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alkaline1) Can an alkaline diet help during pregnancy?
2) An alkaline diet is a big help.
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alkaline Trio1) alkaline Trio played there recently and had a tour bus out front.
2) alkaline Trio toured with Cursive in support of the album.
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alkaline battery1) Similarly the remote control requires four alkaline batteries .
2) It takes two AA size alkaline batteries .
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alkaline cell1) alkaline Fuel cell is mainly used in three types of markets.
2) The flash had new alkaline cells .
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alkaline condition1) This is another species which will tolerate alkaline conditions .
2) Other archaea exist in very acidic or alkaline conditions .
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alkaline diet1) An alkaline diet is a big help.
2) An alkaline diet with natural food is recommended .
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alkaline earth1) In contrast, the alkaline earth chlorides are readily soluble.
2) The alkaline earth metals form difluorides that are insoluble.
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alkaline earth metal1) The alkaline earth metals form difluorides that are insoluble.
2) The alkaline earth metals are in Group IIA.
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alkaline earth metals1) The alkaline earth metals form difluorides that are insoluble.
2) The alkaline earth metals are in Group IIA.
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alkaline earths1) Beryllium difluoride is very soluble in water, unlike the other alkaline earths .
2) Dry bromine reacts vigorously with aluminium, titanium, mercury as well as alkaline earths and alkali metals.
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alkaline environment1) They need an alkaline environment to reach the egg properly.
2) Optimal health occurs in a slightly alkaline environment .
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alkaline hydrolysis1) Resomation involves disposal through an accelerated process of alkaline hydrolysis .
2) Varying DA was obtained using acetic anhydride or alkaline hydrolysis .
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alkaline lake1) Spirulina thrives in natural alkaline lakes .
2) lake Natron is one of the most alkaline lakes in the world.
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alkaline metal1) The alkaline earth metals form difluorides that are insoluble.
2) The alkaline earth metals are in Group IIA.
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alkaline pH1) A slightly alkaline pH is essential to good health.
2) However, the alkaline pH of semen can neutralize vaginal pH.
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alkaline phosphatase1) Her serum alkaline phosphatase fell to normal.
2) The sites of bound alkaline phosphatase were then shown as above.
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alkaline reaction1) Maple chips may cause a slightly alkaline reaction with the soil, while the pine chips may be slightly acidic.
2) It is mainly used as a phosphate source which, as it also contains some lime, has an alkaline reaction .
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alkaline reserve1) When alkaline reserves are almost exhausted one is on the verge of collapse.
2) alkaline reserve scarce?
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alkaline salt1) Antacids are alkaline salts of metals.
2) Acid-base balance - bone buffers the blood against excessive pH changes by absorbing or releasing alkaline salts .
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alkaline soil1) Both acid and alkaline soils are acceptable.
2) The fertile alkaline soils support an abundance of wild flowers.
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alkaline solution1) The crushed ore is irrigated with a dilute alkaline cyanide solution .
2) This involved the use of alkaline solutions .
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alkaline state1) It is important to know that true health lives in an alkaline state .
2) This is very important as an alkaline pH state is essential for good health.
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alkaline tide1) Measurement of the urine alkaline tide as an index of gastric acid output, has been proposed as a non-invasive alternative to conventional gastric secretion studies.
2) The test relies on the capacity of the kidney to retain H + during gastric acid secretion, leading to a postprandial urine ' alkaline tide '.
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alkaline water1) The total volume of alkaline water is 19 e6m3.
2) It will stand very high temperatures and hard, alkaline water .
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highly alkaline1) Wet concrete is highly alkaline and must be handled with proper protective equipment.
2) In highly alkaline soils, the P forms insoluble compounds with calcium.
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slightly alkaline1) This fluid wants to be slightly alkaline .
2) A slightly alkaline pH is essential to good health.
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strongly alkaline1) Wood ash is strongly alkaline , containing mostly lime and potassium.
2) The product was strongly alkaline but the by-product was acid.
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too alkaline1) This will keep the underlying soil from becoming too alkaline .
2) Sodium hydroxide (lye) makes food too alkaline for bacterial growth.
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very alkaline1) But the water was very alkaline there.
1) The grape rarely thrives in very alkaline or saline soils.
2) Goldenseal, a very alkaline substance, can also be used.
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water alkaline1) But the water was very alkaline there.
2) These salts also make the lake water alkaline .
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