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alibi1) Both men offered alibis backed by several witnesses.
2) His sudden talk of alibis made the whole thing sound serious.
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alibi provide1) He supplied a DNA sample and had an alibi provided by Maxine Carr to assert his innocence.
2) Similarly, Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton) had an alibi provided by liaisons with a married college professor.
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alibis1) Both men offered alibis backed by several witnesses.
2) His sudden talk of alibis made the whole thing sound serious.
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cast iron alibi1) According to Ken Harris, she has a cast-iron alibi .
2) Alfred is a member of an archery club but has a cast-iron alibi for the time of the murder.
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establish alibi1) Through its eleven witnesses, the defence established an alibi for Thornton.
2) It was a ploy to throw people off his trail and to establish an alibi .
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false alibi1) He confesses about his false alibi and talks of his past.
2) Ted Francis said Archer had asked him to provide a false alibi .
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give alibi1) Sienna is questioned by the police as she gave a false alibi .
2) Parry was seen by the police as part of their investigations but given a false alibi by his girlfriend.
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good alibi1) He will need to build a good alibi .
2) And luckily we've both got a very good alibi for last night.
2) What better alibi does a Jew have than going to the synagogue to pray?
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have alibi1) Jay had had an alibi without realising it.
2) Julie, however, had no alibi .
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ironclad alibi1) In the above example, if Carol has an ironclad alibi at the time of the perpetration, then we may deduce that it must have been either Alice or Bob who opened the safe.
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perfect alibi1) She suggests that his disability provides him with the perfect alibi .
2) But she did not kill Vansittart, and has a perfect alibi for that night.
2) It's the perfect alibi , the word of one cop against hundreds of pious lying Jews.
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provide alibi1) Always provide an alibi to the police for family members.
2) President Palmer provides an alibi for Sherry to the police.
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solid alibi1) It soon turned out he had a rock solid alibi .
2) The suspects in both incidents furnished solid alibis and were not indicted.
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