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abandon his ambition1) Abdallah never abandoned his ambition to rule Syria.
2) But Hazlitt had not abandoned his ambitions as a painter.
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achieve ambition1) Unknown to him there was limited time to achieve this ambition .
2) This ought to be sufficient in achieving the total target ambition of £1500.
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ambition1) My personal ambitions are much more modest.
2) This latter ambition was never fulfilled completely.
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ambition be1) My personal ambitions are much more modest.
2) This latter ambition was never fulfilled completely.
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ambition burn1) Yet the flames of ambition burned in Fields at an early age.
2) Another top result on the road which keeps our play off ambitions burning brightly .
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ambition grow1) What have you found best counteracts worldly ambition growing in your heart?
2) As the idea and Dickens's ambition grew , he began writing.
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ambition have1) That ambition has only been partially fulfilled.
2) That ambition has n't really gone away.
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ambition in life1) Expensive taste and some ambition in life are the only requirements.
2) Her main ambition in life is to marry her daughters to wealthy men.
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ambition lead1) ambition has led you to your future trajectory.
2) Napoleon's ambition ultimately led him to overextend his power.
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ambition make1) His ambitions made him highly influential in European affairs.
2) ambitions makes some wonderful additions to The Sims 3.
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ambition of1) The ambitions of the civil servants were realized.
2) Its rise has been accompanied by ambitions of global leadership.
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ambition of being1) The two had the same career ambition of being musicians.
2) Both Alan and Darlene held the ambition of being named class valedictorian.
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ambition of doing1) The reality, however, is that most associates at major firms already do not expect to make equity partner and many have no ambition of doing so.
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ambition seem1) The object of his ambition seemed just within his grasp.
2) Whatever that is, his longer-term ambition seems to be increasingly clear.
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ambition to1) I hardly dared formulate my ambition to myself.
2) Have you always had an ambition to act?
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ambition to do1) John tells us that he has ambitions to do even better next year.
2) I said, I have no ambition to do that for long.
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ambitions1) My personal ambitions are much more modest.
2) You need someone whose credentials match your own ambitions .
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artistic ambition1) The musical atmosphere later proved an advantage for her artistic ambitions .
2) Her artistic ambitions had fallen away .
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big ambition1) But this is a president who had big ambition .
2) She has big ambitions for her acting career in the future .
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burning ambition1) His own unashamed, burning ambition is 'to make money.
2) Any burning ambitions you would like toturn into reality ?
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career ambition1) This is a very admirable career ambition .
2) This gives them responsibility for achieving their career ambitions .
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cherish ambition1) He had never supposed that it was publishable or that Emmie cherished ambitions of that kind.
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cherish the ambition1) Mughal ruler Aurangzeb cherished the ambition of converting India into a land of Islam.
2) From as far back as 1895 Vyaltseva cherished the ambition to become an opera singer.
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dreams and ambition1) What are my secret dreams and ambitions ?
2) dreams and ambitions are also considered as goals.
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drive ambition1) Personal rivalries and conflicting ambitions drove them apart.
2) These students are often driven by ambition , not ideology.
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driving ambition1) WHEN I were a lad I had one great driving ambition in life.
2) Talented but without driving ambition , Lehmann was during his last years handicapped by Parkinson's disease.
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expansionist ambition1) The war was the result of conflicting expansionist ambitions .
2) They suspected that it concealed Portuguese expansionist ambitions over the region.
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frustrate ambition1) The first source was frustrated ambition : for seven years from 1915 the party had a share of government.
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frustrated ambition1) To frustrated ambition was added frustrated partisanship.
2) Sometimes the disagreement concerns a strong party leader with frustrated ambitions .
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fulfil ambition1) In return for their hard work they get a chance to fulfil a lifetime ambition .
2) The abolition of rates fulfils an ambition of Mrs Thatcher's dating back to 1974.
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fulfill ambition1) This latter ambition was never fulfilled completely.
2) I was fortunate enough to fulfill that ambition at an early age.
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full of ambition1) She's full of ambition , but without a husband, she's considered a failure.
2) Wu was full of ambition and energy and travelled to many locations where his peers wouldn't go.
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global ambition1) The document outlines the global ambitions of the Bush Administration.
2) American telecom's giants like Bell Atlantic are quite open about their global ambitions .
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grandiose ambition1) It is also useful to know that Wood does not have grandiose ambitions to build some great new international business .
2) In the Highlands the process has been all the more hurtful because the usurpers have so often been outsiders with grandiose ambitions .
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great ambition1) The new members of Humber lodge had great ambitions .
2) His teenage dreams and great ambitions will be gone.
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harbor ambition1) Sharif Hassan is also reported to harbor presidential ambitions of his own.
2) However, he was unaware that his wingmate harbored ambitions of his own.
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harbour ambition1) I have always secretly harboured ambitions of becoming a writer.
2) I've never harboured leadership ambitions .
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have ambition1) Her films have intellectual ambitions and historical concerns.
2) He has ambitions of someday becoming a general manager .
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have no ambition1) She had no ambitions for a career.
2) Vicky was beautiful - but had no ambition .
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high ambition1) None the less, his tennis has high ambitions .
2) There is no doubt that many children we met had high ambitions .
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imperial ambition1) British imperial ambition turned elsewhere, particularly to India.
2) The newly formed states struggled for supremacy and started displaying imperial ambitions .
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imperialist ambition1) Athens by contrast was an unblushing imperialist and would respect Persia's imperialist ambitions .
2) Argentina is not the only country with colonialist or imperialist ambitions that need to confronted by Her Majesty's Government.
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lack ambition1) However, these goals also lack ambition .
2) Some might say he lacked ambition , perhaps he did.
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life ambition1) He had achieved his life's ambition .
2) His life's ambition was to see Him.
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lifelong ambition1) He was joyous beyond words at having fulfilled his lifelong ambition .
2) Baker's lifelong ambition was to write.
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limit ambition1) Born in April 1920, Braham had limited ambitions .
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literary ambition1) He has literary ambitions and shares her interests in poetry.
2) After leaving her teaching position , she fulfilled her literary ambitions .
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lofty ambition1) Well I think Ke $ha has similarly lofty linguistic ambitions .
2) Woxna isn't the end of Flinders' lofty ambitions .
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long ambition1) It's been a long-held ambition for several people to open a China office.
2) This represents the achievement of a long-held ambition ,' said a happy Barbara.
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long held ambition1) It has been a long held ambition of Lauder's Kershaw racing team of driver Stephen Kershaw and passenger Rob Wilson to compete at this level.
2) It has been a long held ambition to restore Cheddleton to its former glory, and in-turn create a living museum for visitors to enjoy.
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long standing ambition1) It has been a long standing ambition of mine to ship the car to the USA and complete a major tour in your country.I will be bringing it back!!
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main ambition1) My main ambition is to play something magical on the piano.
2) However, his main ambitions still lie over two laps.
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modest ambition1) Yet he started his career with a very modest ambition .
2) While others had comparatively modest ambitions , her heart was set on becoming a star.
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motivate ambition1) Their love was genuine, although originally motivated by mutual political ambitions .
2) Each conversion was motivated by political ambition to become the Kalmyk Khan.
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naked ambition1) You have to admire the man's naked ambition .
2) BrewDog have surpassed themselves with their over-inflated egos and naked ambition .
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nuclear ambition1) Its sinking effectively ended Nazi nuclear ambitions .
2) Iran's nuclear ambitions are merely a pretext.
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nurse ambition1) But Eruani, who is a businessman, promptly denied nursing an ambition .
2) And she has nursed ambitions .
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personal ambition1) My personal ambitions are much more modest.
2) He feels no need to conceal his personal ambition .
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political ambition1) He spent large sums of money pursuing his political ambitions .
2) But he may have had political ambitions too .
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presidential ambition1) The two governors had since denied the speculated presidential ambition .
2) Was Eisenhower worried about his presidential political ambitions ?
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pursue ambition1) Everyone there pursues one ambition : to leave.
2) pursuing these ambitions meant that Farmer traveled extensively worldwide.
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realise ambition1) Let's hope that ambition is realised .
2) Programme for Government targets should help realise these ambitions .
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realize ambition1) These ambitions were never realized mainly due to financial troubles.
2) To realize this ambition he had to go to England.
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reflect ambition1) The text simply reflects the ambition of the project.
2) There is certainly no clear evidence from our survey that teacher education reflects such ambitions .
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satisfy ambition1) Bacalbaşa's literary ambitions were satisfied the same year.
2) Such a brilliant act would have fully satisfied the ambition of an ordinary woman.
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secret ambition1) What are your secret ambitions (large and small)?
2) Documents have revealed that he harbored secret ambitions to reconstruct a large colonial empire in the Americas.
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selfish ambition1) Then they likely have selfish ambition .
2) It's wrong to have selfish ambition .
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social ambition1) She did notice however, the ' social ambition and vanity'.
2) He learns Swann made an unsuitable marriage but has social ambitions for his beautiful daughter Gilberte.
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sporting ambition1) Any further sporting ambitions he had were cut short when he was jailed for assault.
2) He communicated nothing about his sporting ambitions to his mother with whom he lived in Rugby.
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territorial ambition1) Hitler hinted that the Sudetenland fulfilled his territorial ambitions in Europe.
2) Moscow needs to resume fighting to achieve its further territorial ambitions in Ukraine.
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thwart ambition1) No wonder your ambitions are sometimes thwarted .
2) Sadly my ambitions were somewhat thwarted .
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thwarted ambition1) GUIL: thwarted ambition - a sense of grievance, that's my diagnosis.
2) The pronunciamientos of 1824-20 were a combination of officer discontents, thwarted ambition , and liberal principle.
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ultimate ambition1) She says her ultimate ambition is to get that published too.
2) In fact , her ultimate ambition is to offer all children basic cognitive workouts.
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unfulfilled ambition1) It was Loddiges's unfulfilled ambition to write and illustrate a folio work devoted to humming birds.
2) It was his unfulfilled ambition to give American another Over There for this war, a war thus far without a song to match it.
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vaulting ambition1) Chances presented themselves in different directions to vaulting ambition .
2) At this juncture died the cardinal of Lorraine, whose infamous policy and vaulting ambition had bathed France in blood.
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with ambition1) One is a reporter, drunk with ambition .
2) Recommended for those with ambitions in this contest.
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worldly ambition1) By all reports Wright was completely lacking in worldly ambition .
2) He was quite without worldly ambition .
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youthful ambition1) It was Dunlop's experience matched by Edwards' youthful ambition .
2) Sandro talks about his disappointments with his work, far removed from his youthful ambitions as an architect.
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