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appreciable1) The study found no appreciable increase reading achievement.
2) Secondary education recorded an appreciable progress since 1915.
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appreciable amount1) This is an appreciable amount of material.
2) Therefore, youngsters may swallow appreciable amounts of toothpaste.
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appreciable change1) There is no appreciable change in the extreme edge.
2) Can the Maker movement make an appreciable change in local economies ?
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appreciable difference1) The only appreciable difference between the groups was their dietary habits.
2) Not that that made any appreciable difference .
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appreciable effect1) Clearly, dip is an appreciable effect for all real-world observations.
2) Administration of CR-1409 had no appreciable effect on plasma hormone concentrations.
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appreciable extent1) This has happened to an appreciable extent .
2) Kannada is influenced to an appreciable extent by Sanskrit.
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appreciable increase1) Elsewhere for Eagle we are not seeing any appreciable increase in activity.
2) In contrast, only epithelial cells from ulcerative colitis showed an appreciable increase after calcium ionophore induction.
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appreciable loss1) Even with the added bulk, he showed no appreciable loss of speed.
2) Some French balloons had remained hydrogen-filled for over a year without appreciable loss of buoyancy.
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appreciable number1) Nigeria now has appreciable number of over 100 Universities .
2) Other Signal Corps stations also employed appreciable numbers of Wacs.
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appreciable proportion1) An appreciable proportion of these cases was associated with high morbidity and mortality.
2) An appreciable proportion of practices in east London are of the type cited in the article.
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appreciable quantity1) Plutonium is a synthetic element not found in nature in appreciable quantities .
2) In appreciable quantities , high energy plasma looks like the surface of the sun.
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be appreciable1) But there had also been appreciable inflation.
2) The traditional values in Ecuadorian girls are appreciable .
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