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Amazonian1) Amazonian ceramics are geometric and linear in decoration.
2) The carnival is heavily influenced by myths and rich Amazonian culture.
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Amazonian forest1) The destruction of Amazonian forest is all too familiar a story.
2) It really does turn carpenter ants into zombies in the Amazonian rain forests .
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Amazonian jungle1) Their natural habitat is the Amazonian jungle with a high temperature and humidity.
2) Scientists return from the Amazonian jungle , with the hopes of prolonging human life.
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Amazonian rainforest1) In the Amazonian rainforests , deliberate burning is the greatest problem.
2) A familiar sound in the Amazonian rainforest as the loggers bring down another mahogany tree.
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Amazonian region1) Amazonian regions have few meteorite impact craters but are otherwise quite varied.
2) Reasons as to why they decided to obtain partnership with the Amazonian region was for a couple a reasons.
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Amazonis1) Amazonian epoch (named after Amazonis Planitia): 1.8 billion years ago to present.
2) Or you can type Amazonis Planitia and move to the left to find them.
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amazonite1) Most amazonite is opaque, but rare crystals are transparent.
2) amazonite is usually set as a cabochon (since it breaks easily if faceted).
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