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alienate1) The latter option would alienate liberal supporters.
2) Children with poor scholastic performance may feel alienated .
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alienate ally1) Setting up ridiculous strawmen only alienates potential allies .
2) In terms of disadvantages, the bilateral approach may alienate some NATO allies , even with consultations.
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alienate audience1) To start demanding payment might only serve to alienate that audience .
2) The almost four-hour film opened to scathing reviews and alienated audiences .
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alienate customer1) The way to stop the fur trade is to alienate the customer .
2) Can you afford not to receive emails from abroad and thereby alienate those customers ?
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alienate fan1) Santana himself was seeing that the group's direction was alienating many fans .
2) This shift alienated some fans and even some writers and cast members.
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alienate land1) Without sovereignty, the Crown had no right to alienate that land .
2) It also claimed the right to alienate this land as its owner.
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alienate much1) Ironically, a Green Party presidential race in 2004 could alienate much of the party's possible base.
2) Tim had alienated much of his hippie fan base with his previous two albums, but retained a cult following.
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alienate opinion1) Would they dare risk alienating public opinion so soon after they had regained it?
2) The violence alienated public opinion .
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alienate population1) The Grand Army had problems enough without alienating the local population .
2) These events further alienated the Azerbaijani population from Moscow and ACP rule.
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alienate portion1) I would imagine this alienates a fair portion of your potential readership.
2) Why would a retailer choose to alienate a portion of its customer base?
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alienate public1) It creates suspicion and alienates the public .
2) Widespread surveillance threatens to alienate the public .
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alienate reader0) The unorthodox theology of the book also alienated some readers .
1) He maintains that the impersonal language used in textbooks alienates the reader .
2) They alienate the reader , making your copy look tired and unimaginative.
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alienate supporter1) The latter option would alienate liberal supporters .
2) But tactics of abducting recruits and killing civilians alienated supporters .
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alienate viewer1) This failed to attract the desirable 18-34 demographic, and alienated older viewers .
2) He told Radio Times: 'I think all these announcements about high salaries alienate viewers .
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alienate voter1) voters were also alienated by Davis' record breaking fundraising efforts and negative campaigning.
1) We alienate young voters because of gay marriage, we have a policy problem.
2) Or that the blowback would alienate more voters than those tactics would win over.
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alienate worker1) Instead, these are all fictions by which the workers are alienated and oppressed.
2) Marx argues that the capitalist worker is inevitably alienated - whether he knows it or not.
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alienate youth1) Not least important is the constructive alternative it offers for alienated youth .
2) Similarly, James Dean and his brief film career have become icons of alienated youth .
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alienated1) Children with poor scholastic performance may feel alienated .
2) The opening title track sets the softly alienated tone.
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alienated from1) Stanton afterwards grew increasingly alienated from the suffrage movement.
2) Most respondents reported feeling alienated from their communities.
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alienates1) Uses disciplinary procedures too often and alienates employees .
2) King stated this arrangement alienates too many people.
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alienating1) Our challenge was to reach new clientele without alienating veteran devotees.
2) It is another alienating nail in football's coffin.
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increasingly alienate1) Stanton afterwards grew increasingly alienated from the suffrage movement.
2) Carlyle became increasingly alienated from his wife.
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often alienate1) They were disgusted with public policy and were often alienated from politics.
2) In our attempts to sound intelligent, we often alienate our audience.
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only alienate1) Profiling groups of people, only alienate those groups.
2) Setting up ridiculous strawmen only alienates potential allies .
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quickly alienate1) The coach's slow style of play quickly alienates the community and frustrates the team.
2) Nonetheless, she quickly alienated fellow Democrats with her conservative views on energy and the environment.
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so alienated1) It was awful; I felt so alienated .
2) Bryony spoke with the contemptuous sharpness which had so alienated Caro at the beginning.
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totally alienate0) The sense one is part of some Catholic church of LSD as totally alienating .
1) Yet neither Bismarck nor the Prussian nation wanted to burn their bridges and totally alienate the Rothschilds.
2) It attempted to make England Protestant without totally alienating the portion of the population that had supported Catholicism under Mary.
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