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ambitious1) An ambitious reconstruction effort was immediately implemented.
2) We must set ambitious targets towards 2030.
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ambitious about1) This person is ambitious about their work in the company.
2) The main thing is not to be too ambitious about the food.
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ambitious agenda1) They have a very ambitious green agenda .
2) Colombia has an ambitious reform agenda in the power sector.
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ambitious aim1) We have ambitious aims to expand heavily into the retail and video spheres this year.
2) Political theory starts where the admittedly more ambitious aims of moral philosophy are left at an impasse.
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ambitious attempt1) Few of his more ambitious attempts are successful.
2) An ambitious attempt at a theory of everything, and unified field!
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ambitious campaign1) In 363, Julian embarked on an ambitious campaign against the Sassanid Empire.
2) Afterwards, Severus returned to Syria for a time to plan a much more ambitious campaign .
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ambitious economic1) In rich countries, they can help promote ambitious economic goals such as green energy.
2) In the spring 1997, the pro-reform Democratic party came to power with its ambitious economic reform package.
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ambitious effort1) One of the government's most ambitious efforts in Michigan.
2) It is an ambitious effort ordered by Congress in the last highway bill.
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ambitious enough1) I don't think we're being ambitious enough .
2) Sounds like ESP is certainly ambitious enough to be a Wood Group Company!
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ambitious enterprise1) It was an ambitious enterprise , badly in need of capital, and as yet unorganized.
2) As it became obvious his ambitious enterprise was failing, he became understandably desperate to cover its costs.
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ambitious entrepreneur1) You are an ambitious entrepreneur that sees development or growth potential for your company.
2) CLIFF BRETT The power game failed for one of Cheshire's most ambitious entrepreneurs .
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ambitious expansion1) Extensive renovations have been completed and ambitious expansion projects are under way.
2) Chobani will use the $750 million for a raft of ambitious expansion projects.
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ambitious goal1) The scholarship fund began with an ambitious goal .
2) EU member countries have shown support for ambitious renewable energy goals .
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ambitious idea1) This ambitious idea was probably always doomed to failure.
2) It's an ambitious idea - yes.
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ambitious in1) The Cincinnati Pops has been particularly ambitious in recording film music.
2) Don't be too ambitious in the early stages.
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ambitious international1) Will Sefton 's ambitious , international festival programme alienate or engage?
2) The concert was the most ambitious international satellite television venture that had ever been attempted at the time.
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ambitious military1) He played off royalists, falangists and ambitious military rivals, eventually handing Spain over to a democratic monarchy.
2) Yoshimoto, however, was much too busy with planning his most ambitious military endeavor to be bothered with such trivialities.
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ambitious mission1) An ambitious mission was conceived to explore that exciting possibility.
2) They are people and organizations with ambitious missions .
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ambitious new1) He has just set ambitious new targets for the next three years.
2) ambitious new federal policies or spending?
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ambitious novel1) It took 11 years to complete the ambitious novel .
2) A typically startling and ambitious novel of murder and other threats.
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ambitious objective1) He also spelled out ambitious objectives for his executive actions.
2) So how are we going to reach this very ambitious objective ?
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ambitious piece1) McTell is very proud of this ambitious piece .
2) One of Beuys' more famous and ambitious pieces of social sculpture was the 7000 Oaks project.
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ambitious plan1) This ambitious plan soon ended in failure.
2) The seminary had ambitious plans for expansion.
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ambitious political1) Aside from his various commercial projects, Clark also had ambitious political aspirations.
2) In addition to pursuing economic reforms, Gorbachev soon launched ambitious political and social reforms.
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ambitious politician1) He 's now an acutely ambitious politician , after all.
2) Clearly this is something the ambitious politician will want to do.
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ambitious programme1) Germany's ambitious recycling programme is on the brink of collapse.
2) For the same reason an ambitious nuclear power programme has been considerably slowed.
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ambitious project1) This ambitious project faces a major legal obstacle.
2) His buildings were very large, ambitious projects .
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ambitious proposal1) The ambitious touring database proposals have been shelved.
2) But the ambitious proposal is not without its critics .
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ambitious public1) National campaigns to advance the gentech acceptance plan ambitious public information campaigns.
2) The reforms were accompanied by an ambitious public works program, financed by foreign banks.
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ambitious reform1) Colombia has an ambitious reform agenda in the power sector.
2) The Czechoslovak Communist Party began an ambitious reform agenda under Alexander Dubcek.
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ambitious scale1) The brand was relaunched on an ambitious scale in Lichfield in 1988.
2) The core of the exhibition will be the recreation of two recent installations of ambitious scale and content.
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ambitious schedule1) Goetz set out an ambitious schedule .
2) An ambitious schedule of 10 issues per year for the rejuvenated publication was planned.
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ambitious scheme1) Only parts of this ambitious scheme were achieved.
2) The ambitious scheme is of Rs. 600 billion.
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ambitious scope1) The name of the project itself reveals its ambitious scope .
2) An overly ambitious scope will slow down deployment, confuse users, and hinder adoption.
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ambitious successful1) The ambitious and successful are always impatient and ardent in their demands.
2) Though ambitious and quite successful , my mom still fears not having enough.
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ambitious target1) We must set ambitious targets towards 2030.
2) They have set themselves hugely ambitious targets .
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ambitious task1) The quality of online services was crucial for attaining this ambitious task .
2) Instead, Metcalfe conveniently settles for a less ambitious task , a relationship film between two opposites.
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ambitious timetable1) Now this ambitious timetable is stalling .
2) An ambitious timetable exists for what he describes as 'a very profitable phase'.
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ambitious undertaking1) The play was quite an ambitious undertaking .
2) Building the railway was a very ambitious undertaking under local conditions.
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ambitious venture1) He was planning a more ambitious venture this time.
2) This was an ambitious venture given the dominance of rugby union in the area.
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ambitious vision1) Rotman's ambitious vision for business education is making a difference.
2) Gardiner and Sherrard had an ambitious vision for the square.
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ambitious work1) It is one of Sheppard's most thrilling and ambitious works .
2) They are considered among his outwardly more virtuosic and musically less ambitious works .
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ambitious young1) It offers enormous scope for ambitious young people.
2) He's a very ambitious young man.
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as ambitious1) Few areas were as ambitious as railways.
2) Plenty of women are as ambitious as men.
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be ambitious1) Space experts wonder whether even 2014 is too ambitious .
2) Radical greens are far more ambitious than conservatives.
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become ambitious1) As years passed, the project became more ambitious .
2) After that, her plans become much more ambitious .
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equally ambitious1) I am equally ambitious for the Company and dance in general.
2) Almost equally ambitious development projects were going on in Kenya at about the same time.
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extremely ambitious1) I am extremely ambitious for my children .
2) The MS&LR was extremely ambitious .
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fairly ambitious1) A fairly ambitious design challenge, I thought.
2) Granted, it's fairly ambitious , but I pretty sure I can pull it off.
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feel ambitious1) When I 'm feeling ambitious I make my own whole-wheat fettuccine.
2) Squid, octupus and couch are also widely available if you're feeling ambitious .
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fiercely ambitious1) Philip grew fiercely ambitious for the boy.
2) Kennedy was a fiercely ambitious individual who thrived on competition and winning.
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get ambitious1) Cinema across the world was getting much more ambitious by that point .
2) Once she'd done that, she got ambitious again.
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highly ambitious1) The one-child policy was a highly ambitious population control program.
2) Chase was considered highly ambitious , even for a politician.
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hugely ambitious1) They have set themselves hugely ambitious targets.
2) The abolitionist project is hugely ambitious but technically feasible.
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increasingly ambitious1) The group's output grew increasingly ambitious .
2) Claims about the scale of German invasion preparations grew increasingly ambitious .
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incredibly ambitious1) This is an incredibly ambitious project.
2) The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was viewed as an incredibly ambitious programme.
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over ambitious1) He was o he was over ambitious .
2) At the design stage it is easy to be over ambitious .
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overly ambitious1) So I guess that was too overly ambitious ?
2) Phases 2 and 3 seem overly ambitious given the present circumstances.
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particularly ambitious1) He is obviously intelligent although not particularly ambitious .
2) The Cincinnati Pops has been particularly ambitious in recording film music.
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politically ambitious1) Rupert Bond is a politically ambitious African American prosecuting attorney.
2) But Ayub Khan was a politically ambitious person.
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quite ambitious1) The 78th Division's plan of operations was quite ambitious .
2) Individual members of the generation can still be quite ambitious .
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ruthlessly ambitious1) Eva Green as Morgan Pendragon - the beautiful and ruthlessly ambitious daughter of King Uther.
2) Coming from uneducated and poor backgrounds, they were ruthlessly ambitious once they were placed within reach of power.
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seem ambitious1) The road we are taking may seem ambitious .
2) Phases 2 and 3 seem overly ambitious given the present circumstances.
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so ambitious1) Your own family 's hiking goals might not be so ambitious .
2) Deburau , turns up nothing so ambitious as this.
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socially ambitious1) He was socially ambitious , a careerist and not particularly pious.
2) Educated at home, she developed into a socially ambitious and remarkably beautiful young woman.
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too ambitious1) Space experts wonder whether even 2014 is too ambitious .
2) Other jobs are too ambitious and require special equipment.
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very ambitious1) Building the railway was a very ambitious undertaking under local conditions.
2) The title of this study sounds very ambitious .
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wildly ambitious1) But Mark Wallinger ' s wildly ambitious sculpture has been delayed repeatedly because of a lack of money.
2) She is wildly ambitious .
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