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advanced alien1) An advanced alien race lived on Membrono's moon.
2) The weapons are a mix of 1950s human technology and more advanced alien technology.
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alien1) The alien artwork is very poor 3.
2) The novel eventually features sea turtle aliens .
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alien abduct1) And so the fart aliens abduct them so they won't be exposed.
2) He looked wary, like he'd had a long day since the aliens abducted him.
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alien abduction1) Were these individuals possible victims of alien abduction ?
2) Left: the lucrative face of alien abduction .
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alien and sedition acts1) What were the alien and sedition acts ?
2) Adams reluctantly signed the alien and sedition acts as a wartime measure.
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alien artifact1) Now a similar alien artifact is found on the moon.
2) Mysterious ancient alien artifacts become a key focus of the series.
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alien attack1) Such stories are much rarer than aliens attacking humans stories.
2) Block the alien attacks from reaching earth!
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alien being1) The comments about aliens being beyond our comprehension .
2) Was he really abducted by alien beings ?
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alien certification1) Temporary alien agricultural labor certifications are subject to the conditions and assurances made during the application process.
2) All temporary alien agricultural labor certifications to associations may be used for the certified job opportunities of any of its members.
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alien civilization1) Wars between separate alien civilizations are featured.
2) We have discovered an alien civilization within the Orion Nebula.
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alien concept1) Are data privacy alien concepts to you ?
2) His mind reels at the now alien concept .
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alien craft1) During the standoff, multiple alien craft begin attacking the town.
2) In turn, alien craft would look all the more unusual.
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alien creature1) Some strange alien creatures from Sol 173.
2) The children decide that it is an alien creature .
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alien crewmember1) An attestation is required for each port at which the employer intends to use alien crewmembers for longshore work.
2) The notice shall identify the activity(ies), the U.S. port, and the prevailing practice regarding the use of alien crewmembers .
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alien culture1) There really was such a thing as alien cultures .
2) A fascinating mix of mystery and exploration of an alien culture .
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alien encounter1) Already, my oldest son remembers the ExtraTERRORestrial alien encounter with fondness.
2) Based on the former Magic Kingdom attraction, ExtraTERRORestrial alien encounter .
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alien enemy1) Proclamation is made expelling the alien enemies .
2) This includes the killing of alien enemies during a time of war.
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alien environment1) A completely alien environment to anything I'd ever experienced.
2) In that alien environment , somehow it all makes sense.
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alien form1) Yet Josephine shoots him anyway, exposing his true alien form .
2) The Omnitrix begins transforming whilst selecting an array of new alien forms .
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alien from1) Today, its aliens from another planet.
2) An alien from another planet sent here to be our hero.
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alien hand syndrome1) There is no cure for the alien hand syndrome .
2) Anarchic hand syndrome and alien hand syndrome are two similar but separate disorders.
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alien intelligence1) Assume SCP 5252 is an alien intelligence with hostile intentions.
2) Von Daniken claims that our ancestors were visited by alien intelligences .
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alien invade1) The plot was to feature aliens invading Duke's favorite strip club.
2) When the Imperium aliens invaded Mars, virtually the entire populace was wiped out.
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alien invader1) Are they facing an alliance between Nazis and alien invaders ?
2) We're talking about all kinds of alien invaders .
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alien invaders1) Are they facing an alliance between Nazis and alien invaders ?
2) We're talking about all kinds of alien invaders .
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alien invasion1) The alien invasion is an ecological one.
2) Earth can also play host to alien invasion .
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alien landing1) Better than an alien landing I guess .
2) I couldn't find anything in the manual about the aliens landing later.
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alien landscape1) The planet's alien landscapes look phony and stagebound.
2) All pipelines and white stones, it had the look of an alien landscape .
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alien language1) He spoke like a man who uses an alien language .
2) Able to converse in alien languages .
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alien planet1) Or one alien planet from the next?
2) Scientists have theorized that diamond alien planets should exist, too.
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alien presence1) These are not alien presences but African religions.
2) Zionism was an alien presence in the Arab body politic.
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alien priory1) Rather is it more closely related to the problem of alien priories .
2) The acquisition of Templar estates and of alien priories likewise enlarged the openings for royal clerks.
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alien race1) The series features several sentient alien races .
2) How many alien races are visiting Earth ?
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alien ship1) You had to fight alien ships while flying through narrow tunnels .
2) All 4 combine to create a mega alien ship .
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alien spacecraft1) Vila discovers a fleet of alien spacecraft beyond the barrier.
2) A huge cone-shaped stone structure looked like an alien spacecraft .
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alien spaceship1) An alien spaceship is coming straight to our solar system.
2) The alien spaceship arrives and Ike jumps to safety.
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alien species1) All rights reserved public that many alien species are useful.
2) Furthermore, fish farms introduce alien species are to local environments.
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alien technology1) Theories being discussed include alien technology and jumping to another dimension.
2) Unable to find any alien technology Atlas abandoned the planet.
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alien to1) Iran is not alien to western classical music either.
2) This fourth type of attraction is fundamentally alien to me.
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alien world1) The deep ocean is a truly alien world .
2) Four quiet windows onto an alien world .
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aliens1) The novel eventually features sea turtle aliens .
2) Certainly different nations are visited by very different aliens .
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ancient alien1) Mysterious ancient alien artifacts become a key focus of the series.
2) First Ones - a collection of ancient alien races.
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as alien1) Conservatism is as alien here as it could possibly be.
2) Both worlds mistrusted it as alien ; its inhabitants belonged to no one.
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be alien1) The concept of planning is almost alien .
2) Its beauty was alien , yet effective.
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completely alien1) A completely alien environment to anything I'd ever experienced.
2) They were oilslick black without whites or iris, completely alien .
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criminal alien1) Authorization of appropriations for criminal alien information system.
2) IDENTIFY criminal aliens through modernized information sharing; 2.
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deport alien1) The Smith Act expanded the grounds for deporting aliens to include weapons violations and abetting illegal immigration.
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detain alien1) At the start of the war cruise liners in Portsmouth Harbour were used to hold detained aliens .
2) They can administratively arrest and detain aliens for violations of United States immigration laws pending federal removal (deportation) proceedings.
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enemy alien1) Some enemy aliens were held without trial during the entire war.
2) enemy aliens were not allowed to enter restricted areas.
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entirely alien1) It is not, however, entirely alien to religious experience.
2) In short, entirely alien to Bartók's modernism.
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evil alien1) An evil alien woman who is introduced in season 3.
2) As Hubbard's followers progress in their Scientology teachings, they learn of the story of evil alien prince Xenu.
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feel alien1) So it probably didn't feel alien .
2) But it felt very alien at the track with no bookies.
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giant alien1) Also nearby is the giant alien Monolith that the Discovery was originally sent to investigate.
2) The film 's robot suits, cyborgs and giant alien queens all show up in due course.
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hostile alien1) Damn you, hostile alien races!
2) Tension arises with the threat of a hostile alien race that appears.
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human alien1) The new ending features a human and alien fighting hand to hand.
2) A variety of human and alien weapons and vehicles can be used.
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illegal alien1) Food is horrible made by hernandez or whatever his illegal alien name is.
2) Remember President Obama's illegal alien Aunt Onyango?
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intelligent alien1) The Marvel Universe also contains hundreds of intelligent alien races.
2) But Davies does not think such intelligent alien life must necessarily exist.
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invasive alien1) Of these, about 360 are declared as undesirable invasive alien plants.
2) The spatial distribution of invasive alien plants has been poorly documented in California.
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look alien1) To my eyes the furniture looks alien .
2) Which surely looks alien enough as it is ?
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mysterious alien1) Later, Superman discovers a mysterious alien dragon attacking Metropolis.
2) In 2050, a mysterious alien race called the Inbit invades Earth.
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nonresident alien1) The second partnership has two partners, both nonresident alien individuals.
2) Deposit interest paid to certain nonresident alien individuals in 2013.
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quite alien1) But this concept is quite alien to Scripture.
2) quite alien words and phrases in our societies.
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resident alien1) It does not include a resident alien individual.
2) Both dual citizenship and permanent, lifelong resident alien status are ethically unacceptable.
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seem alien1) Any methodology is going to seem alien .
2) It would seem alien to a parent with older children .
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so alien1) The ways here are so alien , so foreign, so different.
2) It's so alien for those of us from America.
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something alien1) No small feat and something quite alien to ourselves, difficult to imagine.
2) something utterly alien and beyond comprehension had been born in Titron's belly.
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space alien1) Tin foil hats are usually associated with space aliens .
2) Batman's adventures often involved odd transformations or bizarre space aliens .
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strange alien1) Some strange alien creatures from Sol 173.
2) This always felt strange and alien to us.
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temporary alien1) temporary alien agricultural labor certifications are subject to the conditions and assurances made during the application process.
2) A temporary alien agricultural labor certification determination granting an application shall include a bill for the required fees.
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too alien1) I think it's too alien for men, they don't even have period pains.
2) Germany could not assimilate Greece - perhaps because Greece was simply too great, certainly because Greece was too alien .
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totally alien1) This movie starts off strange and then moves into totally alien territory.
2) To this, fundamentalism as expressed in the articles is totally alien .
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undesirable alien1) According to Irish Government papers he was deported as a destitute and undesirable alien .
2) At the end of 1898, Panizza was abruptly expelled from Switzerland after being declared an undesirable alien .
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undocumented alien1) Can an undocumented alien collect lost wages in an accident lawsuit?
2) How about all employers of undocumented aliens ?
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unknown alien1) XCOM is an organization created to fight an unknown alien threat.
2) At the same time, unknown alien hostiles attacked Cybertron.
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utterly alien1) Imperial is utterly alien to most of the planet 's population.
2) Something utterly alien and beyond comprehension had been born in Titron's belly.
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very alien1) It was all very alien to us.
2) The scientific language which describes this strange world can seem very alien .
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