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It never ceases to amaze me1) It never ceases to amaze me how easily pleased they are.
2) It never ceases to amaze me how patient and caring our students are .
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What amazes1) What amazes me is this is a pretty cool mouse.
2) What amazes me still is that we are attracting readers.
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absolutely amaze1) I was absolutely amazed by the results.
2) I am absolutely amazed at the results.
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always amaze1) Eastern Oregon geography has always amazed me.
2) We were also always amazed about the hospitality.
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amaze1) The composing preference has been amazed myself.
2) Your writing taste has been amazed me.
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amaze delight1) The end results will amaze and delight you both!
2) Children continually surprise, amaze , and delight me.
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amaze me how1) It always amazes me how quickly the posters are delivered.
2) It amazes me how deeply this ideology runs.
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amaze me how much1) It amazes me how much business gets done in side conversations between sessions.
2) It never ceases to amaze me how much line has been laid in Nohoch.
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amaze me that1) It amazes me that coffee was even invented.
2) It amazes me that he is still in charge .
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amaze me to1) That amazes me to hear that.
2) Of course , it amazes me to how unrealistic the game is given how hard the balls are launched.
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amaze me to see1) It amazes me to see people sinking their money into a machine with out having a card inserted in the card reader.
2) It always amazes me to see the extent to which good old-fashioned hand labor and hand work is used in public gardens and even in all the greenspaces of Paris.
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amaze me what1) It always amazes me what cool jobs you guys have held.
2) It always amazes me what he can do .
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constantly amaze1) We were constantly amazed at what we saw.
2) I am constantly amazed by the caliber of today's youth.
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continually amaze1) I am continually amazed they even have a stock price.
2) I am continually amazed at how the Lord has brought IDS through 2012.
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continue to amaze1) A criticism that continues to amaze us.
2) He has continued to amaze the world with his dazzling display.
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just amaze1) Nothing amazing just a quick overview of the car.
2) I'm just amazed that millions have dropped in!
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never cease to amaze1) THE wonders of market forces never cease to amaze .
2) The man never ceases to amaze me.
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never fail to amaze1) Your comments never fail to amaze me !
2) But the miracles never failed to amaze him.
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really amaze1) The exhibit is excellent, the kids were really amazed .
2) I was really amazed how easy that was and incredibly economical.
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still amaze1) Her doctor is still amazed and she is doing great.
2) I'm still amazed about eighty gardens though.
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totally amaze1) Hold on and prepare yourself to be totally amazed .
2) Was totally amazed at how easy this dish was to prepare.
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truly amaze1) Both the doctor and I were truly amazed !
2) We are truly amazed by the outpouring of generosity.
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utterly amaze1) When the blow actually fell I was utterly amazed .
2) I am utterly amazed at how wonderful this jacket really is.
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