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achieve alignment1) Once proper alignment is achieved , reconstruction can be performed.
2) To help achieve alignment , Hansen focuses on exposing connections between people.
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alignment1) The second characteristic is excellent posture alignment .
2) The motor rotates toward the pole alignment point.
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alignment between1) Encourage alignment between federal and state quality reporting requirements.
2) There is little alignment between fiscal and monetary policy.
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alignment change1) The route has had various alignment change through the years.
2) As your alignment changes , you may be more susceptible to muscle strains.
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alignment curve1) The 1929 alignment curved to the north into N1870 Road west of exit 20, following Main Street and Fourth Street as the original route did.
2) The new alignment curves to the left after the interchange, in order to avoid what the NJDOT believed to be a suspected (but never identified) turtle bog habitat.
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alignment group1) Each alignment group must contain one alignment point.
2) Second, each column of alignment groups is scanned.
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alignment issue1) Pamenter says unaddressed alignment issues cause more than crooked teeth.
2) Typically feather-edge wear is caused by alignment issues such as improper toe.
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alignment method1) Both of these alignment methods are really trying to bring about effective subordination.
2) This sequence alignment method is often used in the context of hidden Markov models.
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alignment point1) The motor rotates toward the pole alignment point .
2) Each alignment group must contain one alignment point .
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alignment problem1) Fixed a cosmetic alignment problem with the Unicode category menu.
2) These loose fittings have created alignment problems in the first generation kits.
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alignment process1) The proper alignment process can be learned through consistent practice.
2) This alignment process will still lead to some error but it's minimal.
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alignment scope1) A polar alignment scope is definitely a big plus, but not an absolute requirement.
2) The alignment elements maligngroup and malignmark can occur outside of alignment scopes , where they are ignored.
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alignment system1) It just feels like they dumbed down the current alignment system .
2) The alignment system is as explained by Ankama under development .
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alignment with1) More direct alignment with physician practices may be another strategy.
2) Explain alignment with adult learning theories and practices.
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change alignment1) changing wheel alignment and lowering and stiffening the Spitfire can improve handling.
2) Your feet may turn inward or outward, changing the alignment of knees and ankles.
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check alignment1) check each belt's alignment and tension.
2) check the alignment with the molding slots.
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choose alignment1) In November 1951, the final alignment was chosen .
2) You can also choose the background image's alignment .
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close alignment1) It now being revised to permit closer alignment with the ISO 27000 series of standards.
2) A close alignment with Egypt was established, confirming a relationship which had been improving since 1989.
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correct alignment1) correct alignment is essential to proper operation of these motors.
2) We aim to bend it back into the correct alignment .
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create alignment1) You have created alignment in all these various levels.
2) create alignment in bringing through what you want.
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determine alignment1) Performance Element: Evaluate instructional programs to determine alignment with organizational objectives.
2) The social value composite map was then compared with geological maps for determining the optimal alignment .
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ensure alignment1) This can help to ensure normal alignment of bone and cartilage.
2) The surfaces are machined simultaneously with the hinge to ensure perfect alignment .
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establish alignment1) It is imperative to maintain or establish alignment of coronary-band injuries to ensure normal hoof growth.
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fly alignment1) Note that the clubshaft is lying in the same plane as the left arm (which means that the internal left arm flying wedge alignment is intact).
2) His left arm flying wedge alignment is still intact/correct.
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follow alignment1) NY 3 originally followed a vastly different alignment than it does today.
2) It was never built, although Route 81 follows a similar alignment .
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improve alignment1) A mini course on improving overall body alignment & muscle group integration.
2) Adjusted the sow block plate for improved die face alignment .
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into alignment1) Let your breathing come into alignment with nature.
2) Heroes and Villains are no longer divided into alignment .
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maintain alignment1) The filed slots will maintain the jet pipe alignment .
2) The plates help maintain alignment among the umbilicals.
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military alignment1) At the conference in Ottawa the Soviet government appeared to soften its position on the question of a united Germany's military alignment .
2) Global political, commercial and military alignments were rapidly reconfigured as the Soviets and the US vied for world domination in diverse theatres of conflict.
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out of alignment1) Some area of life is out of alignment .
2) Had something broken and moved out of alignment ?
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perform alignment1) Always make sure an alignment is performed when you purchase tires.
2) Inspect power steering system and perform a steering alignment , if necessary.
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planetary alignment1) The planetary alignment will provide a visual spectacle too.
2) My theory proposes that certain planetary alignments affect solar activity.
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political alignment1) This political alignment was obviously favorable to the surviving legionnaires.
2) Often KHAD secured neutrality agreements rather than committed political alignment .
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proper alignment1) The proper alignment process can be learned through consistent practice.
2) Once proper alignment is achieved, reconstruction can be performed.
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propose alignment1) As well as solar alignments, there are proposed lunar alignments .
2) The new proposed alignment increased the length from 90 km to 106 km.
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require alignment1) Reality also requires proper alignment of risk and reward.
2) The alignment parameter specifies the storage alignment required for the data type.
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sequence alignment1) RNA secondary structure prediction from a multiple sequence alignment .
2) Multiple sequence alignments can be used to create a phylogenetic tree.
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specify alignment1) The alignment parameter specifies the storage alignment required for the data type.
2) specifies the natural alignment of the stack in bits.
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wheel alignment1) This usually means you need a wheel alignment .
2) Explain why wheel alignment is important to the life of a tire.
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