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appointed1) The city council appointed school board members until 1969.
2) Virtually powerless city councils were appointed through similar procedures.
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appointed actuary1) This is particularly evident in the role of the appointed actuary .
2) The system has been extended by the introduction of Certificates for appointed actuaries .
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appointed by the court1) If not the receiver may be appointed by the court .
2) the remaining eligible defendants are represented by private attorneys, appointed by the court .
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appointed by the government1) the chairman was appointed by the government .
2) the judges are appointed by the government .
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appointed chief1) Wendell Moore was appointed chief project engineer.
2) Michael Garvey was appointed chief probation officer in 1977.
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appointed hour1) The clock is ticking down to the appointed hour .
2) At the appointed hour the next morning he set out.
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appointed official1) It is nothing personal against the appointed official .
2) This placed exceptional powers in the hands of newly appointed officials .
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appointed time1) The appointed time has grown very short.
2) The appointed time came and passed without incident.
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