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ambush1) Some seabed-dwelling species are highly effective ambush predators.
2) These cats are stalk and ambush predators.
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ambush attack1) ambushes , rocket attacks and troop and weapons movements were also reported.
2) He cited the alleged ambush attack on Enrile's car on September 21, 1972.
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ambush bug1) They have gathered the new Super-Chief II , Bulleteer and ambush bug .
2) In 2011, Winkler guest starred as ambush bug in the series finale of .
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ambush marketing1) Both marketing campaigns are examples of ambush marketing .
2) Bavaria has form in the dark arts of ambush marketing .
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ambush on1) ambushing on tracks continued to prove successful.
2) They sprung an ambush on Pondi only to fail again.
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ambush party1) Only ambush parties were left to delay the Soviet advance.
2) In the morning, the ambush party finds the two dead.
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ambush position1) The ambush position was laid parallel to the target area.
2) In response, George ordered the 1st Platoon to reinforce their ambush position .
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ambush predator1) Some seabed-dwelling species are highly effective ambush predators .
2) These cats are stalk and ambush predators .
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ambush prey1) Komodo dragons hunt and ambush prey including invertebrates , birds, and mammals.
2) With excellent camouflage and patience, seahorses ambush prey that floats within striking range.
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ambush site1) Second, rattlesnakes located themselves in a variety of ambush sites .
2) Their bodies were later recovered from the forest at the ambush site .
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ambush spring1) They sprung an ambush on Pondi only to fail again.
2) When Lovewell's force returned to its packs, the ambush was sprung .
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ambush take place1) The ambush took place on Highway 1, a vital road artery close to Saigon.
2) However, the military critics of esteem challenge that this was the place where the actual ambush took place .
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be caught in an ambush1) My oldest brother was arrested after being caught in an ambush .
2) I Company was caught in an ambush .
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carry out an ambush1) On 28 August 1944, the thirty or so members of the maquis led by adjutant Munch carried out an ambush just before the Tendon falls.
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conduct ambush1) Several successful night ambushes were conducted by directing tank fire against the enemy river traffic.
2) However, small numbers of armed militants persist in confronting government forces and conducting ambushes and occasional attacks on villages.
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deadly ambush1) But the deadly ambush in its territory threatens to entangle Iraq in the Syrian conflict .
2) Can he and his men establish a base camp along national route QL 20, in the heart of deadly ambush Alley?
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enemy ambush1) Private Evans detected an enemy ambush and immediately warned his company.
2) He was wounded by an improvised explosive device during an intense enemy ambush .
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escape ambush1) The woman vanishes and Garrett eventually escapes the ambush .
2) Only 300 warriors escaped the ambush .
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follow ambush1) The French responded by attacking fortifications Washington erected following the ambush , forcing his surrender.
2) His men were gradually worn down and, following an ambush , Định committed suicide to avoid being captured.
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in the ambush1) the two Justice Police officers travelling in the ambushed car were dead.
2) the Government reportedly used criminals dressed in monks' robes in the ambush .
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launch ambush1) Generation X launches an ambush , but is quickly overwhelmed.
2) Greenpeace protesters have launched an ambush over fracking for gas in the Cheshire constituency of George Osborne.
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lay ambush1) They know that sometimes bad guys set bombs and lay ambushes .
2) The ambush was laid , but no ARBiH units arrived.
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lay an ambush1) They lay an ambush at the gully.
2) Using their new firearms, the Confederacy laid an ambush near modern South Bend, Indiana.
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lie in ambush1) The transport had spotted Chinese troops ahead, lying in ambush .
2) They lie in ambush looking for the opportunity to end your life .
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night ambush1) Several successful night ambushes were conducted by directing tank fire against the enemy river traffic.
2) Gun pit duty, night ambushes and constant in-country patrolling all take their toll.
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plan ambush1) It turns out the Nuva were the ones planning the ambush .
2) Omar and Mouzone plan an ambush and kill Stringer together.
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planned ambush1) Ruslana called the attack a carefully planned ambush .
2) He goes on to foil The Governor's planned ambush and is killed.
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prepare ambush1) Louis, however, has prepared an ambush .
2) It took up positions in the vacated villages and started preparing ambushes .
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run into an ambush1) Along the Bay Hap river, they ran into an ambush .
2) The counterattack ran into an ambush by Soviet troops using a captured German Panther tank.
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set ambush1) They have set an ambush for me.
2) Troops who specialised in setting ambushes harassed the advancing Ottomans.
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set up ambush1) Mars arrives with four men, who set up ambush points outside.
2) Immediately the partisans left and came to the forest to set up ambushes for the Germans.
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set up an ambush1) This allows the Dunan army to set up an ambush for Luca Blight.
2) Liao general Yelü Xiezhen heard of Yang's arrival and set up an ambush .
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spring ambush1) These formations were tempting targets for Viet Cong guerrilla groups, who often sprung ambushes in remote areas.
2) The Afghani resistance had intensified its insurgency, blowing up bridges, springing ambushes in deep ravines, and setting up heavy machine-guns in caves.
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stage ambush1) The Governor then leads an assault on the prison, but Rick's group stages an ambush and repels the attack.
2) An Australian patrol, with Portuguese and Timorese assistance, staged an ambush and killed four or five of the Japanese soldiers.
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stage an ambush1) Meanwhile, Merle goes to collect Glenn and Maggie but the two stage an ambush .
2) The Governor then leads an assault on the prison, but Rick's group stages an ambush and repels the attack.
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successful ambush1) The Germanic forces demonstrated several principles needed for a successful ambush .
2) Several successful night ambushes were conducted by directing tank fire against the enemy river traffic.
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survive ambush1) Four attempts were made to hang him and he survived ambush five times.
2) In the end Billy survives the ambush , rescues Ann, and destroys each of the main mobsters one-by-one.
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terrorist ambush1) The SAS officer had saved his life during a raid in Northern Ireland, let him escape during a terrorist ambush .
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wait in ambush1) They were hidden , waiting in ambush .
2) They may also wait in ambush outside the prey's burrow.
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walk into an ambush1) Pritam's unit was however, walked into an ambush laid by a detachment of Gurkhas.
2) They are approached by Arvo, and too late realize they have walked into an ambush by other Russian survivors.
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