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alleged1) The alleged conservatives are pretty tolerant.
2) The sketch often parodied alleged racist hiring policies.
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alleged abuse1) Other sources cite higher dose levels and alleged worker abuse .
2) How long has the alleged abuse been going on?
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alleged accomplice1) Shields's alleged accomplices have not yet been dealt with.
2) Four alleged accomplices have been indicted for premeditated murder.
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alleged act1) The cruelty and brutality of these alleged acts of torture defy description.
2) The rapist subsequently sneaked away during the commotion that greeted his alleged act .
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alleged affair1) He did not address the alleged affair .
2) Perroncel maintains that the alleged affair never took place.
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alleged assailant1) The alleged assailants were 15, 16 and 18.
2) A 27-year old McGhee was the alleged assailant .
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alleged assault1) Those in power actually showed little concern over the alleged assault .
1) So victims of alleged sexual assaults are now called survivors ?
2) Other inmates may have acted as lookouts during the alleged assault .
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alleged attack1) The alleged attack was on Dec. 10.
2) He was arrested after the alleged attack in October.
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alleged attacker1) One of the alleged attackers was later arrested.
2) The identity of the alleged attacker has not been conclusively confirmed.
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alleged attempt1) An alleged attempt to assassinate President Gaviria was foiled.
2) Leonard Sweet recently used the term ODM in an alleged attempt to justify himself.
2) McQueen also approached another woman in an alleged attempt to get her to join the prostitution ring.
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alleged behaviour1) Some people have questioned , though, whether his alleged behaviour constitutes abuse.
2) Does the alleged behaviour that is the subject of the complaint fall within the scope of this instruction?
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alleged breach1) The Council has no power to investigate alleged breaches of minority rights.
2) alleged breaches of these regulations should be reported to the University.
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alleged bribe1) Benton denied any having any knowledge of that alleged bribe .
2) The trial of the alleged bribes resulted eventually in acquittals.
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alleged bribery1) He also denied ordering the alleged bribery .
2) The alleged bribery was not limited to Eastern Europe.
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alleged communist1) Premiers' meeting - Revelation of alleged communist plots
2) Hoover's concerns about King's alleged communist ties affected the Kennedys.
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alleged conduct1) He denied the alleged conduct and the complaint was found to be unsupported by evidence.
2) Such alleged conduct is unconscionable.
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alleged confession1) The court called for the person who took down her alleged confession .
2) The focal point of the trial becomes Neil's alleged confession to Dr. Lester.
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alleged conspiracy1) The alleged conspiracy is therefore implausible.
2) So far no proof or testimony about the alleged conspiracy is known.
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alleged conspirator1) All eight alleged conspirators were tried simultaneously.
2) In short, exactly what the alleged conspirators hope to create!
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alleged corruption1) The government dismissed officials for alleged corruption and recommended others for prosecution.
2) The Tories alleged corruption by Howell but lost their case.
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alleged cover up1) Spanier , Curley and Schultz await a July 29 preliminary hearing on criminal charges over an alleged cover up of complaints about Sandusky.
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alleged crime1) That office investigates alleged crimes of federal prison employees.
2) But his alleged crime is far worse .
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alleged crimes1) That office investigates alleged crimes of federal prison employees.
2) The Tribunal commences a massive investigation of alleged crimes in Kosovo.
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alleged criminal1) And that it was merely retained to help explain DL's alleged criminal activities.
2) He's wanted for questioning in connection with alleged criminal damage to a car.
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alleged discriminatory1) Lawsuits have been filed against the company due to alleged discriminatory employment practices.
2) Koehler 's lawyers want the court to issue a permanent injunction against the alleged discriminatory hiring practices at Infosys.
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alleged encounter1) However, no documentation or physical proof of this alleged encounter has been discovered.
2) Also reports of alleged encounters state their height to be 2-4 ft tall.
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alleged failure1) There was a handful of claims for alleged failure to detect fraud on audit.
2) He attributes democracy's alleged failures to pressure groups which seek to increase government expenditures and regulations.
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alleged false1) Adkins' alleged false statements were made in a videotape published in March of 1992.
2) The case involved the alleged false arrest of two newspaper publishers who had criticized the Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff.
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alleged fraud1) Police say the value of the alleged fraud is $ 1,700.
2) The rate of reporting of alleged frauds increased dramatically as counting started .
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alleged fraudulent1) Media reports published complaints of alleged fraudulent robocalls or harassing live calls in 100 ridings.
2) Plaintiffs also asked the court to refer aspects of the case to law enforcement for an investigation into alleged fraudulent documents.
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alleged harassment1) Was anyone present when the alleged harassment occurred?
2) The school district was not deliberately indifferent to the alleged harassment .
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alleged illegal1) One of the biggest alleged illegal gambling rings in Canada has gone bust .
2) Wednesday 4 Darlington sack David Hodgson after an investigation into alleged illegal payments to agents.
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alleged improper1) Amanda Feenstra is now facing charges stemming from the alleged improper relationship with the former Wild Cadets dancer .
2) He resigned this post in 1845 as a result of a parliamentary enquiry into alleged improper acquisition of railway shares.
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alleged impropriety1) What evidence did the two young women have of the coach's alleged impropriety ?
2) Ultimately, the Foundation received all its funding and the alleged improprieties proved unfounded.
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alleged incident1) No charges were ever laid in relation to this alleged incident .
2) Primary evidence Core information about the alleged incident .
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alleged infringement1) The vast majority of Section 337 investigations involve alleged patent infringement .
2) The alleged infringement was by importation.
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alleged involvement1) Controversy surrounds alleged CIA involvement in the coup.
2) One was about the alleged involvement of the special branch.
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alleged irregularities1) He received 64% of the vote despite alleged irregularities .
2) The others too alleged irregularities but will the government wake up?
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alleged killer1) His alleged killer , a former deputy sheriff, was charged with manslaughter.
2) Robert Thurman adds that the alleged killers had their origin within China as well.
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alleged lack of1) Such evidence overwhelms Goldhagens argument regarding an alleged lack of papal involvement.
2) By 19 July, Gariboldi himself was relieved because of his alleged lack of cooperation with Rommel.
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alleged leak1) The alleged leak revealed a feature called Interest Lists.
2) The New York Republican sees political machinations behind the alleged leaks .
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alleged link1) This alleged link remains a point of debate.
2) A diplomatic cable reports on alleged links between the Russian government and organised crime.
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alleged manipulation1) Regardless, newspapers the next day criticized Bryant for his alleged manipulation of the team.
2) Second, that the stonking fuss its critics made about alleged manipulation of its data was groundless.
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alleged misconduct1) The alleged misconduct took place before Obama arrived.
1) He made no comment relevant to Clark's alleged sexual misconduct .
2) An AFL disciplinary board investigates alleged misconduct and abuses by military security forces.
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alleged mistreatment1) European leaders expressed concern over the alleged mistreatment of Tymoshenko.
2) Those who reported such abuse often had visible injuries consistent with the alleged mistreatment .
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alleged misuse of1) Germany has sought his extradition over the alleged misuse of its passports.
2) The investigations into alleged misuse of funds by members of both the KMT and DPP were another hot topic.
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alleged negligence1) Thus, this is a case of alleged negligence maintenance and not negligent destruction.
2) It outlines more than 30 issues of alleged negligence which it claims led to her death.
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alleged offence1) The two alleged offences dated from 1977.
2) Both men were acquitted of the alleged offence .
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alleged offender1) Fifteen alleged offenders have also been arrested .
2) The authorities may call in the army to apprehend alleged offenders .
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alleged payment1) Admittedly, the alleged payment would have cured any culpable delay already in existence.
2) Foster cited alleged payment problems during the season as justification for his contact with Dundalk and his subsequent appointment there.
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alleged perpetrator1) And a panel will review cases where alleged perpetrators were not charged .
2) They are the alleged perpetrators of the questioned disannexation.
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alleged plot1) He was never charged for the alleged bomb plot .
2) The victim of an alleged murder plot told.
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alleged plotter1) The alleged plotters were charged with treason.
2) The alleged plotters were tried and found guilty on 27 February 1984.
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alleged racial1) The report cited 1,105 cases of alleged racial discrimination in 2005.
2) One day, opposite ends of the globe, and two extraordinary events involving alleged racial activity.
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alleged racist1) The sketch often parodied alleged racist hiring policies.
2) Motata claimed evidence , including audio recordings of his alleged racist comments, were manipulated.
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alleged ringleader1) That includes four of the alleged ringleaders .
2) Their alleged ringleader was a Burmese man .
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alleged role1) Many are also looking past his alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat riots.
2) They were protesting the alleged role of Sudan's government in ethnic cleansing in Darfur.
2) The conference explored the alleged role of sex trafficking in bringing women into the sex industry.
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alleged scam1) Eurovision later ended voting by national juries in a bid to eradicate such alleged scams .
2) A total of ¥970 million had been paid or lost by those targeted by the alleged scams .
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alleged scandal1) Some of her picks bowed out due to alleged scandals before and during parliamentary hearings.
2) Do the current and past alleged scandals do not make it premier anymore?
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alleged secret1) ND : Will you reveal the story of the alleged secret base on the far side of the Moon?
2) The main heresy prosecuted during the period of inquisitions in Spain was the alleged secret practice of Judaism among the conversos.
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alleged terrorist1) Their alleged terrorist act resulted in three deaths and at least 264 injuries.
2) Morocco's counterterrorism efforts led to the following disruptions of alleged terrorist cells:
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alleged theft1) The motive for the alleged theft is not known.
2) The group said it deplores the alleged theft .
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alleged threat1) He also quoted Daughtry's alleged threat against his girlfriend.
2) The alleged threat against Heath was witnessed by no one outside the family.
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alleged unfair1) In 1997, the steelworkers union in Pueblo voted to strike over alleged unfair labor practices.
2) The inquiry is one of two that the commission is conducting into alleged unfair Chinese trade in solar goods .
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alleged unlawful1) Examination of alleged unlawful demolition of religious structures.
2) The complainant shall specify in the complaint the alleged unlawful practice and sign it under oath.
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alleged use of1) Sgrena has written about alleged use of napalm in Fallujah.
2) The alleged use of the factory for the processing of VX nerve agent.
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alleged victim1) The alleged victim was a white police officer.
2) The remains of the alleged 49th victim has been found.
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alleged violation1) The numerous, alleged human rights violations .
2) An additional 74 remain in custody for alleged immigration violations .
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alleged wrongdoing1) In June 2006, a chief inspector was fired for alleged wrongdoing .
2) So, for the wrongdoing or alleged wrongdoing of one, all suffer.
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be alleged1) It is alleged that they have died under mysterious circumstances.
2) For example where it is alleged that a solicitor .
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