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ambivalent1) There always had been ambivalent feelings between father and oldest son.
2) The remainder were either neutral or ambivalent .
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ambivalent about1) I was always very ambivalent about it.
2) They are ambivalent about the current interim government.
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ambivalent attitude1) Enlil had an ambivalent attitude to mankind.
2) A hard-boiled private eye has an ambivalent attitude towards the police.
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ambivalent feeling1) There always had been ambivalent feelings between father and oldest son.
2) Koons himself inspires great unease and deeply ambivalent feelings .
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ambivalent relationship1) I have an ambivalent relationship to food memoirs.
2) Cayce has an ambivalent relationship with cultural trends.
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ambivalent towards1) Thoreau was ambivalent towards industrialization and capitalism.
2) Similarly, critics were ambivalent towards the alternate finale.
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be ambivalent1) The company attribute to matters digital however has always been ambivalent .
2) Thus far his press has been ambivalent .
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deeply ambivalent1) The result is a deeply ambivalent , elusive character.
2) The Hindu view of women is deeply ambivalent .
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extremely ambivalent1) Even today, Japan is extremely ambivalent on this, and these are old timer Japanese brought up in the old system.
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fairly ambivalent1) Nevertheless, he's maintained a fairly ambivalent attitude to the whole Veteran scene.
2) Initial writer Jamie Delano was, in his own words, fairly ambivalent about the change of title.
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feel ambivalent1) We feel ambivalent toward the helpful but stupid computer.
2) From the beginning, Constance felt ambivalent about Nicky Scott Wilson.
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highly ambivalent1) Yoder was himself highly ambivalent about being ordained.
2) A highly ambivalent fragrance , with contrasting areas of light and dark.
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morally ambivalent1) Like Luthor, Ignatius is intelligent, vain, and morally ambivalent .
2) Genet's highly stylized and morally ambivalent prose is reflected, albeit circuitously and from a distance, in Fassbinder's highly stylized and morally ambivalent film.
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profoundly ambivalent1) One result is the profoundly ambivalent attitude to education of most black South Africans.
2) Gaitán's view of the 'people' has been considered as profoundly ambivalent by some later analysts.
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remain ambivalent1) His exalted social position also remained fundamentally ambivalent .
2) The official view remained ambivalent at best, though.
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seem ambivalent1) Still, sometimes he seemed ambivalent about their plan.
2) But Mill seems ambivalent as among these three different ways of grounding these liberal essentials.
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somewhat ambivalent1) I'm somewhat ambivalent regarding the Olympic football.
2) Truth be told , I'm somewhat ambivalent about him too.
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very ambivalent1) My mother's attitude towards money was very ambivalent .
2) I was always very ambivalent about it.
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