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amber1) Very cool translucent amber plastic tuner buttons.
2) Some read olive while others appear amber .
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amber alert1) amber alerts are often displayed on electronic message signs.
2) You can turn off just amber alerts .
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amber bead1) A single pit contained numerous glass and amber beads and an elaborately decorated bronze gilt belt buckle.
2) There are hints of a similar pattern at Wallingford where graves with amber beads were also more likely to have brooches.
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amber color1) The Iriomote cat's eyes are a light amber color .
2) The reposado achieves its amber color through six months of barrel aging.
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amber colour1) It has a beautiful saturated amber colour .
2) This pours an amber colour with a creamy head.
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amber eye1) His pale amber eyes register no expression.
2) Two tears dropped from his amber eyes .
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amber fluid1) I was making my first inroads into a superb specimen of the amber fluid when Sally walked in.
2) Gordon Mahoney held the brandy glass in his hand and swirled the amber fluid around gently before sipping at it.
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amber green1) It was a handful of small pebbles, veined with amber green , cobalt.
2) It immediately turned an amber green color.Weird!> It has not reverted back.
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amber light1) The amber light enhanced the rich tones of nautical oak.
2) Yeah, Bill's got a an amber light .
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amber liquid1) He poured himself some amber liquid from a thick cut-glass decanter.
2) Maggie studied the amber liquid in the glass, then sniffed it.
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amber necklace1) The third painting The amber necklace shows a mother and child.
2) The presenter stopped fingering the amber necklace she wore round her neck and crossed her arms.
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amber nectar1) A bit of amber nectar would be nice.
2) No, not for the ' amber nectar ', but in the legitimate cause of research.
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amber room1) The amber room is such a thing .
2) The amber room was restored only by 2003.
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amber signal1) The sedans received restyled shortened taillights with inverted amber turn signal and backup light positions.
2) New taillights with dedicated amber turn signals replaced the similarly styled vertical Ford Fairmont units.
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amber traffic light1) After eight seconds, 'CROSS' began to flash, and the amber traffic light returned, this time flashing.
2) For anything up to 17 seconds afterwards, the green man and the amber traffic light flashed to indicate that pedestrians had priority.
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amber warning1) The Met Office has issued an amber rain warning for Cornwall .
2) The Met Office issued yellow and amber weather warnings and urged many people to prepare for more floods Please LIKE this video!
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