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academic appointment1) This is the highest purely academic appointment .
2) Beard never sought a permanent academic appointment .
more academic appointment sentences
accept appointment1) He recently accepted appointment for another two-year term.
2) Decatur accepted the appointment on May 1.
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afternoon appointment1) It was time for her afternoon appointment .
2) Sometimes she has to cancel the rest of the afternoon's appointments .
more afternoon appointment sentences
announce appointment1) Three senior civil service appointments were also announced yesterday.
2) I hope to announce that appointment before long.
more announce appointment sentences
announce the appointment1) Polestar has announced the appointment of Richard Timmins as group finance director.
2) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the appointments in Canberra the same day.
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appointment1) Both groups received standard automated telephone appointment reminders.
2) My appointment is 0800-0900.
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appointment as1) Direct support staff escort students to additional medical appointments as needed.
2) Service obligation is four years from appointment as a commissioned officer.
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appointment book1) You won't find it in the appointments book .
2) I usually have to look in my appointment book .
more appointment book sentences
appointment calendar1) Black's staffers told him his appointment calendar was booked till 2009.
2) Roger had spied on Pete's appointment calendar .
more appointment calendar sentences
appointment card1) He twisted the appointment card in his hands.
2) You should also take your appointment card or booking number.
more appointment card sentences
appointment committee1) The appointment committee is hurriedly and randomly selected.
2) The appointment committee was impressed.
more appointment committee sentences
appointment date1) If food instruments have been issued for the appointment date 2.
2) Students are assigned an appointment date and time to register.
more appointment date sentences

appointment diary1) We should only hope that the minister doesn't start using the Book of Revelations as his appointments diary .
2) But if you keep your on-line appointments diary up to date, a calendar on the network can compare everyone's schedules.
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appointment for1) We usually book appointments for almost every hour each week.
2) Ahmadinejad announced controversial ministerial appointments for his second term.
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appointment letter1) Official appointment letters are sent by the Collegiate Master's office.
2) They appeared even in appointment letters by the king, written mostly in hiragana.
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appointment power1) Trustee appointment power was transferred from District Judge to Endowment Commissioner.
2) Similarly, at the state and local levels, governors and mayors retain appointments powers .
more appointment power sentences
appointment procedure1) The appointment procedure to the national board should be examined.
2) The commission is also consulted on changes in appointment procedures applicable to civil service posts.
more appointment procedure sentences
appointment process1) The associated appointment process is nearing completion for these posts.
2) The appointment process has been criticized as giving preferential treatment towards athletes.
more appointment process sentences
appointment reminder1) Both groups received standard automated telephone appointment reminders .
2) To provide appointment reminders for treatment or medical care.
more appointment reminder sentences

appointment schedule1) The system will only return the user to a cell that has no appointment schedule for that cell.
2) Cheappharmstore there are too cheappharmstore scheduling problems for family members to make their loved available at the cheappharmstore appointment schedule .
more appointment schedule sentences
appointment scheduling1) Immediate online appointment scheduling is also available on the website.
2) We will soon be putting into place aftercare appointment scheduling in the Emergency Department.
more appointment scheduling sentences
appointment secretary1) Those who wish to be appointed must somehow solicit the good opinion of the prime minister's appointments secretary .
2) In 1981, Republican Governor Frank White called Blaylock back to state government to be his appointments secretary .
more appointment secretary sentences
appointment slot1) Indeed, the standard appointment slot is half an hour.
2) Some 10,000 customers were given appointment slots to pick up their phones .
more appointment slot sentences
appointment television1) The term appointment television was coined by marketers to describe this kind of attachment.
2) After that night, munching my burger, the X-files show was appointment television for me, guaranteed to get me home in time to watch.
more appointment television sentences
appointment time1) appointment times are determined by account number.
2) Management decides to set appointment time at 15 minutes.
more appointment time sentences
appointment to1) These candidates received appointments to the highest bureaucratic positions.
2) He declined the appointment to become athletics director.
more appointment to sentences

appointment today1) Make an appointment today to tour this wonderful home.
2) Contact us to schedule an appointment today .
more appointment today sentences
appointment with1) Its faculty members maintain several joint appointments with affiliated research centers.
2) My appointment with Kate was very unusual.
more appointment with sentences
appointments1) He was writing policy and making appointments .
2) I especially love this hair color appointments .
more appointments sentences
appointments process1) Accept an independent appointments process .
2) The fact that it has not happened says a great deal both about the appointments process and the legal profession.
more appointments process sentences
approve appointment1) The appointment was unanimously approved at the last general assembly.
2) The appointment was approved at the July Regents meeting.
more approve appointment sentences
arrange appointment1) Please contact reception to arrange an appointment .
2) In free zones, appointments are arranged through the zone authority.
more arrange appointment sentences
attend appointment1) I have never felt more vulnerable as I go about my daily business, shopping and attending appointments .
2) I'm also a carer for my grandfather, so sometimes I need to attend appointments with him.
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block appointment1) The Republicans have further extended this advantage by abusing the filibuster, often blocking appointments and legislation with a minority vote.
2) Senate Republicans threatened to block appointments to relevant agencies, such as the Independent Payment Advisory Board and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
more block appointment sentences
book an appointment1) So book an appointment for when the office opens.
2) I booked an appointment with the optician today.
more book an appointment sentences
book appointment1) We usually book appointments for almost every hour each week.
2) I've got an appointment already booked .
more book appointment sentences
business appointment1) Gambier quickly from Melbourne for a business appointment .
2) Dennis had an early-evening business appointment at a client's house.
more business appointment sentences
by appointment1) Class instruction is provided strictly by appointment .
2) Group gallery tours are available by appointment .
more by appointment sentences
by appointment only1) Office hours are available by appointment only .
2) Evening counseling is available by appointment only .
more by appointment only sentences
by appointment to1) Also open by appointment to garden societies and clubs .
2) Debbie is available by appointment to discuss any health care issues or advice.
more by appointment to sentences
cabinet appointment1) The main list of 21 cabinet appointments was announced on 19 August 2009.
2) His cabinet appointments had to be approved by Wu Peifu.
more cabinet appointment sentences
cancel appointment1) All other paid appointments are immediately cancelled upon accepting governmental position.
2) Columbia cancelled the appointment as a result.
more cancel appointment sentences
career appointment1) They have this eligibility regardless of whether their Armed Forces service occurred before or after career or career-conditional appointment .
2) After two years of satisfactory service, the agency must convert the veteran to career or career-conditional appointment , as appropriate.
more career appointment sentences
confirm appointment1) Will conference confirm the appointment of standing orders committee?
2) His appointment was confirmed on 29 November 1938.
more confirm appointment sentences
confirm the appointment1) Will conference confirm the appointment of standing orders committee?
2) Bolton confirmed the appointment on 25 October.
more confirm the appointment sentences
court appointment1) Such court appointments each have their own histories.
2) White disliked the politics of Supreme court appointments .
more court appointment sentences
decline appointment1) He declined the appointment to become athletics director.
2) He declined the appointment and remained president of the college.
more decline appointment sentences
dental appointment1) Regular dental appointments are essential to your overall health.
2) I wonder if they miss dental appointments too?
more dental appointment sentences
dentist appointment1) Yet, dental procedures today make the dentist appointment much easier.
2) Hardly anyone can be cold, a dentist appointment .
more dentist appointment sentences
doctor appointment1) Can you manage medications and doctor appointments ?
2) Every doctor appointment has been nothing but good news.
more doctor appointment sentences
except appointment1) Office of Personnel Management regulations governing the application of Veterans' preference in excepted appointments are in 5 CFR Part 302.
2) In addition, other excepted appointments (e.g., the appointment of individuals with mental or physical disabilities) may be used as appropriate.
more except appointment sentences
executive appointment1) Organic announced three executive appointments to strengthen the agency 's leadership team.
2) Savvy publicity seekers use the executive appointment release to generate real publicity.
more executive appointment sentences
faculty appointment1) He and John Wood were given faculty appointments .
2) Ms. Hellerman's professional background also includes several faculty appointments .
more faculty appointment sentences
federal appointment1) Fernow resigned his federal appointment in July 1898 to come to Ithaca.
2) Nixon resigned as interim leader and MPP in order to accept a federal appointment .
more federal appointment sentences
first appointment1) I was extremely anxious for my first appointment .
2) From the first appointment my anxieties subsided.
more first appointment sentences
fix appointment1) Elena Udrea also had four discussions with Blejnar, in that they fixed appointments .
2) We are giving the regulators powers to set standards of service, covering such matters as fixed appointment times for service calls.
more fix appointment sentences
follow appointment1) It may be addressed at the follow-up appointment .
2) I had even mentioned it when I made this follow-up appointment .
more follow appointment sentences
follow up appointment1) follow up appointments are generally 50 minutes long.
2) Multiple follow up appointments are commonly necessary over several months time.
more follow up appointment sentences
forget appointment1) He forgot appointments and his handwriting became hardly legible.
2) You forget appointments , you have to write everything down.
more forget appointment sentences
formal appointment1) Despite this, he continued to lobby for a formal appointment as governor.
2) Scout Leaders are given a formal appointment (called a warrant in many countries).
more formal appointment sentences
full time appointment1) It was a full time appointment .
more full time appointment sentences
general power of appointment1) In the default of effective exercise of the above-referenced general power of appointment , the remaining principal shall be distributed as follows:
more general power of appointment sentences
get an appointment1) She finally got an appointment and was seen.
2) I've got an appointment already booked.
more get an appointment sentences
get appointment1) It's harder and harder to get appointments .
2) Does the CIDP site help getting appointments with specific doctors?
more get appointment sentences
give an appointment1) The customer will be given an appointment window for the reconnection.
2) You will be given an appointment to have your stent removed in 6 weeks time.
more give an appointment sentences
government appointment1) The sons of these elite aristocrats received government appointments without examination.
2) The group held influence over government appointment and policy.
more government appointment sentences
hair appointment1) I have a hair appointment at Carita's.
2) She had delayed coming for twenty-four hours because she had a hair appointment .
more hair appointment sentences
have an appointment1) and then, I had an appointment .
2) But he did not have an appointment .
more have an appointment sentences
have appointment1) I had appointments and lunch dates and speaking engagements.
2) They don't need to have appointments .
more have appointment sentences
hold appointment1) She has held appointments as head of research unit and deputy director of the Institut Curie.
2) He has held appointments at the universities of Oxford, London, Cambridge and Harvard.
more hold appointment sentences
honorary appointment1) No salary attaches to an honorary appointment .
2) There is a quota of four per year excluding honorary appointments .
more honorary appointment sentences
hospital appointment1) Perhaps she's got another hospital appointment or something.
2) Transportation to and from airport and all hospital appointments 6.
more hospital appointment sentences
important appointment1) Three important appointments were made in December 2001.
2) I make important appointments for the afternoon.
more important appointment sentences
initial appointment1) His initial appointment is for 5 years.
2) This initial appointment will take 2 hours.
more initial appointment sentences
joint appointment1) Its faculty members maintain several joint appointments with affiliated research centers.
2) I have a joint appointment in law.
more joint appointment sentences
judicial appointment1) The number of such judicial appointments for overseas territories is considerable.
2) Judiciary - blocked judicial appointments in the 2007 legislative session.
more judicial appointment sentences
keep an appointment1) Martial now goes to keep an appointment with Labussière.
2) I woke earlier than usual one morning to keep an appointment with my advisor before class.
more keep an appointment sentences
keep appointment1) Efforts were made to contact patients who did not keep appointments .
2) He didn't keep appointments , for one thing.
more keep appointment sentences
key appointment1) Similarly, agreements were reached on 20 other key appointments .
2) It also wants to go ahead with some key appointments .
more key appointment sentences
letter of appointment1) He possessed a letter, known as the letter of appointment .
2) Medici's letter of appointment makes no reference to Sisto della Rovere.
more letter of appointment sentences
lifetime appointment1) U.S. Supreme court justices should not enjoy lifetime appointments .
2) We're not doing anything that affects lifetime appointments .
more lifetime appointment sentences
make an appointment1) I recommend calling ahead and making an appointment .
2) make an appointment to view this wonderful home today.
more make an appointment sentences
make appointment1) He was writing policy and making appointments .
2) A number of ministerial appointments were made .
more make appointment sentences
medical appointment1) Of special importance is helping the person meet medical appointments .
2) Direct support staff escort students to additional medical appointments as needed.
more medical appointment sentences
ministerial appointment1) A number of ministerial appointments were made.
2) Ahmadinejad announced controversial ministerial appointments for his second term.
more ministerial appointment sentences
miss appointment1) This report provides a history of missed appointments .
2) We will charge for that missed appointment by billing student accounts.
more miss appointment sentences
missed appointment1) This report provides a history of missed appointments .
2) We will charge for that missed appointment by billing student accounts.
more missed appointment sentences
morning appointment1) I did not have to wait for a morning appointment .
2) I've got an early morning appointment with my first medium tomorrow.
more morning appointment sentences
nail appointment1) Mothering is so hard nowadays with hair/ nail appointments up the wazoo, and beauty treatments.
more nail appointment sentences
new appointment1) In all there were four new appointments .
2) The memo in question was a new appointment announcement.
more new appointment sentences
obtain appointment1) Often, this will prompt the worker to miraculously obtain appointments outside of work time without any undue hardship.
more obtain appointment sentences
offer an appointment1) Each family are offered an appointment with each of the specialists in the team.
2) If your Doctor is not available, you may be offered an appointment with another Doctor.
more offer an appointment sentences
official appointment1) In May 2005, the foundation announced seven more official appointments .
2) Yang Ye's 6 surviving sons were also given official appointments .
more official appointment sentences
other appointment1) It retained its old destination boxes and other appointments .
2) Critics have already raised concerns about other appointments .
more other appointment sentences
outpatient appointment1) You usually have this during an outpatient appointment .
2) outpatient appointments have need sorting out for many years.
more outpatient appointment sentences
part time appointment1) Many are honorary or part time appointments by local councils.
more part time appointment sentences
patronage appointment1) This thus allowed for strong administrative control and continued government patronage appointments .
2) Many Tories expected patronage appointments due to the long time out of government.
more patronage appointment sentences
permanent appointment1) The completion of the above is known as obtaining permanent appointment .
2) Only after surmounting this final hurdle were they given permanent appointments .
more permanent appointment sentences
political appointment1) He kept his political appointment until March .
2) The history of Caesar's political appointments is complex and uncertain.
more political appointment sentences
power of appointment1) Does he have the power of appointment ?
2) Provision to negate inadvertent triggering of powers of appointment by implication.
more power of appointment sentences
powers of appointment1) Provision to negate inadvertent triggering of powers of appointment by implication.
2) Do you think the President's powers of appointment affect the effectiveness of the appointees?
more powers of appointment sentences
presidential appointment1) He has also held two presidential appointments .
2) It is especially dangerous in the context of presidential appointments .
more presidential appointment sentences
public appointment1) We will take forward our public appointments initiative.
2) Outside the academy, Saitoti received several public appointments .
more public appointment sentences
receive appointment1) These candidates received appointments to the highest bureaucratic positions.
2) Many YAFers received appointments to the Reagan Administration.
more receive appointment sentences
recent appointment1) Technical computing specialist Adept Scientific has made a number of recent appointments .
2) News articles can also be consulted on recent appointments to the service.
more recent appointment sentences
recess appointment1) This recess appointment lasted until January 3, 1996.
2) The recess appointment expired on March 4, 1913.
more recess appointment sentences
reschedule appointment1) I am out $50 and do NOT intend to reschedule the appointment .
2) So when it's out of the shop I will reschedule the appointment .
more reschedule appointment sentences
resign the appointment1) On 24 November 1265, he was selected for the post of Archbishop of York; however, he was never consecrated and resigned the appointment in October 1266.
more resign the appointment sentences
schedule appointment1) Please arrive approximately 20 minutes early for all scheduled appointments .
2) We do not schedule appointments by email.
more schedule appointment sentences
scheduled appointment1) scheduled appointments may be postponed should the child become ill.
2) Please arrive approximately 20 minutes early for all scheduled appointments .
more scheduled appointment sentences
secure appointment1) Although a finalist, he was eventually unsuccessful at securing the appointment .
2) The vast majority quickly secured appointments although those with Medicaid had a tougher time.
more secure appointment sentences
secure the appointment1) Although a finalist, he was eventually unsuccessful at securing the appointment .
2) the enemies of Jerome triumphed in securing the appointment of a new commission.
more secure the appointment sentences
senior appointment1) In September, two senior appointments were made.
2) HSBC Private Bank The private bank has made two senior appointments .
more senior appointment sentences
set up appointment1) Starting to make phone calls next week.... and possibly set up appointments .
2) Please consider setting up appointments to meet with your own Congress members in addition.
more set up appointment sentences
staff appointment1) Some city councils have the right to approve high-level city staff appointments .
2) Ayrton actually took staff appointments out of Hooker's hands.
more staff appointment sentences
take up appointment1) He took up appointment in 1967, as Foundation Professor of Religious Studies.
2) Sir Howard took up appointment as Chairman of Blackpool URC from July 2008 to March 2010.
more take up appointment sentences
temporary appointment1) All other experts and consultants must receive temporary appointments .
2) His temporary appointment as general of division was confirmed in October 1799.
more temporary appointment sentences
tenured appointment1) As a visiting professor at Yale, Malinowski later accepted a tenured appointment .
2) However, under the 1988 Education Reform Act no new tenured appointments can be made.
more tenured appointment sentences
terminate appointment1) His appointment was subsequently terminated after the theft was uncovered .
2) It can terminate the appointment of the building manager.
more terminate appointment sentences
terminate the appointment1) It can terminate the appointment of the building manager.
2) He shall terminate the appointment of the Prime Minister when the latter tenders the resignation of the Government.
more terminate the appointment sentences
therapy appointment1) My last physical therapy appointment was in early 2011.
2) I even felt guilty about taking an hour a week for these Saturday morning therapy appointments .
more therapy appointment sentences
university appointment1) The age of retirement for university appointments is 65.
2) He has had many university appointments .
more university appointment sentences
urgent appointment1) Only request an urgent appointment if appropriate.
2) I have an urgent appointment in Seabourne.
more urgent appointment sentences
veto appointment1) Queen Victoria was the last monarch to veto a ministerial appointment .
2) This constitutional amendment reduced the power of the President to veto executive appointments .
more veto appointment sentences
with an appointment1) She set me up with an appointment same day!
2) Every one could easily meet him just with an appointment .
more with an appointment sentences
without an appointment1) I will take emergency calls without an appointment .
2) We took Roy to the psychiatrist's office without an appointment .
more without an appointment sentences

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