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Act apply1) Section 64 of the 1984 Act applies .
2) The Act applies to both public and private sector workplaces.
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apply1) The same voluntary notification system applies here too.
2) Priority advance com cash loans steps apply review withdraw.
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apply an approach1) In the case of this TLD, Applicant will apply an approach that addresses registered domain names (rather than potentially registered domains).
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apply antiseptic1) In order to eliminate this problem, it is imperative to apply antiseptics at once.
2) I had to apply antiseptic cream on a couple of occasions when this pulling and rubbing with her beak had actually caused some bleeding.
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apply automatically1) It applies automatically when you buy something.
2) In any case, copyright applies automatically .
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apply brake1) The brakes are applied and the passenger door opens.
2) The following describes how to apply parking brakes .
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apply broadly1) These terms generally apply broadly across industries and institutions.
2) That intense effort is never applied broadly across the entire landscape .
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apply carefully1) New loan applications can lower your credit score, so always apply carefully .
2) Both the throttle and brakes need to be applied carefully to make smooth progress.
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apply coating1) This process is industrially used for applying coatings to metal fabricated products.
2) Additional transmitted colors may result from the absorption of any applied coatings .
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apply colour1) If any irritation or reaction occurs do not apply colour .
2) A faster - and hence cheaper - method applied colour by means of stencils.
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apply concept1) applying risk management concepts to playground safety.
2) The same investment concept is applied in relationship marketing.
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apply condition1) Many planning approvals will also apply conditions on the treatment of the site after the station has been decommissioned in the future.
2) Where planning permission has been granted on a business justification, the Local Authority often apply conditions to limit the scope or use of the property.
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apply consistently1) There are no consequences that are applied consistently .
2) These definitions have not been applied consistently throughout the District.
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apply cosmetic1) Hand washing, especially prior to eating, drinking, or applying cosmetics is especially important.
2) Consuming food or drink or applying cosmetics in the lab can result in both types of exposure.
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apply cream1) I'm applying creams 3 times throughout the day either the olive oil or curaderm.
2) In case of applying creams and topical ointments over sores, do not forget to wash hands immediately.
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apply criteria1) Its committee on proofs applies criteria very strictly.
2) It applies criteria for Palestine statehood that are more stringent than those actually followed in the international community.
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apply criterion1) Its committee on proofs applies criteria very strictly.
2) It applies criteria for Palestine statehood that are more stringent than those actually followed in the international community.
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apply decoration1) Techniques such as yūzen dye resist are used for applying decoration and patterns to the base cloth.
2) Later examples used a yellowish lead glaze for the applied decorations which then stood out against the darker surface of the vessel (Adler, 95).
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apply direct1) University staff give students access, and students apply direct to employers.
2) All associate applicants apply direct to the Polytechnic on a simplified application form.
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apply directly1) Soap applied directly onto dry hands may damage the skin.
2) If directly applied , special constitutional rules apply.
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apply discipline1) This is particularly the case in applying discipline to adolescents.
2) Inconsistency in applying discipline will not help a child respect his or her parents.
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apply economic sanction1) The Obama administration, contrary to its constructive statements, has zealously applied economic sanctions against Cuba.
2) If the blame for cyber espionage can be pinned on a particular country there are a range of actions from expelling an ambassador to applying economic sanctions .
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apply effectively1) Can controls imposed by regulatory authorities be applied effectively ?
2) It was all too clear that NDT techniques had not been applied effectively .
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apply equally1) This applies equally to both sides .
2) The same applied equally to elderly landowners.
more apply equally sentences
apply equally to1) This applies equally to both sides .
2) The same applied equally to elderly landowners.
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apply evenly1) However, they were easier to apply evenly than water-based lubricants.
2) Similarly, our immigration laws will now have to be applied evenly .
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apply expertise1) Cost engineers and estimators apply expertise to relate the work and materials involved to a proper valuation.
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apply externally1) Rigid foam insulation usually is applied externally .
2) In these applications, it is exclusively applied externally .
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apply eyeliner1) Never apply eyeliner between your lashes and your eye.
2) It 's also helpful for anyone who has trouble applying eyeliner .
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apply fairly1) Firstly, they considered whether local enforcement was applied fairly and reasonably.
2) But while it exists, we will make sure it is applied fairly .
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apply fertiliser1) They apply fertilisers , fuel for plant, and other substances encountered whilst working.
2) Water well after applying fertiliser .
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apply fertilizer1) When should I apply fertilizer to my lawn?
2) applying fertilizer increases your lawn's need for water.
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apply finish1) Q : Can I be liable for making an occupant sick from freshly applied finish ?
2) Kiefer also recommends applying finish to both ends of every board as extra protection against checking.
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apply first1) Can any party member apply first ?
2) The lightest colors are often applied first , and then darker colors successively until the darkest.
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apply for1) Additional charges may apply for special exhibitions.
2) A discounted rate has been applied for weekday stays.
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apply for a grant1) Refer to applying for a grant for deadline details.
2) Before applying for a grant , carefully read grant Guidelines.
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apply for a licence1) The Home Office said one company had so far applied for a licence .
2) There is no requirement to sit a theory test before applying for a licence .
more apply for a licence sentences
apply for a passport1) I need to apply for a passport for my two boys.
2) Information about cost and applying for a passport is available at travel .
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apply for a visa1) Why didn't you apply for a visa before?
2) In late 1936 he finally decided to apply for a visa .
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apply force1) A cast is an externally applied force .
2) A corrective shoe is an externally applied force .
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apply formula1) These include using a census for small populations, imitating a sample size of similar studies, using published tables, and applying formulas to calculate a sample size.
2) To apply formula in first instance assume that yield and nominal rate of interest on the CD are the same
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apply foundation1) apply foundation that matches your skin tone.
2) Then apply foundation or BB cream for a flawless finish.
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apply generally1) Two other objections apply generally to higher-order thought accounts of consciousness.
2) What has been said of Louisiana will apply generally to other States.
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apply globally1) Holiday 2013 launch applies globally , retailer suggests.
2) Lessons learned in the Soviet experiment are to be applied globally .
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apply glue1) apply glue from the shoulder down the arm.
2) apply glue along the back of the side glue tab.
more apply glue sentences
apply guideline1) applying guidelines requires judgment and creativity.
2) The employee analyzes the results of applying guidelines and recommends changes to them.
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apply idea1) Still others think critically and apply ideas readily.
2) In 1710, Leibniz applied ideas of gradualism and uniformitarianism to linguistics.
more apply idea sentences
apply ink1) This is true even before printing companies apply ink to paper.
2) The substrate is usually heated immediately before and after the print heads apply ink .
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apply insight1) Our people apply insight to create innovative answers to your business needs.
2) When understanding and applying insights from nature amazing results can be achieved .
more apply insight sentences
apply knowledge1) This knowledge was rapidly applied to clinical care by responsible physicians.
2) This knowledge is then applied to achieving specific business goals.
more apply knowledge sentences
apply law1) Moldova has a documented and consistently applied commercial law .
2) The Convention applies international human rights law to medical ethics.
more apply law sentences
apply lesson1) She quickly apply lessons about handling situations Xuan Lan has been taught.
2) It's a transformative period when I apply lessons learned personally and professionally.
more apply lesson sentences
apply leverage1) Usually like to apply leverage which is difficult with declining revenue stream companies .
2) Even well-adjusted partial dentures can apply leverage through chewing that can loosen or damage the abutment teeth.
more apply leverage sentences
apply liberally1) apply liberally and wait 5 - 10 minutes.
2) apply liberally to the pet's ear canal.
more apply liberally sentences
apply lightly1) Typically, these oils are applied lightly to protect products during shipment and storage.
2) Vibrations: are applied lightly to the surface of the skin and vibrated or moved at a rapid rate.
more apply lightly sentences
apply lipstick1) Working with a lipbrush and pencil is the key to perfectly applied lipstick .
2) Use the brush to soften the outline, then pencil over lips before applying lipstick .
more apply lipstick sentences
apply logic1) Learning to code is simply a matter of applying logic .
2) There is no whole to apply logic to it .
more apply logic sentences
apply lotion1) I apply lotion at least 1 time every morning.
2) This includes before applying lotions , creams or makeup.
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apply make up1) This practical, however short-term treatment can facilitate performing normal daily activities like applying make up , eating, or signing documents.
2) I use on their Sonic toothbrushes as well, it doesn't work. ) Next, I start applying make up .
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apply manure1) One of the best times to apply manure on high clay soils is in the winter.
2) apply manure or compost and plow it under if you did not do so in the fall.
more apply manure sentences
apply mascara1) The brand new way to apply mascara !
2) Maura ignored the jibe and started to apply mascara .
more apply mascara sentences
apply method1) The same method was applied to corps.
2) We actually apply the scientific method often.
more apply method sentences
apply nail polish1) Kevin Spacey failing to properly apply nail polish in House of Cards.
2) Wash, cut, color and style hair, apply nail polish and make-up, give facials, and perform massages at Sara¡̄s Super Spa Deluxe!
more apply nail polish sentences
apply ointment1) apply ointment every three to four hours daily.
2) I have to apply ointment on them every night.
more apply ointment sentences
apply online1) Construction loans loan calculators apply online now.
2) Nobody is surprised now that applying online is possible almost anything.
more apply online sentences
apply only1) That 45 only applies legally under ideal conditions .
2) The current bill applies only to televisions.
more apply only sentences
apply only to1) The current bill applies only to televisions.
2) Non recourse laws generally apply only to purchase money loans.
more apply only to sentences
apply over1) The treatment was successfully applied over three days .
2) Rates do not apply over holiday weeks.
more apply over sentences
apply paint1) Much preparation needs to be considered before simply applying paint .
2) apply paint generously and do not spread excessively.
more apply paint sentences
apply paste1) apply pastes and gels during the day.
2) Dip silver rings in liquid cleaner and apply paste cleaner with a toothbrush to hard-to-reach crevices.
more apply paste sentences
apply patch1) I rely on the existing documentation for applying patches .
2) Can you apply patches by the thousands?
more apply patch sentences
apply penalty1) Regarding scenario 4, when examining the project-by-project issue, examiners should make appropriate adjustments and, if appropriate, apply penalties .
2) The arbiting team may apply penalties as it sees fit for any flagrant or premeditated breaches of the spirit as well as the letter of the rules.
more apply penalty sentences
apply plaster1) Unless your are doing machine applied plaster avoid these at all costs!
2) Kearns further stated he had applied plaster of Paris to the wrappings on the fighter's hands.
more apply plaster sentences
apply political pressure1) Opponents of the PPACA are also likely to apply political pressure .
2) You can only apply political pressure .
more apply political pressure sentences
apply powder1) I use it for applying powder eyeliner.
2) Lastly, a toaster oven will be needed to apply powder paint to the lead jig head.
more apply powder sentences
apply pressure1) Twist the tension tool while applying pressure .
2) applying excessive pressure might damage the paper .
more apply pressure sentences
apply principle1) applying general principles is a civil law tradition.
2) The same principle was applied to figurative paintings.
more apply principle sentences
apply procedure1) College Admission Online apply procedure 2014-15.
2) applies procedures for processing accounting data.
more apply procedure sentences
apply provision1) The NCA also administers the National Land Ordinance 1989 and applied provisions including the Lakes Ordinance 1976.
2) In cases under consideration, the courts shall apply provisions of this Constitution as well as other laws.
more apply provision sentences
apply reasoning1) She thought these fields to be the foundations of other subjects and believed in applying reasoning to support historical ideas.
2) Expert systems attempt to duplicate the work of human experts by applying reasoning capabilities, knowledge, and expertise within a specific domain.
more apply reasoning sentences
apply regardless1) A few recommendations apply regardless of career interest.
2) This applies regardless of the actual error code.
more apply regardless sentences
apply regulation1) Indeed, government bureaucracies have sometimes been accused of selectively applying regulations .
2) Loosely applied regulations enable the armed groups to coexist with the security forces.
more apply regulation sentences
apply restriction1) applying restrictions and enforcing requirements.
2) Then you should start at the infrastructure and follow the same process of applying restrictions and identifying requirements.
more apply restriction sentences
apply retroactively1) The 2011 law applies retroactively to existing documents.
2) These changes were later retroactively applied to the whole fleet.
more apply retroactively sentences
apply rule1) The trick to successful behavior is applying rules consistently.
2) It provides rules of applying rules .
more apply rule sentences
apply sanction1) Managers should also judiciously apply sanctions . 4.
2) The European Union also applied sanctions to Qadi.
more apply sanction sentences
apply science1) For Dooyeweerd, technology is applied natural science .
2) Often times, this science is applied to criminal cases.
more apply science sentences
apply skill1) Nor are we arguing that only applied skills are worth the cost .
2) Scouts share responsibilities, apply skills learned at meetings and live together in the outdoors.
more apply skill sentences
apply sparingly1) Also apply sparingly to exposed skin and mostly to clothing.
2) Overused reverb : When used to add ambience or depth, reverb is best applied sparingly .
more apply sparingly sentences
apply specifically1) Note that these two modes specifically apply to real estate mortgages.
2) Three of these breaks applied specifically to the oil industry.
more apply specifically sentences
apply spray1) I'm in need of a firm who can apply spray foam insulation into some floors that are currently opened up.
2) apply spray glue to the backs of the images, press them on to the foamcore, gently smoothing out any air bubbles, and let them dry.
more apply spray sentences
apply standard1) The ordinary prudent man standard was applied notwithstanding.
2) The high general standards applied to industrial safety affect expectations.
more apply standard sentences
apply stress1) This method involves applying stress to an opposing muscle group.
2) The greater the applied stress range, the shorter the life.
more apply stress sentences
apply strictly1) This applies strictly to products that contain bleach.
2) Therefore, it is clear that the 30 day rule will be applied strictly .
more apply strictly sentences
apply successfully1) The technique has also been applied successfully to organic samples.
2) This has also been applied successfully is Drosophila.
more apply successfully sentences
apply sunscreen1) apply sunscreen before putting on your running clothes.
2) You may wish to apply sunscreen first.
more apply sunscreen sentences
apply system1) The applied systems were tested for adhesion after 24 h and 7 days.
2) First, there is a question of how Peter Senge applies systems theory.
more apply system sentences
apply tactic1) I have applied tactics and practices I've learned from END cases to other casework.
2) Possible, but pinning madness on people is an increasingly applied tactic in order to serve the NWO agenda.
more apply tactic sentences
apply technique1) A leading hand tiger claw technique is applied .
2) Others apply project management techniques to designing software.
more apply technique sentences
apply technology1) British military superiority drew heavily on newly applied technology .
2) Traders are also increasing applying technology to trading.
more apply technology sentences
apply test1) Application Instructions apply test panels according to the following procedures.
2) The cases plaintiffs cite apply tests that differ substantially from Colorado's test.
more apply test sentences
apply the law1) Are you applying the law of attraction properly?
2) It becomes very difficult to apply the laws to solid objects.
more apply the law sentences
apply theory1) Social cognitive theory is applied today in many different areas.
2) This discrepancy becomes important when color theory is applied across media.
more apply theory sentences
apply to1) The same general ideas apply to archaeological data sharing.
2) The same concept applies to cloud computing.
more apply to sentences
apply to do1) She has applied to do a nursing degree.
2) I applied to do Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO).
more apply to do sentences
apply uniformly1) A regressive tax is generally a tax that is applied uniformly .
2) This rule has been uniformly applied and followed by the California courts.
more apply uniformly sentences
apply universally1) However, the conditions necessary for human flourishing apply universally .
2) Natural selection is important, but may not apply universally .
more apply universally sentences
apply unsuccessfully1) In 1983 Prime applied unsuccessfully to get his sentence reduced.
2) She applied unsuccessfully for reinstatement to the Tory caucus.
more apply unsuccessfully sentences
apply voltage1) This assumes that the applied voltage remains constant.
2) A positive voltage is applied to the anode.
more apply voltage sentences
automatically apply1) It applies automatically when you buy something.
2) During the capture operation, fast compression is automatically applied .
more automatically apply sentences
condition apply1) Terms and conditions apply to $50 gift card options.
2) This condition still applies as of 2007.
more condition apply sentences
consistently apply1) The policy chosen should be consistently applied .
2) The chosen criteria should be measurable and consistently applied .
more consistently apply sentences
correctly apply1) The method claims a 75% success when applied correctly .
2) When correctly applied they can be highly effective.
more correctly apply sentences
exception apply1) This exception applies to rural newspapers only.
2) This exception only applies within a 10 mph threshold.
more exception apply sentences
fee apply1) The application fee applies per project entered.
2) Please note that emergency hour fees apply .
more fee apply sentences
first apply1) Capital losses are first applied against capital gains.
2) Any numerical operators will be applied first .
more first apply sentences
generally apply1) The financial deficiency income generally applies military.
2) British overseas territories generally apply their own visa policies.
more generally apply sentences
law applied1) The British tax law applied progressive rates to income.
2) The court decided that Dutch law applied .
more law applied sentences
law apply1) The 2011 law applies retroactively to existing documents.
2) Often different rules and laws apply in each jurisdiction.
more law apply sentences
limit apply1) These limits apply to employers making deductible contributions.
2) The limit applies to tobacco companies collectively, not individually.
more limit apply sentences
policy apply1) Our standard damages policy below applies to group bookings.
2) This policy applies to commercial1 products.
more policy apply sentences
principle apply1) The same principle applies with conference programmes.
2) But neither of those principles applies here.
more principle apply sentences
properly apply1) A properly applied cast should not restrict blood flow.
2) Was the accounting ruling letter properly applied .
more properly apply sentences
provision apply1) The normal fair dealing provisions apply otherwise.
2) This provision applies for taxes payable in 2013 only.
more provision apply sentences
regulation apply1) This regulation applies to domestic and internationally imported cigarettes.
2) The same regulation applies toward recreational marijuana sales in the county.
more regulation apply sentences
requirement apply1) These minimum requirements apply to undergraduate students.
2) This requirement has applied since 1 May 2011.
more requirement apply sentences
restriction apply1) Normal football travel rules and admission restrictions apply .
2) Based upon availability; date restrictions apply .
more restriction apply sentences
rule apply1) The previously mentioned rules apply mainly to published works.
2) Special rules apply to family controlled companies.
more rule apply sentences
section apply1) The job research section applies only to students of vocational schools.
2) The criteria of this section apply to Share.
more section apply sentences
successfully apply1) The treatment was successfully applied over three days .
2) The technique has also been applied successfully to organic samples.
more successfully apply sentences
term apply1) These terms generally apply broadly across industries and institutions.
2) These terms have not applied since before 2004.
more term apply sentences
the same applies1) the same applies to land estate tribunals.
2) the same applies if identity statements are necessarily true anyway.
more the same applies sentences
then apply1) Correction factors are then applied during flow calculations.
2) Constant suction was then applied to both tubes.
more then apply sentences

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