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allege1) They alleged 150 thousand euros exchanged hands.
2) World alleged leaders fiddle while economies burn.
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allege abuse1) The abuse alleged may arise in many different forms.
1) Some claims don't allege any sexual abuse .
2) Jachowicz had published numerous articles alleging abuses by the secret police.
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allege bias1) He alleged racial bias because of his African descent.
2) Albino bias is also alleged in modern times.
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allege breach0) Her civil suit alleges breach of contract and sexual discrimination .
1) The Windsor Castle source alleged countless breaches of fire regulations.
2) Additional charges alleging grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions are also listed.
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allege conspiracy1) Many members of the Australian media alleged a conspiracy against Meckiff.
2) LaRouche is known for alleging conspiracies by the British.
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allege corruption1) They alleged widespread corruption by the Carpetbaggers, excessive state spending and ruinous taxes.
2) In December 2010, the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks published diplomatic cables which alleged high-level corruption involving the King himself.
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allege discrimination0) Carla filed a charge alleging sex discrimination .
0) There were no cases alleging sexual discrimination during the year.
1) In 1974, women faculty at MSU sued, alleging gender discrimination .
2) George Patakis administration 10 years ago, alleging discrimination then, too.
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allege fraud1) Some workers alleged fraud during this card check election.
2) Yushchenko has alleged that massive election fraud has taken place.
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allege harassment1) Brother of princess alleges tabloid press harassment .
2) What about alleged harassment in the industry ?
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allege infringement1) Allen holds copyright in the photograph and alleges copyright infringement .
2) Elias Howe filed a lawsuit, alleging patent infringement .
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allege irregularity1) The candidate was arrested but the protestors alleged electoral irregularities .
2) The others too alleged irregularities but will the government wake up?
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allege misconduct1) A civil action alleging misconduct leading to her patient's death.
2) The farmers alleged misconduct on Minister's part.
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allege negligence1) Often such evidence is presented in cases alleging negligence in some business activity.
2) Plaintiff alleged the defendant's negligence had left the butter in a ruined condition.
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allege that1) The government alleged that protesters were carrying firearms.
2) The prosecutors alleged that witnesses were being intimidated.
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allege violation1) Further possible electoral law violations were alleged as the evidence unfolded.
2) Fried filed a lawsuit alleging civil-rights violations .
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alleged to be1) This appointment is alleged to be irregular.
2) So much philosophy alleged to be rooted in error.
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alleged to do1) do reindeer transact with humans, as humans are alleged to do with one another?
2) If we're going to ban every group alleged to do both, why focus on HuT and not the BNP or EDL, who are the number one current threat to community cohesion?
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alleged to have1) Your client is alleged to have taken a conveyance .
2) The King is alleged to have been 12 km away.
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article allege1) Jachowicz had published numerous articles alleging abuses by the secret police.
2) I have not done what the article alleges .
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case allege0) There were no cases alleging sexual discrimination during the year.
1) Often such evidence is presented in cases alleging negligence in some business activity.
2) The case alleges violations of the Securities Act (Ontario) .
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charge allege0) Carla filed a charge alleging sex discrimination.
1) But his trial continues on the sole charge alleging manslaughter.
2) Most charges allege individual and not classwide discrimination.
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complaint allege1) The dispute centers on whether the complaint alleges a covered claim.
2) The complaints alleged that the transfers violated EU law.
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conduct allege1) In which territory is the conduct alleged to have taken place ?
2) The ADAC was directly involved in the wrongful conduct alleged herein.
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defendant allege1) This defendant was alleged to have gotten into a fight with the deceased.
2) Plaintiffs have alleged defendants had knowledge of their special relationship with David Andrews.
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indictment allege1) The indictment alleges that a second attempt to hack the Times was unsuccessful .
2) On August 17, the grand jury returned an indictment alleging 11 overt acts.
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it is alleged1) it is alleged the attack happened last Thursday .
2) it is alleged that they have died under mysterious circumstances.
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it is alleged that1) it is alleged that they have died under mysterious circumstances.
2) For example where it is alleged that a solicitor .
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plaintiff allege1) plaintiff alleged she sustained a closed head injury.
2) The plaintiff alleged Michaels then sent her marketing materials .
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prosecution allege1) The prosecution alleged these were used for grooming young victims.
2) The prosecution alleges those marks were caused by McLean.
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prosecutor allege1) The prosecutors alleged that witnesses were being intimidated.
2) prosecutors alleged Pistorius intentionally shot his model girlfriend.
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report allege1) The report alleges that Hall broke state and federal law.
2) The report alleged it was easy to open the voting machine casing.
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