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amazingly1) The whole period was amazingly rich nevertheless.
2) Rally driving is an amazingly complex affair.
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amazingly accurate1) Your ability to project your own shortcomings is amazingly accurate .
2) And it is amazingly accurate for such a long shot.
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amazingly beautiful1) A story of a amazingly beautiful young woman .
2) Some species of snake s can be amazingly beautiful .
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amazingly cheap1) Prices were amazingly cheap and the service was amazing .
2) Quote: but hard disks are amazingly cheap for backups.
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amazingly complex1) Rally driving is an amazingly complex affair.
2) Bottom line is that humans are amazingly complex .
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amazingly detailed1) The seven page article on Diamonds was amazingly detailed .
2) Ice cores hold an amazingly detailed record of Earth's climate.
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amazingly easy1) This is soooo amazingly easy and it tastes really good.
2) This looks amazingly easy and delicious!
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amazingly effective1) It was amazingly effective at reducing some of the stories.
2) This mechanism is amazingly effective in absorbing the un-differentiation.
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amazingly fast1) Road runner gives amazingly fast access to the internet.
2) Delivery was amazingly fast (within a week).
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amazingly low1) And the amount of available native apps is amazingly low !
2) After all, the price was amazingly low .
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amazingly realistic1) The end result looks amazingly realistic .
2) The Training Center barracks is an amazingly realistic and correct model of the real thing.
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amazingly rich1) The whole period was amazingly rich nevertheless.
2) It is an amazingly rich and provocative experience.
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amazingly short1) At affordable prices , without tedious configurations and amazingly short implementation times.
2) Within an amazingly short time he developed into a highly accomplished and individual painter.
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amazingly simple1) The theory and execution are both amazingly simple .
2) Like all good ideas the system is amazingly simple in concept.
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amazingly strong1) He stayed amazingly strong - mentally and physically!
2) As a large pink hippopotamus, he is amazingly strong .
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amazingly successful1) She was amazingly successful as a pianist playing her own compositions.
2) In this, the Ukrainian diaspora were amazingly successful .
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amazingly talented1) This guy is such an amazingly talented artist.
2) We are still an amazingly talented country.
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amazingly well1) Our potatoes are also doing amazingly well .
2) This is an amazingly well put together tool .
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