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alimony1) The whole business of alimony grabbing is degrading.
2) Florida recently revised the laws regarding alimony .
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alimony payment1) You think x-rays means an increase in alimony payments .
2) However, many tax treaties provide for an exemption from withholding for alimony payments .
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award alimony1) Ask if they believe grown women with college degrees should be awarded alimony .
2) Courts will also consider additional factors when determining whether or not to award alimony .
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lump sum alimony1) Should the non-owner spouse negotiate for lump sum alimony rather than wait and see?
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pay alimony1) Can I deduct alimony paid to my former spouse?
2) You can deduct $2,000 as alimony paid .
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receive alimony1) The often destitute mothers of the resulting children usually received no alimony .
2) The divorce was granted with Acker receiving alimony .
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substantial alimony1) Lissa, his ex-wife, wanted him found and substantial alimony coughed up.
2) Utica ignored advice that she should divorce him and secure substantial alimony ; she did not believe in divorce.
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