application is preferred.
2) The person feels better from ice cold applications or bathing.
more cold application sentences
commercial application1) Some research has already seen commercial application .
2) All such technologies have very legitimate commercial applications .
more commercial application sentences
complete application1) We are now accepting completed applications via email.
2) Families must complete an application to receive space.
more complete application sentences
consider application1) Development of future models should consider applications across multiple contexts.
2) The committee will consider applications until the position is filled.
more consider application sentences
create application1) Imagine a developer creating applications in Visual Studio.
2) The created applications can be deployed on any of these operating systems.
more create application sentences
credit application1) The credit application includes contract language and personal guarantees.
2) The finance company has turned down their credit application .
more credit application sentences
database application1) This course addresses technologies for developing database applications .
2) This can help in creating more flexible database applications .
more database application sentences
deny application1) The court has repeatedly denied applications for bail.
2) He developed high blood pressure so his application was denied .
more deny application sentences
desktop application1) First, install the desktop application noted above.
2) The second has a Windows desktop application .
more desktop application sentences
develop application1) Patrick has been developing web applications for ten years.
2) A number of encoding conversion applications were developed .
more develop application sentences
dos application1) This was especially painful in providing support for dos applications .
2) In reality, almost all dos application programs violated these rules.
more dos application sentences
download application1) With over 60 million downloads and named 17 most download application of all time.
2) Applicants can search and sign up for email notification of funding opportunities, and download applications packages.
more download application sentences
e business application1) The second provides web based e-business solutions and e-business application development services to the financial industry.
2) As such, enterprise content management is one of the necessary basic components of the overarching e-business application area.
more e business application sentences
e commerce application1) Some projects were small-scale e-commerce applications while others were primarily informative in nature.
2) But malicious attackers can also attack e-commerce applications from outside your company via the Internet.
more e commerce application sentences
enterprise application integration1) enterprise application integration is used to link different applications.
2) This is especially suitable for enterprise application integrations .
more enterprise application integration sentences
ex parte application1) Once again it is an ex parte application .
2) An ex parte application is made, supported by an affidavit.
more ex parte application sentences
examine application1) The USPTO examines applications for trademark registration.
2) A single judge may not examine applications against the state which nominated him.
more examine application sentences
file application1) Previously various writ applications were filed regarding disputed questions.
2) filing industrial design applications and obtaining registrations.
more file application sentences
fill in application1) Just spend your time filling in application forms and sending out CVs.
2) Duly filled in applications should reach the college office on or before 14 August 2005.
more fill in application sentences
fill out application1) Many of them let him fill out applications .
2) Let them fill out application forms and collect their thoughts.
more fill out application sentences
formal application1) Only shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit formal applications .
2) Note that contacting your advisor does not constitute a formal application .
more formal application sentences
function application1) function application is sometimes denoted without parentheses: __FORMULA__.
2) In Haskell, $ is used as a function application operator.
more function application sentences
general application1) For most general applications 75% engagement is the norm.
2) Both evidence and conclusions were of dubious general application .
more general application sentences
grant application1) His first nine research grant applications were turned down.
2) Always read these regulations carefully before submitting a grant application .
more grant application sentences
helper application1) The oddjobd daemon provides services which are implemented by external helper applications .
2) As bandwidth is universal problem, IPCop provides helper applications in this realm.
more helper application sentences
industrial application1) Filing industrial design applications and obtaining registrations.
2) These powerful bits are useful in industrial applications .
more industrial application sentences
install application1) First, install the desktop application noted above.
2) These are taken from applications installed on the device.
more install application sentences
integrate application1) To help you integrate applications quickly and simply, Cast Iron products take a graphical configuration interface approach.
2) To learn how to integrate applications with Azure AD, see application access enhancements for Azure AD .
more integrate application sentences
interactive application1) Both are required for complex interactive applications .
2) For many interactive applications this is not sufficient.
more interactive application sentences
invite application1) New Zealand Cricket invites applications from suitably qualified individuals.
2) Chevron Nigeria Limited hereby invites applications from qualified candidates for employment.
more invite application sentences
job application1) jobs lecturer job application letter format jobs lecturer job.
2) Sample job application form example resume template resume letter.
more job application sentences
killer application1) Email has often been called the killer application of the Internet.
2) It was dubbed the first Amiga killer application .
more killer application sentences
launch application1) Put a tick in 'Remember my choice...' and click launch application .
2) With Maluuba , I get a message saying that launching applications is not yet supported .
more launch application sentences
legacy application1) Do you have a lot of legacy applications ?
2) Cloud applications without mobile support are now being considered legacy applications .
more legacy application sentences
letter of application1) The letter of application was dated 16 July 2009.
2) A typical letter of application may appear as In Fig.
more letter of application sentences
loan application1) Ace cash express payday ace payday loan cash advance application .
2) Auto loan direct shops auto loan applications to lenders nationwide.
more loan application sentences
lodge application1) Travellers had lodged applications for three separate judicial reviews which delayed action.
2) AECOM also lodged applications for the master plan and integrated transport tenders.
more lodge application sentences
make application1) He made applications and was regularly turned down.
2) The company made application for a permit.
more make application sentences
membership application1) The address is shown on the membership application .
2) There is no membership application to fill out.
more membership application sentences
mission critical application1) Korean companies are now increasingly adopting virtualization techniques for their mission critical applications .
2) But Sanders advises caution for those considering using NT for long-term mission critical applications .
more mission critical application sentences
mobile application1) mobile applications are usually much more expensive.
2) One of those is actually building a mobile application .
more mobile application sentences
mortgage application1) A lender took the class through the mortgage application process.
2) And processing mortgage applications can take months .
more mortgage application sentences
multimedia application1) High quality guarantees are typically required by multimedia applications .
2) It is therefore a kind of online multimedia application .
more multimedia application sentences
multiple application1) An application suite consists of multiple applications bundled together.
2) Wasn't this supposed handle multiple applications better?
more multiple application sentences
on application1) These places are limited and are assessed on application .
2) Click here more information on application FAQs .
more on application sentences
online application1) online job applications are not very helpful.
2) International applicants must apply using the online application .
more online application sentences
originating application1) The procedure follows that for originating applications .
2) All summonses and originating applications must now be served within four months.
more originating application sentences
patent application1) He has 150 patents and patent applications .
2) Microsoft files numerous patent applications each year.
more patent application sentences
pend application1) Review pending applications to be submitted for approval.
2) Review and check status of all pending applications in all jurisdictions.
more pend application sentences
plan application1) Also to search for planning applications locally and nationally.
2) We've got planning applications , haven't we?
more plan application sentences
planning application1) No formal planning application had yet been made.
2) No formal planning application has yet been made.
more planning application sentences
potential application1) Other potential applications are centered around social monitoring.
2) potential applications include e.g. electric cooling devices.
more potential application sentences
practical application1) The computer makes possible many practical applications .
2) This limit should permit any practical application .
more practical application sentences
process application1) applications were processed much faster than expected.
2) This application is processed as an initial review.
more process application sentences
real world application1) real world applications introduce complexities that reduce efficiency.
2) Shawn presented the course material using real world applications .
more real world application sentences
refuse application1) Processing fees are not refunded for refused applications .
2) His application was definitively refused on 28 February 2007.
more refuse application sentences
reissue application1) A supplemental paper correctly amending the reissue application is required.
2) In bracket 1, list all claims in the reissue application .
more reissue application sentences
reject application1) One award was issued & one application was rejected .
2) A second application was rejected in early 1899.
more reject application sentences
review application1) Various research papers with theoretical applications are reviewed .
2) A panel of six diverse judges reviewed 48 applications .
more review application sentences
run application1) Apple does let 3rd party applications run in the background.
2) User applications run at Ring=3.
more run application sentences
screen application1) To save their time and effort they have someone else screen applications .
2) Accordingly, such applications are sometimes referred to as green screen applications .
more screen application sentences
send application1) send applications with skaters who have high level aspirations.
2) She sent applications to Rutgers, Yale, Brandeis and Buffalo.
more send application sentences
send in application1) We're excited to see many of you sending in applications to become part of this rather unique operation.
more send in application sentences
share application1) File sharing applications are an obvious exception to this situation.
2) Seventeen people were subsequently arrested for reselling share applications and vouchers.
more share application sentences
software application1) There are certainly software applications within biomedical engineering.
2) My own hospital requires multiple passwords to access several software applications .
more software application sentences
source and application of funds1) On the other hand, a consolidated source and application of funds statement is produced.
2) The main sources and applications of funds can be identified and any changes over time recorded.
more source and application of funds sentences
source and application of funds statement1) On the other hand, a consolidated source and application of funds statement is produced.
2) This survey found that of a sample of 'large industrial companies', 8% provided a balance sheet and 2% provided a source and application of funds statement .
more source and application of funds statement sentences
speculative application1) Some fees , I have always suspected, are to discourage mountains of speculative applications .
2) Those that didn't are the worst sort of speculative application filing without any real substantive work towards actual development.
more speculative application sentences
stand alone application1) Mobile Apps are not stand alone applications running on a mobile device anymore .
2) The other process generates a stand alone application that does not need BASIC!
more stand alone application sentences
submit application1) Some facilities are required to submit applications electronically.
2) The application was eventually submitted in 2009.
more submit application sentences
successful application1) Only 170 Arabs had made successful applications in five years.
2) Today, personal relations are highly relevant for successful applications .
more successful application sentences
turn down application1) At the moment they often cannot turn down applications even if they are widely opposed by the local community.
2) Under the previous legislation the Secretary of State had the discretion to turn down applications but exercised it only 519 times in the space of five years.
more turn down application sentences
unsuccessful application1) Derby and Southwark made unsuccessful applications in 1955.
2) The unsuccessful application leaves the project unfunded.
more unsuccessful application sentences
vertical application1) Am I limited to vertical applications ?
2) Greater scale enables startups to evolve more quickly beyond vertical applications to ecosystem development.
more vertical application sentences
visa application1) visa applications must be done 3 weeks before.
2) She supported fixing the visa application process to encourage legal immigration.
more visa application sentences
web application1) web applications are running under clearly defined user accounts.
2) web applications absolutely require compatible web browsers.
more web application sentences
wide application1) This material has wide application for insect control in grain storage.
2) DNA identification of individuals finds wide application in criminal law.
more wide application sentences
wireless application1) The proliferation of wireless applications is on the rise and continues to empower users and communities.
2) Chinese mobile phone users access the Internet mainly via WAP ( wireless application Protocol).
more wireless application sentences
withdraw application1) Early decision is a binding decision, meaning that students must withdraw applications to other schools if accepted.
2) Sheffield City Council simply refused to implement the Act and employed two officers to persuade tenants to withdraw applications to purchase.
more withdraw application sentences
write application1) One of my favorite tools is a writing application called Scrivener.
2) Refunds only by written application to the Committee.
more write application sentences
written application1) First, the written application is evaluated.
2) He made a written application dated 18 April 1997.
more written application sentences

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