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a little ambiguous1) The English of the writer is a little ambiguous , too.
2) Now, I'll admit that this does sound a little ambiguous .
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ambiguous1) Any construct too ambiguous is simply rejected.
2) The term natural law is ambiguous .
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ambiguous attitude1) A typically ambiguous attitude towards foreigners manifested itself at this point.
2) The archipelago had an ambiguous attitude towards the war of independence.
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ambiguous character1) Abraham and Sarah in these chapters are ambiguous characters .
2) Jeff at times can be a highly ambiguous character .
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ambiguous concept1) The nature of insurgencies is an ambiguous concept .
2) The term 'profit maximization' as a criterion for financial decision is vague and ambiguous concept .
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ambiguous contradictory1) First, these needs were themselves ambiguous and often contradictory .
2) The law is very complex, with many ambiguous and contradictory provisions.
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ambiguous definition1) A more ambiguous definition of roles can produce flexibility.
2) This somewhat ambiguous definition can give rise to problems.
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ambiguous ending1) Much criticism was leveled against the ambiguous ending .
2) The main sticking point is the novel's ambiguous ending .
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ambiguous figure1) Research using ambiguous figures and binocular rivalry exhibit this tendency.
2) From the Presbyterian viewpoint Lang is therefore something of an ambiguous figure .
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ambiguous language1) No. Highly ambiguous languages are difficult to parse using techniques that are primarily deterministic.
2) However, the act was largely ineffectual thanks in part to its ambiguous language .
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ambiguous meaning1) But the word problem can have an ambiguous meaning .
2) It is a phrase that has a wide and ambiguous meaning .
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ambiguous message1) The program's nature embodied ambiguous messages concerning its goals, successes, and values.
2) The ability to answer these types of questions is closely related to effectively evaluating ambiguous messages .
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ambiguous nature1) The ambiguous nature of the programme extends to its main characters.
2) The did not concentrate of strict religious doctrine or structure due to the ambiguous nature of Wakan Tanka.
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ambiguous obscure1) It is ambiguous and obscure .
2) So, for what purposes may parliamentary material be admitted where a legislative text is ambiguous or obscure ?
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ambiguous phrase1) Opt-out parents (surely an ambiguous phrase ) lead to drop-out children, he says.
2) This is an error due to taking a grammatically ambiguous phrase in two different ways during the reasoning.
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ambiguous reference1) Alternatively you can qualify ambiguous references to make them clear.
2) Less ambiguous references to trilobite fossils can be found in Chinese sources.
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ambiguous relationship1) Irish catholics find themselves in an ambiguous relationship to Irish nationalism.
2) Other evidence has surfaced illustrating Mölders' ambiguous relationship with the National Socialist regime.
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ambiguous role1) McConnell, in the meantime, played an ambiguous role .
2) But, according to his biographers, Salam played an ambiguous role in Pakistan's own integrated atomic bomb project.
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ambiguous situation1) Avoid ambiguous situations that you can't control.
2) This created a somewhat ambiguous situation .
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ambiguous statement1) And the more people make an ambiguous statement .
2) That is not an ambiguous statement .
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ambiguous stimulus1) We conclude from these findings that pitch entails an auditory process that relates inevitably ambiguous sound stimuli to their probable natural sources.
2) It has been shown that anxious individuals rend to interpret ambiguous stimuli in line with a threatening interpretation if one is available.
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ambiguous term1) Worker ownership is itself an ambiguous term .
2) Courts have used other rules to resolve ambiguous terms .
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ambiguous vague1) Don't let the thesis statement be ambiguous and vague .
2) Interactionists argue that roles are often unclear, ambiguous and vague .
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ambiguous word1) The ambiguous word truly was not defined.
2) The word chicken standing alone is an ambiguous word .
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ambiguous wording1) Such polls on the institution have been accused of using inconsistent and sometimes ambiguous wording .
2) The dream-work has not succeeded in concocting a coherent and yet ambiguous wording for the dream-thoughts.
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be ambiguous1) The term natural law is ambiguous .
2) The term kick serve is ambiguous .
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become ambiguous1) The net effect thus, becomes ambiguous .
2) The language used becomes ambiguous , roundabout, and mystical.
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deliberately ambiguous1) The overall presentation is surreal and deliberately ambiguous .
2) Jack's fate is left deliberately ambiguous .
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highly ambiguous1) The role of images is highly ambiguous .
2) The pursuit of memory is a highly ambiguous affair.
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inherently ambiguous1) The assessment of productivity is an inherently ambiguous and challenging process.
2) Letter grades are inherently ambiguous .
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intentionally ambiguous1) This poetry is intentionally ambiguous and difficult to understand.
2) intentionally ambiguous laws and regulations are common in such systems.
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leave ambiguous1) The question was left ambiguous on purpose as far as I 'm concerned.
2) The number of tablets that Margaret put into the glass is intentionally left ambiguous .
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left ambiguous1) Their resolution of their relationship is left ambiguous .
2) The end of the fight is left ambiguous .
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morally ambiguous1) The drone issue is troubling and morally ambiguous at best .
2) She had been depicted as morally ambiguous or an antiheroic figure.
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often ambiguous1) Cultures are often ambiguous if fragmentation happens.
2) However, these romantic descriptions are often ambiguous .
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quite ambiguous1) To join video files is quite ambiguous .
2) I think the grouping here is quite ambiguous .
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rather ambiguous1) The constitution was rather ambiguous on how this was to take place.
2) Their conclusion is rather ambiguous .
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remain ambiguous1) Newspaper coverage of mental handicap remains curiously ambiguous .
2) The evidence remains ambiguous , though compelling.
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seem ambiguous1) This time the Shah had seemed ambiguous .
2) The terms 'dead animal' and 'dead person' seem ambiguous .
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slightly ambiguous1) The wording in Article 28 is slightly ambiguous .
2) However if today is Friday then it becomes slightly ambiguous .
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sometimes ambiguous1) Such polls on the institution have been accused of using inconsistent and sometimes ambiguous wording.
2) It is hostile to the idea of a two-state solution though sometimes ambiguous about it.
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somewhat ambiguous1) However the term ageing is somewhat ambiguous .
2) Its role was perceived as somewhat ambiguous .
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too ambiguous1) Any construct too ambiguous is simply rejected.
2) But some said that provision is still too ambiguous .
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unambiguous1) My character has always been transparent and unambiguous .
2) This information helps insure clear, unambiguous device identification.
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very ambiguous1) The resolution was very ambiguous as well.
2) I like that element because it is very ambiguous .
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