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US ambassador1) Bolivia's government also expelled the US ambassador .
2) Beijing also summoned the US ambassador for an explanation.
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act as ambassador1) They act as ambassadors and diplomats for the school.
2) They often acted as ambassadors and Assessors.
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ambassador1) Resident ambassadors were usually less generously treated.
2) The nations formally exchanged ambassadors in 1996.
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ambassador at large1) He is also a political scientist, an academic, and an ambassador at large .
2) You are the Party's ambassadors at large ,' and more of the same.
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ambassador extraordinary1) ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany .
2) He had briefly interrupted his political career to become ambassador extraordinary to the Ottoman Empire between 1804 and 1807.
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ambassador for1) Successful artists are wonderful ambassadors for this country .
2) Some even become ambassadors for the industry.
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ambassador in1) The nations formally exchanged ambassadors in 1996.
2) Both countries had recalled their ambassadors in 2010 .
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ambassador plenipotentiary1) The final office held by Avelino before retiring was serving as ambassador plenipotentiary under President Elpidio Quirino.
2) This development is generally thought to have been the brainchild of Danish ambassador plenipotentiary in Paris, Johann Hartwig Ernst Bernstorff.
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ambassador to1) Since 1998 he has been ambassador to Poland.
2) He was named ambassador to China in 2011.
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appoint ambassador1) Active members can nominate themselves to be appointed ambassadors .
2) In 1809 Wellesley was appointed ambassador to Spain.
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become ambassador1) Some even become ambassadors for the industry.
2) Lily has become a great ambassador for the breed.
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brand ambassador1) This is living proof that every employee is a brand ambassador .
2) Using celebrities as brand ambassadors is hardly a new concept.
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exchange ambassador1) The nations formally exchanged ambassadors in 1996.
2) Nations are anxious to exchange ambassadors with the Vatican.
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expel ambassador1) Bolivia's government also expelled the US ambassador .
2) Indonesia immediately reacted by expelling the Malaysian ambassador from Jakarta.
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former ambassador1) former ambassador to face Vatican justice for crimes against children.
2) Indeed, three former ambassadors lost their Central Committee seats.
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goodwill ambassador1) The group was named UNICEF goodwill ambassadors in early 2008.
2) Jolie is a UN refugee agency goodwill ambassador .
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recall ambassador1) SBY has now recalled a second ambassador .
2) Another purge was initiated, and Parchamite ambassadors were recalled .
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roving ambassador1) President Michael Sata has made use of Kaunda as a roving ambassador for Zambia.
2) Wendell Willkie, the defeated GOP candidate in 1940, became a roving ambassador for Roosevelt.
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send ambassador1) Goodwill ambassadors were sent to countries that were considering a boycott.
2) None ever sent an ambassador or official delegation to Richmond.
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serve as ambassador1) She served as ambassador until February 28, 1993.
2) He was initially scheduled to serve as ambassador to Japan.
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special ambassador1) Japan has appointed its first special ambassador for global environment affairs.
2) Bailey Rae is the special ambassador for the charity Cord.
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summon ambassador1) France's president summoned the Egyptian ambassador to condemn the violence.
2) Beijing also summoned the US ambassador for an explanation.
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unofficial ambassador1) She's an unofficial ambassador , I suggest.
2) Then there's Tim Townsend , our unofficial ambassador .
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withdraw ambassador1) In September 2008 , Bolivia and the US drastically reduced diplomatic ties with one another, each withdrawing ambassadors from the other country.
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