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ambiguity1) The whole ambiguity policy is international politician games .
2) The term envy has a certain ambiguity .
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ambiguity about1) There should be no ambiguity about our views.
2) There was no drama or ambiguity about this.
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ambiguity arise1) The ambiguity arises in the question of accountability.
2) Much of this ambiguity arises through relatively rare usages of the words.
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ambiguity contradiction1) They were also more tolerant of ambiguity and contradiction .
2) Titles of land must contain no ambiguities or contradictions .
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ambiguity exist1) A similar ambiguity exists between the terms chemical potential and electrochemical potential .
2) A copy of this statement is forwarded to the client and therefore no ambiguity exists .
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ambiguity in1) I am finding the lack of ambiguity in math comforting somehow.
2) This means that there is ambiguity in delivering packets.
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ambiguity inconsistency1) Languages composed from many diverse sources contain much ambiguity and inconsistency .
2) Make the ambiguity and inconsistency in the message undiscussable.
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ambiguity inherent1) The ambiguities inherent in defining planets have led to much scientific controversy.
2) This is almost certainly due in part to an ambiguity inherent in the role itself.
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ambiguity occur1) ambiguity occurs when audiences receive inadequate or incomplete information about their social world.
2) Role ambiguity occurs when others' expectations are badly signalled or received and remain unclear.
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ambiguity of language1) Part of this problem is the inherent ambiguity of language itself .
2) They were creative, alive to the possibilities of the ambiguities of language .
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ambiguity regard1) There's almost no ambiguity regarding the erotic nature of this painting.
2) Thus, it appears that there is some ambiguity regarding this matter.
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ambiguity resolution1) Scan mode involves frequency filtering, amplitude thresholding, and ambiguity resolution .
2) Pulse-Doppler signal processing also includes ambiguity resolution to identify true range and velocity.
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ambiguity surround1) But the national press has published nothing about the ambiguity surrounding the Milwaukee Project.
2) Some ambiguity surrounds this subsection.
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ambiguity uncertainty1) They value ambiguity , uncertainty and irony.
2) High level of complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty .
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avoid ambiguity1) The parties may avoid ambiguity by classifying obligations as conditions.
2) To avoid ambiguity this article avoids using the term.
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be ambiguity1) And yet there is an ambiguity here.
2) But there is an interesting ambiguity here.
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cause ambiguity1) And they do it to to cause ambiguity .
2) It is stated in various research papers with different manner which sometimes cause ambiguity .
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certain ambiguity1) The term envy has a certain ambiguity .
2) This can produce a certain ambiguity of role for us.
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clarify ambiguity1) The acceptance phase often clarifies any ambiguities with grounding.
2) Identifying and clarifying ambiguities serves that purpose.
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constructive ambiguity1) In Bosnia we used to call this constructive ambiguity .
2) Perhaps, over half a century before Henry Kissinger, it was a case of so-called constructive ambiguity .
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contain ambiguity1) Languages composed from many diverse sources contain much ambiguity and inconsistency.
2) This code doesn't contain ambiguities anymore.
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create ambiguity1) Sure , humans excel at creating unnecessary ambiguity and holding contradictory opinions.
2) The vowels have to be written if their omission created ambiguity .
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degree of ambiguity1) When the degree of ambiguity is obvious, corrective surgery is usually offered and performed.
2) This results in some degree of ambiguity as to which words are being represented.
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deliberate ambiguity1) Fair use is commonly misunderstood because of its deliberate ambiguity .
2) Plant Genetics therefore shows that deliberate ambiguity can occur and is a real concern.
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element of ambiguity1) Yet there was an element of ambiguity .
2) Discuss elements of ambiguity in the play and Shakespeare's possible intentions regarding them.
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eliminate ambiguity1) By using precise anatomical terminology, ambiguity is eliminated .
2) We can regiment language to eliminate ambiguity .
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find ambiguity1) This same ambiguity is found in the Greek text.
2) Three types of ambiguities are found in sentences.
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gender ambiguity1) So where do we see more gender ambiguity in branding?
2) At Cornell, in a move towards gender ambiguity , Kellor changed her name from Alice to Frances.
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give ambiguity1) given such ambiguity , perhaps the notion of the inner city should be dropped altogether from academic analysis.
2) given the ambiguity of the situation the false positive rate could easily have been larger than 2%.
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inherent ambiguity1) Language has too much inherent ambiguity to enable solely bottom-up processing.
2) And that comes from the inherent ambiguity of real life.
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introduce ambiguity1) Segmentation based techniques produce alternative characters and therefore introduce more ambiguity .
2) The problem here is that this would introduce ambiguity as to exactly what Bank Rate was .
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latent ambiguity1) The court held that there is no mutual assent to contract if a latent ambiguity arises showing that there was no meeting of the minds.
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leads to ambiguity1) This leads to ambiguity of two kinds.
2) When you get away from the Biblical mandate and Biblical teachings, you end up with a lot of misspent energy that leads to ambiguity and confusion.
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leave ambiguity1) Does that leave any ambiguities on the nature of our political parties?
2) Iran was evidently determined to leave no ambiguity about why it was making that change.
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legal ambiguity1) Israeli settlements have thrived on this legal ambiguity .
2) Currently , legal ambiguities impede greater collaboration and sharing of information.
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lexical ambiguity1) lexical ambiguity is contrasted with semantic ambiguity.
2) Bottom-up parsers are very susceptible to problems arising from lexical ambiguity .
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linguistic ambiguity1) linguistic ambiguity is believed to cause tremendous uncertainty about patent rights.
2) Properly understood, there is no linguistic ambiguity here.
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moral ambiguity1) To face issues of extreme moral ambiguity and emerge with dignity.
2) I succeeded in maintaining the moral ambiguity of the situation.
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possible ambiguity1) possible ambiguities are resolved by the context.
2) possible ambiguities are solved by the context.
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potential ambiguity1) But looking at the patent in Phillips quickly eliminates this potential ambiguity .
2) Furigana (reading glosses) is often used to clarify any potential ambiguities .
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reduce ambiguity1) Some form of secondary information is needed to reduce this ambiguity .
2) Reductionism: The reductionist approach control factors to reduce ambiguity .
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remove ambiguity1) Goal analysis seeks to remove this ambiguity .
2) Schulze repeatedly removes the weakest defeat until ambiguity is removed .
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resolve ambiguity1) One zero is sufficient to resolve the ambiguity .
2) Such ambiguity is generally resolved according to the context.
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resolve the ambiguity1) One zero is sufficient to resolve the ambiguity .
2) However, the brain undergoes deeper processing to resolve the ambiguity .
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role ambiguity1) Impact of role ambiguity and role conflict on employee creativity.
2) role ambiguity occurs when others' expectations are badly signalled or received and remain unclear.
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similar ambiguity1) similar ambiguities feature less obviously in other psychological procedures.
2) A similar technique is used to resolve anaphoric references and similar syntactic ambiguities .
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some ambiguity1) This restriction avoids some ambiguities in the language.
2) There is some ambiguity here if K is not algebraically closed.
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source of ambiguity1) A main source of ambiguity and differences comes from the conditions the test was done at.
2) We must note another source of ambiguity about the degree to which the project resulted in whole-school involvement.
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such ambiguity1) Some languages have more such ambiguity than others.
2) such ambiguity is generally resolved according to the context.
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syntactic ambiguity1) There are ways to reduce the problems posed by syntactic ambiguity .
2) This avoids a syntactic ambiguity with the concatenation operator.
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