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" appreciate "Collocations - Expressions
accept appreciate1) Girls have the right to accept and appreciate their bodies.
2) Comparison is a cry for us to accept and appreciate ourselves.
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appreciate1) Your special gifts are always very much appreciated .
2) We very much appreciate every single contribution.
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appreciate advice1) Your advice was appreciated and extremely informative.
2) Any and all advice is greatly appreciated .
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appreciate against1) This time the baht is the only currency appreciating against the dollar , Thiraphong said.
2) In 2011 the Swiss franc was rapidly appreciating against the euro, harming its exports to the eurozone.
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appreciate art1) He read history, appreciated the arts and loved music.
2) Dakota appreciates art and music, especially R&B music.
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appreciate asset1) The process of soliciting appreciated assets is called planned giving.
2) Typically, gifts of cash or appreciated assets are most appropriate.
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appreciate beauty1) I truly appreciated the beauty this book reaches to present.
2) It has helped me appreciate the beauty of everyday life.
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appreciate by1) Your nurturing qualities are appreciated by others.
2) Short narratives were thus highly appreciated by literary critics.
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appreciate comment1) I really appreciate the comments posted here.
2) Would appreciate feedback comments on my concern.
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appreciate contribution1) The authors appreciate contributions from participants to the African Economic Conference 2008 in Tunis, Tunisia where the paper was presented.
2) In lieu of flowers or other gifts, he would appreciate contributions to Classical American Homes, which will continue to preserve his work.
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appreciate difference1) It seems that babies appreciate differences in magnitude.
2) Educational Objectives: appreciating differences , making new friends, accepting help, taking responsibility.
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appreciate diversity1) It is a story of understanding and appreciating diversity .
2) Being able to accept and appreciate diversity is surely an advantage when adjusting to other cultures and environments.
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appreciate doing1) We really appreciated doing business with you.
2) I simply have an athlete's mind and that i appreciate doing this thing, she said.
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appreciate effort1) Your efforts are greatly appreciated and admired.
2) This helps clients appreciate the effort required for success.
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appreciate enjoy1) A program that we truly appreciated and enjoyed .
2) Good health is truly a blessing to be appreciated and enjoyed .
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appreciate fact1) Stop moaning and just appreciate that fact .
2) Students will appreciate some facts about Rome.
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appreciate feedback1) Your feedback is very appreciated from my end.
2) A good freelance writer appreciates feedback whether positive or negative.
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appreciate fully1) Bring a hand-lens or magnifying glass to appreciate fully its intricate structure.
2) It is important to appreciate fully what the key terms in these qualifications meant.
more appreciate fully sentences
appreciate gesture1) Lamb was quoted as having appreciated the gesture .
2) We're sure your friends will appreciate the gesture .
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appreciate greatly1) If property appreciates greatly heirs may not be able to pay the taxes.
2) We appreciate greatly efforts made by our U.S. colleagues and John Kerry personally .
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appreciate help1) EVERY bit of help is really appreciated !
2) Any help is appreciated , otherwise everything is running fine.
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appreciate her1) The nursing staff did not appreciate her condition.
2) He should also appreciate her good habits.
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appreciate him1) I really appreciate him for doing this.
2) That way I could truly appreciate him .
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appreciate how1) I appreciate how useful websites are rewarded.
2) We appreciate how busy life is today.
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appreciate importance1) Being a teacher , he already appreciated the importance of genuine rapport.
2) Most directors appreciate the scene's importance without making much of the dancing.
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appreciate in value1) Some older items were better handcrafted and appreciate in value .
2) You may sell investments that have appreciated in value to generate cash.
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appreciate it1) Everyone liked & appreciated it very much.
2) That alone is reason enough to appreciate it .
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appreciate it if1) I will appreciate it if my request is granted .
2) He won't appreciate it if I do.
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appreciate love1) appreciate and love them in His name.
2) I emailed you yesterday how much I appreciate and love your site.
more appreciate love sentences
appreciate me1) They appreciated me apologizing when I was wrong.
2) Anyway, do the Welsh appreciate me ?
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appreciate music1) And I especially did not appreciate music amplification.
2) Begin to better appreciate music , and appreciate life.
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appreciate nature1) I really appreciated the interactive nature of the program.
2) It does not appreciate the sacred nature of the body.
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appreciate opportunity1) I appreciate every opportunity he gave me.
2) I appreciate the opportunity to buy your instrument.
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appreciate respect1) They were valued, appreciated and respected .
2) Most people react supportively when told and appreciate and respect your honesty.
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appreciate significance1) We simply do not appreciate the spiritual significance of human speech.
2) Meet more people who appreciate the significance of the issue.
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appreciate suggestion1) Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated .
2) Any help or suggestions is much appreciated .
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appreciate support1) However, I would greatly appreciate support in the following forms: 1.
2) We also appreciate support from MainStreet.
more appreciate support sentences
appreciate that1) He responded warmly and I appreciated that .
2) You were probably busy working, I appreciate that .
more appreciate that sentences
appreciate the ability1) So I can really appreciate the abilities of the entire group.
2) I'd really appreciate the ability to play this game in Chrome.
more appreciate the ability sentences
appreciate the benefit1) Businesses everywhere are beginning to appreciate the benefits of email marketing.
2) Not everyone seems to appreciate the benefits of treatment at Tetbury.
more appreciate the benefit sentences
appreciate the complexity1) Norbert Wimmer ' appreciates the complexities of various contrary interests '.
2) They often have unrealistic expectations and don't appreciate the complexity of the challenge.
more appreciate the complexity sentences
appreciate the compliment1) I appreciate the compliment more than you know though.
2) Thank you DevinCo, I appreciate the compliment !
more appreciate the compliment sentences
appreciate the concern1) While I fully appreciate the concerns of the objectors at the recent public inquiry.
2) I appreciate the concerns raised in this article,but I want to share another perspective.
more appreciate the concern sentences
appreciate the contribution1) I and everyone else appreciate the contribution you made to the episode.
2) We also deeply appreciate the contributions of scholars from outside who lent their expertise.
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appreciate the diversity1) I also hope our new president appreciates the diversity among the campuses that make up the UC system.
2) I appreciated the diversity of the class, the friendly staff, and the accessibility of the learning materials.
more appreciate the diversity sentences
appreciate the effort1) I really appreciate the effort everyone is giving.
2) This helps clients appreciate the effort required for success.
more appreciate the effort sentences
appreciate the enormity1) Premeditation is the time and capacity to appreciate the enormity of the evil imposed.
2) Now in his eighties, he is worried that he will die before fellow Tanzanians appreciate the enormity of his discovery.
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appreciate the extent1) This argument does not fully appreciate the extent of change produced by artificial selection.
2) This under- standing is critical in appreciating the extent of Soviet control over their people.
more appreciate the extent sentences
appreciate the generosity1) the Institute appreciates the generosity of its scholarship sponsors.
2) Parking: Summit Huts Association appreciates the generosity of Copper Mountain Resort in allowing hut guests to park at Copper Mountain.
more appreciate the generosity sentences
appreciate the gesture1) Lamb was quoted as having appreciated the gesture .
2) We're sure your friends will appreciate the gesture .
more appreciate the gesture sentences
appreciate the gift1) Ryan seems to genuinely appreciate the gift .
2) This above all: appreciate the gift of their life.
more appreciate the gift sentences
appreciate the gravity1) In fact Mozart did not fully appreciate the gravity of the situation.
2) I'm not sure if you can properly appreciate the gravity of that statement.
more appreciate the gravity sentences
appreciate the honesty1) I appreciate the honesty Gold gives us here.
2) I appreciate the honesty and it's refreshing.
more appreciate the honesty sentences
appreciate the humour1) the paper boys will appreciate the humour in the book.
2) You Sir , need to relax a little and appreciate the humour .
more appreciate the humour sentences
appreciate the impact1) Teams always come to appreciate the impact of individual styles on performance.
2) This behind-the-scenes guide to what happens to our waste invites visitors to appreciate the impact of everyday things they throw away.
more appreciate the impact sentences
appreciate the implication1) It also important to begin to appreciate the implications of embodied carbon beyond national boundaries.
2) In most cases these treaties were in extremely disadvantageous terms to the native people, who often did not appreciate the implications of what they were signing.
more appreciate the implication sentences
appreciate the importance of1) Being a teacher , he already appreciated the importance of genuine rapport.
2) NHS Scotland appreciates the importance of understanding the needs of its audience.
more appreciate the importance of sentences
appreciate the input1) I appreciate the input and commentary.
2) Ben, I appreciate the input .
more appreciate the input sentences
appreciate the irony1) I doubt the Taliban appreciate the irony , or any irony.
2) I doubt the طالبان T ālibān appreciate the irony , or any irony.
more appreciate the irony sentences
appreciate the joke1) the old man didn't appreciate the joke .
2) Daly appreciated the joke in good fun.
more appreciate the joke sentences
appreciate the kindness1) Zael wants Calista to join the mercenaries, but she stops him and says that she appreciate the kindness the group has to offer.
2) I want you and Sheila to know how very much I appreciate the kindness shown to me in my earlier mood of despondency.
more appreciate the kindness sentences
appreciate the magnitude1) Few environmentalists appreciate the magnitude or the cost of this challenge .
2) From it one can begin to appreciate the magnitude of the challenge faced by the colonists.
more appreciate the magnitude sentences
appreciate the magnitude of1) From it one can begin to appreciate the magnitude of the challenge faced by the colonists.
2) So few will ever be in a position to appreciate the magnitude of what has been lost.
more appreciate the magnitude of sentences
appreciate the merit1) At the end of this article, you will be able to better appreciate the merits and innards of each of the distributed object paradigms.
2) A male editor might better appreciate the merits of his style: 'twinkling nipples' was the kind of phrase that would appeal to a real man.
more appreciate the merit sentences
appreciate the nuance1) To help appreciate the nuances of a society and country.
2) We appreciate the nuances of local processes, court systems, and protocols.
more appreciate the nuance sentences
appreciate the nuances of1) To help appreciate the nuances of a society and country.
2) We appreciate the nuances of local processes, court systems, and protocols.
more appreciate the nuances of sentences
appreciate the opportunity to1) I appreciate the opportunity to buy your instrument.
2) We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
more appreciate the opportunity to sentences
appreciate the point of view1) That last fact is important to understand and appreciate the point of view from which the film has been made and presented.
2) I appreciate the point of view of those who argue that the development in Berkshire, which has exacerbated the scale of the problem, should not have been allowed.
more appreciate the point of view sentences
appreciate the role1) appreciate the role of the strategic manager.
2) We especially appreciate the role Germany played as chair to move this process forward.
more appreciate the role sentences
appreciate the sacrifice1) Do you appreciate the sacrifices they make in accomplishing the mission?
2) the bottom line was that I truly didn't appreciate the sacrifices the maintenance troops made for the mission.
more appreciate the sacrifice sentences
appreciate the seriousness of1) Thanks to study in the Scriptories, Biff appreciated the seriousness of the situation as fully as Valence may have done.
2) His unimpressive address to the nation on August 12 shows that he still does not seem to appreciate the seriousness of his position.
more appreciate the seriousness of sentences
appreciate the significance of1) Meet more people who appreciate the significance of the issue.
2) His government also appreciated the significance of the name Ireland .
more appreciate the significance of sentences
appreciate the talent1) Young and old alike appreciate the talent on stage.
2) Allowing for the true music lover to appreciate the talent that Q possesses with every verse he lays down.
more appreciate the talent sentences
appreciate the time1) It is short - but I appreciate the time frame .
2) I really appreciate the time you took to put it together.
more appreciate the time sentences
appreciate the value of1) Many educators appreciate the value of participative management and leadership training .
2) I think no one appreciates the value of trust .
more appreciate the value of sentences
appreciate the virtues of1) She understands us more fully, and she appreciates the virtues of the Book of Mormon.
2) As in name, legend and story, grateful people of all continents and in all times admire and appreciate the virtues of herbs.
more appreciate the virtues of sentences
appreciate them1) The local bird population will appreciate them too.
2) This post has made me appreciate them even more.
more appreciate them sentences
appreciate understand1) Thornton and Higgins learn to appreciate and understand each other better.
2) Art is best appreciated and understood in its original historical and cultural context.
more appreciate understand sentences
appreciate us1) People around here appreciated us cleaning up the town that way.
2) Most of the children were very friendly and appreciated us being here.
more appreciate us sentences
appreciate value1) I do appreciate and value your opinions.
2) People of this country appreciate and value this traditional domain.
more appreciate value sentences
appreciate what1) I never fully appreciated what cold turkey meant until now.
2) I appreciate what has been said by various hon.
more appreciate what sentences
appreciate when1) Proper quality responses are far better appreciated when done thoroughly .
2) I always appreciate when quality is preached .
more appreciate when sentences
appreciate which1) A small stipend is appreciated which helps cover travel and miscellaneous expenses.
2) All we seemed to get is abstract art which people in Harlow means so few appreciate which I quite understand. . .
more appreciate which sentences
appreciate who1) You'll begin to appreciate who you are as you release past programming.
2) And appreciate who they are.
more appreciate who sentences
appreciate why1) As you learn about vanilla you start to appreciate why it is so expensive.
2) It is easy to appreciate why practice differs between Crafters, families, and groups.
more appreciate why sentences
appreciate work1) I appreciate working through problems from different vantage points.
2) I really appreciate work you guys are doing .
more appreciate work sentences
appreciate you1) I really appreciate you coming here today.
2) We appreciate you each alternate useful internet site.
more appreciate you sentences
appreciated1) Your special gifts are always very much appreciated .
2) Their swift action is very much appreciated .
more appreciated sentences
appreciates1) Your audience always appreciates sincerity and honesty.
2) A good freelance writer appreciates feedback whether positive or negative.
more appreciates sentences
appreciating1) I was too busy surviving rather than appreciating .
2) The whole world is appreciating our efforts.
more appreciating sentences
be generally appreciated1) However, it is more difficult to achieve than is generally appreciated .
2) One immediate answer is that Steuart's contemporary influence was far greater than is generally appreciated .
more be generally appreciated sentences
be widely appreciate1) Mexican wood carvings are widely appreciated around the world.
2) The benefits of income tax cuts have been widely appreciated .
more be widely appreciate sentences
certainly appreciate1) He will certainly appreciate such a gesture.
2) Great job and certainly appreciate the work!
more certainly appreciate sentences
come to appreciate1) But eventually they came to appreciate you.
2) The magazine also came to appreciate the 3D map.
more come to appreciate sentences
deeply appreciate1) Your outpouring of support and congratulations are deeply appreciated .
2) Your e-mails were definitely heartfelt and deeply appreciated .
more deeply appreciate sentences
definitely appreciate1) Lone wolf players will definitely appreciate this mode .
2) Parents with teenagers will definitely appreciate this story.
more definitely appreciate sentences
easily appreciate1) I find myself most easily appreciating the constancies.
2) So a basket of gold shares I think next year could easily appreciate 30 %.
more easily appreciate sentences
enjoy appreciate1) I really enjoyed and appreciated the different cultural backgrounds.
2) Our school group really enjoyed and appreciated the special visit!
more enjoy appreciate sentences
especially appreciate1) Their thoughts and tactical ideas were especially appreciated .
2) Donations of copy paper are especially appreciated .
more especially appreciate sentences
fail to appreciate1) I often fail to appreciate just how awful sin really is.
2) But we had failed to appreciate its significance.
more fail to appreciate sentences
fully appreciate1) I never fully appreciated what cold turkey meant until now.
2) The recording was more fully appreciated and reissued in 1996.
more fully appreciate sentences
generally appreciate1) Food critics generally appreciate what Carlson does.
2) Movie critics have generally appreciated the realistic portrayal of characters.
more generally appreciate sentences
genuinely appreciate1) Ryan seems to genuinely appreciate the gift.
2) I blog often and I genuinely appreciate your content.
more genuinely appreciate sentences
greatly appreciate1) Your attention to detail was greatly appreciated .
2) Your ability to influence many is greatly appreciated .
more greatly appreciate sentences
have to appreciate1) I precisely had to appreciate you again.
2) I simply had to appreciate you yet again.
more have to appreciate sentences
highly appreciate1) Dark humor was highly appreciated in prison.
2) Short narratives were thus highly appreciated by literary critics.
more highly appreciate sentences
know appreciate1) It is about time all knew and appreciated it.
2) Robeson's spirituals became widely known and appreciated .
more know appreciate sentences
like appreciate1) I don't like or appreciate being manipulated and controlled!
2) But they seem not to actually like or appreciate music.
more like appreciate sentences
love appreciate1) You generally love and appreciate people and life.
2) As from today I vow to love and appreciate myself.
more love appreciate sentences
much appreciate1) Your special gifts are always very much appreciated .
2) We very much appreciate every single contribution.
more much appreciate sentences
need appreciate1) Your help is very much needed and appreciated .
2) Your help is needed and much appreciated !
more need appreciate sentences
notice appreciate1) Your perseverance and sacrifice is both noticed and appreciated .
2) Guests always notice and appreciate that extra special custom touch.
more notice appreciate sentences
particularly appreciate1) Financial and prayer support is particularly appreciated .
2) I particularly appreciate the money management parts.
more particularly appreciate sentences
properly appreciate1) You ought to go where you'll be properly appreciated .
2) He requires to be known and to be properly appreciated .
more properly appreciate sentences
readily appreciate1) The value of information can be readily appreciated .
2) It will be readily appreciated that these can be subject to change.
more readily appreciate sentences
really appreciate1) A practical skills based approach is often really appreciated .
2) I really appreciate you coming here today.
more really appreciate sentences
recognise appreciate1) There was method in her toughness which he recognised and appreciated .
2) Their understanding and Rose's tolerance have cemented their relationship: something that Steve recognises and appreciates .
more recognise appreciate sentences
recognize appreciate1) Your commitment, attendance and financial contribution is recognized and appreciated .
2) She says the department recognizes and appreciates the Bowery 's historic value.
more recognize appreciate sentences
respect appreciate1) Society must respect and appreciate their valuable contribution.
2) Both are to be respected and appreciated for what they are!
more respect appreciate sentences
see appreciate1) The need to be seen and appreciated !
2) Sometimes it takes removing those things to make us finally see and appreciate them.
more see appreciate sentences
sincerely appreciate1) Your patience is greatly and sincerely appreciated .
2) She sincerely appreciated this connection and respect.
more sincerely appreciate sentences
totally appreciate1) I totally appreciate her feelings and honesty in knowing her limitations .
2) Thanks for banging mum and making me - totally appreciate that.
more totally appreciate sentences
truly appreciate1) Your courtesy and generosity is truly appreciated .
2) We truly appreciated your cooperation during each incident.
more truly appreciate sentences
unappreciated1) Fathers are often unappreciated in modern society.
2) A properly functioning rectum is an unappreciated gift of greatest price.
more unappreciated sentences
underappreciated1) A much underappreciated masterpiece in my opinion!
2) The powerful symbolic value that our buildings have is underappreciated .
more underappreciated sentences
understand appreciate1) Time spent abroad helps you understand and appreciate diverse cultures.
2) I completely understand and appreciate your feedback.
more understand appreciate sentences
value appreciate1) Your efforts are highly valued and appreciated .
2) They were valued , appreciated and respected.
more value appreciate sentences
very much appreciate1) Your special gifts are always very much appreciated .
2) We very much appreciate every single contribution.
more very much appreciate sentences
welcome appreciate1) Your comments and opinions are always welcomed and appreciated !
2) These initiatives were welcomed and appreciated by the community.
more welcome appreciate sentences
widely appreciate1) Mexican wood carvings are widely appreciated around the world.
2) Their key role isn't widely appreciated .
more widely appreciate sentences
would appreciate1) I would appreciate talking to anyone else has tried bigger ones.
2) I would appreciate your help very much.
more would appreciate sentences

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