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ambience1) The ambience of the pub is equally important.
2) The outdoor stage adds to the ambience .
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create ambience1) Many well known artists where involved to create the unique ambience .
2) Some ambience is created with industrial elements and occasional classical music strings.
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enjoy ambience1) enjoy the genial ambience while you take your swigs.
2) Breakers has a bar area where guests can relax and enjoy the friendly ambience .
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friendly ambience1) For measuring, that is not a friendly ambience .
2) The lobby and restaurant area was spacious and had a friendly ambience .
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general ambience1) We liked the general ambience of the place...a wonderful place to chill.
2) The service was good, the presentation better and the general ambience lively without being intrusive.
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pleasant ambience1) Now, Kirov had suddenly injected a chilling air of despondency into that pleasant ambience .
2) Elegantly curved corridors, soft lighting, attractive design, high-quality materials and careful planning provide a pleasant ambience .
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professional ambience1) However, I did not find the professional ambience all that conducive, but I knew I had to do something with my voice.
2) professionals ambience
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provide ambience1) We like providing ambience for guests to enjoy.
2) The subwoofer is used sparingly, but does provide ambience during the finale.
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quiet ambience1) Each of the rooms offers a blend of comfort and quiet ambience .
2) After a day in the office, even I felt the benefit of the quiet ambience .
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relax ambience1) The ambience is relaxed and causal, the waitstaff friendly and helpful, and the food delicious!
2) The lighting in this section of the room may be dimmed to allow for an even more relaxed ambience .
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relaxed ambience1) The lighting in this section of the room may be dimmed to allow for an even more relaxed ambience .
2) The strange part about Upright was the waiters simply whizzed by under his nose and he merrily continued...very relaxed ambience .
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relaxing ambience1) With only a few taps create the perfect relaxing ambience that will resonates perfectly with you .
2) Inside, the decor is elegant and traditional, the gentle colour scheme creating a relaxing ambience .
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