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allegedly1) Not to mention allegedly being mind controlled.
2) Social security numbers allegedly passed around in clear sight.
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allegedly assault1) In 2010, Mario was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother.
2) Campbell allegedly assaulted her because they had on the same dress.
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allegedly attack1) He allegedly attacked them again inside a police station hours later.
2) U.S. destroyers are allegedly attacked by North Vietnamese patrol boats in the Gulf of Tonkin.
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allegedly attempt1) They got off the motorcycle and allegedly attempted to molest the deceased .
2) He allegedly attempted to rob someone who was withdrawing money from an ATM.
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allegedly beat1) He allegedly beat her to death in June 2011 .
2) They allegedly beat the civilian seriously on his face and genitals.
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allegedly commit1) Two suspects are arrested for allegedly committing a bank robbery.
2) The crime was allegedly committed by an SRT staff member.
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allegedly infringe1) An injunction can prevent you from using the allegedly infringing trademark.
2) OSPs are exempt from liability for the good faith removal of allegedly infringing material.
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allegedly involve1) Personal financial interests were also allegedly involved .
2) This incident allegedly involved armed robbery with a handgun.
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allegedly kill1) The spill allegedly killed eight to ten million fish.
2) Which basically makes it famous person allegedly kills spouse.
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allegedly leak1) He also allegedly leaks drafts of official translations onto Pirate Coelho too.
2) The allegation stems from documents allegedly leaked by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden.
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allegedly murder1) He was murdered allegedly by suspected right-wing paramilitary forces in 1999.
2) Pep allegedly murdered the governor's wife's cherished cat.
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allegedly shoot1) Rosenberg allegedly shot him dead on the spot.
2) That is when he allegedly shot an officer .
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allegedly steal1) The man allegedly stole a purse from a 5 .
2) Could he use the allegedly stolen car as collateral?
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allegedly tell1) Security forces were allegedly told to suppress the protesters.
2) The boy allegedly told the parent that he was being punished .
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allegedly threaten1) The deputy allegedly threatened him while they were fighting .
2) He also allegedly threatened her new boyfriend.
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allegedly violate1) First, the specific right allegedly violated must be identified.
2) Failure to disclose that material connection allegedly violated FTC Act.
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