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amble1) An ambling gait is usually an inherited trait.
2) He ambled off towards the nearest tray.
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amble across1) The Rover ambled across England from east to west.
2) Thornicroft giraffe amble across the plains while impressive herds of elephant gather at the river.
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amble along1) Live, Africando ambled along through the hits.
2) Having nothing better to do on a blustery Sunday, I decided to amble along on one.
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amble back1) Finch ambled back to his point.
2) As Colon ambled back to the dugout the crowd gave him an ovation.
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amble down1) He would amble down it, making the rounds of the garbage cans.
2) At 12:15 Al comes ambling down the hall with his reading material.
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amble gait1) An ambling gait is usually an inherited trait.
2) Not all horses can perform an ambling gait .
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amble off1) He ambled off towards the nearest tray.
2) It seem blinded by the daylight but slowly ambled off .
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amble on1) Next, Dylan ambled on to do about five songs.
2) The first matriarch slowly ambles on to the open plains, followed by her family group.
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amble over1) I amble over to Odd-Knut to ask a few dumb questions.
2) We parked downhill from the cottage and ambled over to the top of the falls.
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amble through1) He ambled through to take a look at the machine.
2) Elephants amble through the dense forest while white-handed gibbons swing from branch to branch.
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ambled1) He ambled off towards the nearest tray.
2) We ambled up onto the narrow porch.
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ambles1) You are a surgeon, a white fellow ambles towards you.
2) On it ambles for well over two hours .
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ambling1) An ambling gait is usually an inherited trait.
2) Not all horses can perform an ambling gait.
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pleasant amble1) These vary from the very pleasant amble to the Moorsee, to more testing hikes into the Wilder Kaiser mountain range.
2) The surrounding countryside is quite lovely and you can take a pleasant amble along the river or a more challenging hike along the South Downs Way, which passes nearby.
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