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Certificate applicant1) The Certificate applicant must describe the emergency contingency plan.
2) The Certificate applicant must describe how the UAV system is being maintained.
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accept applicant1) applicants are accepted until the class is full.
2) The following grants and funding opportunities are currently accepting applicants .
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admit applicant1) Every admitted applicant is considered for a merit scholarship.
2) Colleges keep an eye on their admitted applicants .
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applicant1) His vacancy should attract many job applicants .
2) The general applicant pool has become increasingly more competitive.
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applicant ability1) An application should demonstrate the applicant's ability to do research.
2) The job applicant's ability might be one of two things: high or low.
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applicant admit1) Every admitted applicant is considered for a merit scholarship.
2) In 2007 all Anglican applicants were admitted .
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applicant encourage1) Eligible female applicants are encouraged to apply .
2) Potential applicants are encouraged to apply for further particulars.
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applicant file1) We read each applicant's file from cover to cover.
2) The amendments extend confidentiality to a uniform examination applicant's files .
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applicant for1) There were 38 applicants for the 2008 program.
2) The program is currently interviewing applicants for its third class.
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applicant invite1) The applicants are invited for coffee and visa is given immediately.
2) We will usually invite applicants to a group interview.
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applicant name1) Essays should be typed and include the applicant's full name .
2) Screenplays must include a title page without the applicant's name .
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applicant organization1) ELIGIBLE applicants Community-based non-profit organizations are the only eligible applicants.
2) In May-July applicant organizations were audited by external accountants and worked on their final proposals.
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applicant pool1) The general applicant pool has become increasingly more competitive.
2) External recruitment will include outreach to diverse applicant pools .
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applicant qualification1) The grade and salary will depend on the applicant's qualifications and experience.
2) Rates and financing are offered based on applicant's credit qualifications and other underwriting criteria.
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applicant require1) All applicants are required to submit fingerprints.
2) Every applicant is required to submit a personal statement.
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applicant select1) applicants are selected for interviews based on the above criteria.
2) The Loan when applicants are selected for processing.
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applicant status1) In an initial step, refugees would apply for applicant status .
2) Awards are determined by the applicants financial status , as well as academic achievement.
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applicants1) His vacancy should attract many job applicants .
2) applicants must submit completed loan proposal forms .
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asylum applicant1) First, why are asylum applicants under such suspicion?
2) Successful asylum applicants will be recognised as Refugees.
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attract applicant1) Some may use open days as a method of attracting applicants .
2) The school attracts applicants from all parts of Norway and aims to have a varied student body.
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college applicant1) The group seeks college applicants who feel they were discriminated against.
2) Hispanic applicants get a boost in many college applicant pools.
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disqualify applicant1) Convictions do not automatically disqualify an applicant .
2) Membership in 'aggressive' political or activist groups disqualifies an applicant .
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eligible applicant1) eligible female applicants are encouraged to apply .
2) The workshop is free and open to eligible applicants only.
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evaluate applicant1) They evaluate applicants by experience and attitudes.
2) Colleges use a variety of methods to evaluate applicants .
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grant applicant1) The surveyor wrote to successful grant applicants touting for custom.
2) All grant applicants will be notified of the board's decision via e-mail.
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inform applicant1) We will inform applicants when this processing applies.
2) The graduate coordinator informs each applicant by letter when a decision is made.
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interested applicant1) interested applicants are encouraged to register now since space is limited.
2) interested applicants should contact us by March 1.
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interview applicant1) The program is currently interviewing applicants for its third class.
2) An employer is interviewing applicants for a computer programmer position.
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job applicant1) His vacancy should attract many job applicants .
2) This obsession with control extended to job applicants too.
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lucky applicant1) The Copyright Advisory Committee will select the lucky applicants from the pool of letters received.
2) The lucky applicant will travel the state as a social media commentator , appearing at all the major tourism launches, PR events and industry functions.
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minority applicant1) minority applicants believe the method is unbiased.
2) LONG: And the third is direct attempts to recruit minority applicants .
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notify applicant1) applicants are notified of award decision within six weeks of application deadline.
2) The college usually notifies applicants of its decision without delay.
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patent applicant1) Do they show that the patent applicant described his claims properly?
2) Thereafter, he refrained from transmitting such privileged information to rival patent applicants .
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potential applicant1) There are free resources available for potential applicants .
2) He has personally tested over 1000 potential applicants .
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prospective applicant1) It also provides migration advice to prospective visa applicants and sponsors.
2) CUSP offers Information Sessions for prospective applicants .
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qualified applicant1) A lottery is used to select among qualified applicants .
2) Could schools find qualified applicants to replace ineffective teachers ?
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qualify applicant1) Open until suitably qualified applicants apply.
2) The academy is certainly having to reject a lot of highly qualified applicants .
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reject applicant1) At the first application the applicants were rejected .
2) If the applicant is rejected , the application fee is not refunded.
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screen applicant1) How is this enforced and also how do you screen applicants for use?
2) This allows districts to screen applicants that have included their CCTC record much more quickly.
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seek applicant1) The program seeks applicants with strong subject matter preparation and clear career intentions.
2) Also, 231 splendid colleges seeking applicants ! Splendid ?
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select applicant1) Example: When hiring, employers select applicants with positive self-esteem.
2) PHAs may establish local preferences for selecting applicants from its waiting list.
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student applicant1) Consider international student applicants a valuable resource for your company!
2) We extend a special welcome to you as an international student applicant .
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successful applicant1) The oldest successful applicant is 81 years old!
2) All successful applicants are considered for a merit scholarship.
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suitable applicant1) However, the order eventually failed through a lack of suitable applicants .
2) suitable applicants are invited to an aptitude test and a taster apprenticeship at msw-winterthur.
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unsuccessful applicant1) An unsuccessful applicant could appeal to the regional committee.
2) unsuccessful applicants are required to wait six months before reapplying.
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visa applicant1) It also provides migration advice to prospective visa applicants and sponsors.
2) Eligible children of K-1 visa applicants receive K-2 visas.
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white applicant1) Every white applicant passed the test and, every African-American applicant failed.
2) white applicants usually were allowed to copy, Black applicants usually had to take dictation.
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