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To her amazement1) To her amazement , he was still planted just behind her.
2) Is that clear? To her amazement , Daltrey grinned.
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To his amazement1) To his amazement he got a job.
2) To his amazement , he was still alive.
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To my amazement1) To my amazement the sick symptoms disappeared.
2) To my amazement , within half an hour stopped coughing.
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To our amazement1) To our amazement your product really works.
2) Much To our amazement , the bifurcation strategy is capable of showing Mercury the door in a hurry.
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To their amazement1) To their amazement the donkey was still very much alive.
2) To their amazement , an audience of seventeen thousand stood and cheered their music.
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To your amazement1) Also a view of the volcano mountain roaring To your amazement .
2) How many times have you told yourself you could not do something but when you ultimately faced up and had a go, To your amazement you succeeded.
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amazement1) The soul was full of amazement before through fear.
2) His sharp irony was tempered by amazement .
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amazement at1) We both stood in amazement at its velvet rack.
2) The cat stared in amazement at the carpenter.
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complete amazement1) Nevil's expression was one of complete amazement .
2) To my complete amazement , here were Alabama Jumpers living naturally in his manure pile.
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everyone amazement1) Plus to everyone's amazement the cask was filled with champagne.
2) To everyone's amazement the sample stretched back to its original shape.
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express amazement1) A friend sees him and expresses amazement .
2) Doctors across India have expressed amazement at this rare medical condition .
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gasp in amazement1) She gasp in amazement as it slid in.
2) The viewer gasps in amazement and utter perplexity.
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great amazement1) And we felt a great amazement .
2) He talks about w ondrous deeds, miraculous deeds that produce great amazement - miracles!
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in amazement1) My doctors still shake their heads in amazement .
2) Her mother's eyes widened in amazement .
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mock amazement1) Agrippa's candid eyes rounded in mock amazement .
2) Sufyan threw up his hands in mock amazement .
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sheer amazement1) The images capture the gasps and sheer amazement from spectators of all ages .
2) At first, the sense of sheer amazement will be a little overwhelming.
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stunned amazement1) In stunned amazement , she stared at him.
2) The two-year-old stares around in stunned amazement .
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utter amazement1) I shook my head in utter amazement .
2) To my utter amazement I was offered the position.
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with amazement1) Their minds are filled with amazement and wonder.
2) Marion's eyes went wide with amazement .
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wonder amazement1) To me, nature is a source of endless wonder and amazement .
2) Rather, I feel wonder and amazement at the vagaries of humanity.
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