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Apple Isle1) Tasmania, also known as the ' Apple Isle ' is having a resurgence of cider making.
2) Captivating, invigorating and exhilarating will be just some of the words that will come to mind as you enjoy the offerings of this pleasant Apple Isle .
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a rotten apple1) Cons: If the nanny is a rotten apple in the basket of loving child care providers, as a single parent , you don't have any one keeping an eye on her.
2) Loder is gagged with a rotten apple and his hands and leg are tied, so that he is only able to hop.
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apple1) Fresh pressed apple cider was another main attraction.
2) apple cider vinegar contains ninety different substances.
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apple aphid1) A : Your tree is infested with woolly apple aphids .
2) Canadian scientists introduced large numbers of lacewing eggs into orchards and had some success in controlling apple aphids .
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apple blossom1) The scent of apple blossom was plain enough.
2) apple blossom Time starts out with a harp solo.
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apple box1) Ever try to bang an extra on an apple box ?
2) They tell you to go sit on an apple box .
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apple brandy1) Besides cider, apple brandy is produced.
2) apple brandy may be referred to as applejack .
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apple butter1) I spent half the weekend making apple butter .
2) It is often applied to spread fruit products such as apple butter .
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apple cake1) There are also many varieties of apple cake .
2) And this apple cake is yet another easy recipe from our family.
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apple cider1) Fresh pressed apple cider was another main attraction.
2) apple cider vinegar contains ninety different substances.
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apple compote1) This year, it's made-to-order cheddar scallion bacon griddlecakes with bourbon apple compote and real maple syrup.
2) I served them for dessert when Marie-Laure and Laurence came for dinner, to accompany a simple no-sugar-added apple compote .
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apple contain1) An apple contains around 4 grams of fiber.
2) Each apple contains about 5 grams of fiber .
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apple core1) The second one was Apple's core OS.
2) It may be an apple core .
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apple crisp1) An apple crisp is perfect when the weather turns cold.
2) She said that the apple crisp was always a popular dish.
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apple crop1) Damage to the apple crop amounted to $1.7 million.
2) They increase the apple crop ; with them.
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apple crumble1) The apple crumbled away to dust in his hand.
2) Do you want erm an apple crumble ?
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apple does not fall1) Something tells me that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
2) apple doesn't fall too far from the tree; his dad was a solid gentleman as well.
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apple dumpling1) Popular flavours for apple dumplings include brown sugar, caramel, or cinnamon sauces.
2) Be sure to save room for excellent pies or an apple dumpling for dessert.
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apple fall1) Note that C would include every example of an apple falling .
2) For example, one may take apple falling downward as a fundamental law.
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apple farm1) I grew up on an apple farm in Henderson County.
2) Every class I've ever taken at Love apple farm has been excellent.
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apple filling1) A great alternative to apple filling is good cottage cheese blended with sugar and vanilla.
2) Spread coconut filling over the pie shell and then fill the shell with apple filling .
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apple fritter1) Yes, I just likened my boyfriend to an apple fritter .
2) I know there is cancer, syphilis and spring, and apple fritters ).
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apple green1) This was very similar to London and North Eastern Railway apple green .
2) Whether it is apple green , pea green or lime it always attracts me.
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apple grow1) From that bad start, many little rotten apples grew .
2) In the wild, apples grow readily from seeds.
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apple grower1) There are currently 83 commercial apple growers in Ireland.
2) The angry apple growers sued CBS and lost.
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apple harvest1) The apple harvest is the big event Chegworth Valley is looking forward to.
2) In addition, the apple harvest was completed in Maryland and nearly completed in Virginia.
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apple jacks1) Kyle: These apple jacks are crunchy and delicious.
2) Let the debates begin as to how low you could draft apple jacks .
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apple jelly1) apples are also made into apple butter and apple jelly .
2) It needs pectin, either in dry or liquid form or with added apple jelly .
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apple juice1) Fresh apple juice made from organic apples is best.
2) Did very much taste like fresh apple juice .
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apple maggot1) The apple maggot and peach tree borer may also cause problems.
2) Codling moths and apple maggots are two other pests which affect apple trees.
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apple of discord1) Here for you the apple of discord !
2) The British colony of Cyprus became the apple of discord in Greco-Turkish relations.
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apple of the eye1) Oh how it has just become the apple of the eye for social networkers!
2) the books which once we valued more than the apple of the eye , we have quite exhausted.
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apple orchard1) Visitors will discover the original apple orchard still growing nearby.
2) Damage to apple orchards totaled $50,000.
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apple picking1) Have you heard of apple picking ?
2) apple picking has also become a popular event at Swanton Ranch.
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apple pie1) The apple pie with cream is absolutely sublime.
2) The unit disk may represent an apple pie .
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apple pip1) Presumably apple trees started growing round habitations from discarded apple pips .
2) They spat out apple pips in neolithic Britain.
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apple sauce1) Serve with apple sauce , sour cream or jam.
2) Puréed apples are generally known as apple sauce .
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apple seed1) They resemble apple seeds in appearance and size.
2) apple seeds need a period of cold.
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apple slice1) I always made mine with apple slices .
2) JJ + dried apple slice = 40 seconds of entertainment.
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apple strudel1) I did apple strudel once using filo sheets.
2) And the apple strudel is to die for .
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apple tart1) This is his own spin on a classic apple tart .
2) She wrote to say that she likes apple tart .
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apple tree1) Their apple tree has silver white blossoms and golden apples.
2) The orchard was composed of real apple trees .
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apple turnover1) And an iced bun and an apple turnover please?
2) French breakfast pastries include apple turnovers , brioche, croissant and pain au chocolat.
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apple variety1) Pomonas are illustrated surveys or guides to apple varieties .
2) Exact conditions in the rooms are set according to the apple variety .
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apple vinegar1) It has been proved that apple vinegar will completely eliminate this fungal infection.
2) A popular drink in China is called apple vinegar , which is actually cider.
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apples and oranges1) The apples and oranges aspect is the least important here.
2) What is done here again is mixing apples and oranges only.
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as American as apple pie1) Strange customs and practices are as American as apple pie .
2) Lincoln is a brand as American as apple pie .
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bad apple1) One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.
2) There are bad apples in every culture.
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bake apple1) The apple dessert basically looked and tasted like sliced, baked apples .
2) Right, well I'll have the baking apple then.
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baked apple1) Also , they smell like fresh baked apple pie.
2) The apple dessert basically looked and tasted like sliced, baked apples .
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bite into an apple1) It 's literally as easy as biting into an apple or peeling a banana!
2) Patients are able to bite into an apple or eat corn on the cob with no problems.
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bite of the apple1) It is our turn for a bite of the apple .
2) Yeah, that's right -- the recording industry wants two bites of the apple .
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bitter apple1) Here is one of his bitter apples .
2) Its common name is bitter apple .
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bruised apple1) Even Sal and Kitty turned up their noses when he offered them such delicacies as black bananas and bruised apples .
2) The downside is climbing into dumpsters and rifling through garbage to possibly find a couple of unharmed cans of soup or a bag of partially bruised apples .
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candied apple1) Plus compared to their over-inflated (Synthol) arms, the necks on some of these guys look like sticks stuck in candied apples .
2) Candy apple-also known by the British term toffee apple , candied apples are far more popular than in the United States, where the caramel apple is common.
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candy apple1) It was made available in sunburst and candy apple red colors.
2) This sucker is candy apple coated with ripping BLUES rock.
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caramel apple1) The caramel apples are one of our favorites!
2) Seasonal fruits and favorites like caramel apples are available for munching.
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cashew apple1) A large reason for this is simply the availability of cashew apples .
2) cashew apples have a sweet but astringent taste.
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chop apple1) chopped apple and grated orange zest are nice additions.
2) Add chopped apples to a curried chicken salad along with raisins.
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cider apple1) Then they plodded round a circular mill, crushing the cider apples .
2) cider apples are generally very hardy and tough, and can be grown almost anywhere.
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compare apple1) No one was comparing apples to apples.
2) Yet this is comparing apples with oranges.
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cook apple1) cook the apples on medium until they are soft.
2) When the apples are cooked pour this sirup over them.
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cooking apple1) Don't forget to get er cooking apples .
2) Ideally use cooking apples or cooking crabapples.
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crab apple1) I walked around with crab apples in my cheeks.
2) In addition, lilacs and crab apples are still in bloom.
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crisp apple1) Easy to get to and the best Honey crisp apples I've ever had!
2) Although I'd have to say, I prefer a nice, crisp apple pie after all.
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custard apple1) The custard apple is a most delicious fruit.
2) I have given some avocado and custard apple to the neighbours.
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dessert apple1) This one is actually growing dessert apples on a dwarf stem.
2) In 1957, England had 26,000 hectares of dessert apple orchards.
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dry apple1) His version called for dried apples and apple cider.
2) Soak 12 pounds of dried apples over night in cold water.
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eat apple1) Will sat up and began to eat another apple .
2) Or that you always eat apples but never touch bananas.
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eating apple1) John's trips almost always end with eating apple pie or ice cream.
2) New research suggests that eating apples may improve endurance for the average adult .
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grate apple1) grated apple or mashed banana can also add natural sweetness.
2) This recipe is slightly different from most in that we also add grated apple .
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green apple1) Without you green apples wouldn't taste greener.
2) The prints depict groups of plump pears and green apples .
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juicy apple1) Take large fine juicy apples .
2) A well loved juicy apple .
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like apple1) I like the apple cherry sauce idea too!
2) I like apple pies an'all.
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love apple1) My dog loves apple so these treats are perfect.
2) She loves apples and became a vegetarian a few years ago.
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munch on apple1) In a short YouTube clip , the crew also munched on apples to show that nutritious food can also be delicious.
more munch on apple sentences
peel an apple1) Towards the end she watched him peel an apple with deliberate care.
2) She looked from Blunt to Dickinson, who was peeling an apple .
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peel apple1) Begin by peeling the 8-10 medium apples .
2) peel the apple , avocado and banana and cut into chunks.
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pick apple1) Special care is necessary when picking apples for storing.
2) Very nice place to take children to pick apples .
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pine apple1) I have 6 variety of platys and two pine apple sword tails.
2) Thee will not think I talk figuratively when I tell thee that his pine apple stove is sixty feet long, twenty feet wide and height proportionable.
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poison apple1) The Queen tricks Snow White into biting into the poisoned apple .
2) It is also said that he died after eating a poisoned apple .
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red apple1) It was now full of shiny red apples .
2) I give him a slip marked 'five red apples '.
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ripe apple1) A beautiful smile on a generous mouth and lips the color of a ripe apple .
2) You want to estimate the ratio of green apples to ripe apples in the barrel.
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road apple1) With weddings, tourists, folks picnicking and enjoying these older buildings and the well-kept grounds, no one wants to be stepping in a pile of road apples .
2) At the time, Volker, Camile Baudoin and Frank Bua, Jr. were in a band called The Rhapsodizers, while Dave Malone and Reggie Scanlan were in a band called road apple .
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rotten apple1) There are rotten apples in every industry.
2) From that bad start, many little rotten apples grew.
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sea apple1) Specifically... sea apples are more toxic.
2) My question is about a sea apple .
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sharp apple1) Maud Bailey gave him potted shrimps, omelette and green salad, some Bleu de Bresse and a bowl of sharp apples .
2) The combination of cheese and apples is not an invention of the north of England, but the merging of rich Wensleydale with sharp apple almost certainly is.
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shiny apple1) They come into season right alongside the beautiful , shiny apples .
2) shiny apples instead of candy canes: apples instead of candy?
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slice apple1) Place a layer of sliced apple over top.
2) We just added a side of sliced apple .
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sour apple1) His face was turning pale green, the colour of sour apples .
2) I enjoyed the sweet sixteen flavor with a tiny bit of the sour apple .
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steal apple1) stealing an apple if youre hungry is different than Bernie Madoff.
2) I stole apples ... I made mouths at people like a wanton ape.
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stewed apple1) She has a voracious appetite and has a great fondness for stewed apples .
2) Use a pint of stewed apple instead of water when making apricot jelly.
more stewed apple sentences
sweet apple1) The natural sweetness comes from using sweet apples .
2) sweet apple and honeydew flavors come first.
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tart apple1) I think fresh tart apples help push the flavor to a 5!
2) For instance, some people prefer tart apples and some like sweet varieties.
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the apple of my eye1) Salahia was my friend and the apple of my eye .
2) I have a 15 month old daughter who is the apple of my eye !
more the apple of my eye sentences
the big apple1) That the individual follows legal using the big apple .
2) But something more is happening in the big apple .
more the big apple sentences
throw apple1) Just keep throwing apples out of cars and protect poultry.
2) The only way you could manipulate the environment was to throw apples or pester balls .
more throw apple sentences
toffee apple1) Tian has never had a toffee apple .
2) She smelt - curiously - of toffee apples .
more toffee apple sentences
upset the apple cart1) Do not upset the apple cart , do not upset Beijing.
2) If that upsets the apple cart , then I'm sorry.
more upset the apple cart sentences
wild apple1) A tree of wild apples close beside her was laden with fruit.
2) Here there are rare trees like wild pear, wild apple and yew.
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windfall apple1) Sometimes even table scraps and soon windfall apples , more than you can possibly eat.
2) Riis was destitute, at one time sleeping on a tombstone and surviving on windfall apples .
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