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" ambivalence "Collocations - Expressions
ambivalence1) All sacred religious texts display the same ambivalence .
2) The ambivalence surrounding project aid is likely to continue.
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ambivalence about1) Rowling has occasionally expressed ambivalence about her religious faith.
2) Indigenous peoples have shown ambivalence about the intellectual property approach.
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ambivalence among1) Despite some ambivalence among policy-makers and the public towards immigration policies most countries show positive migration balances.
2) Our unconditional support for dictatorship in Iran has created deep ambivalence among Iranians toward the United States.
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ambivalence towards1) Further characteristics include ambivalence towards leaders and anticipation of domination.
2) My ambivalence towards them approaches the extreme.
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express ambivalence1) Rowling has occasionally expressed ambivalence about her religious faith.
2) A few also expressed a certain ambivalence toward relatives' strong opinions.
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