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" all "Collocations - Expressions
(all) the rage1) International equity issues are all the rage .
2) Currently alternative investments are all the rage .
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All Blacks1) All Blacks were ordered to remain indoors.
2) And Blacks - virtually All Blacks - became Republicans .
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All Hallows1) The pupils at All Hallows have responded with their customary generosity.
2) The night before became known as All Hallows Even or holy evening.
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All Saints Day1) It was consecrated in 1698 on All Saints' Day .
2) This he argued in a sermon delivered on All Saints' Day .
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All Souls Day1) It is followed by All Souls ' Day .
2) The following day, November 2, is All Souls ' Day .
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All the people1) All the people we met were very nice.
2) All the people who heard were astonished.
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Almost all of1) And Almost all of those are purely theoretical.
2) He weighs Almost all of eighty pounds.
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For all I know1) Still might be For all I know .
2) During the war For all I know ?
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For all the good1) They are doing it For all the best reasons.
2) For all the good it had done.
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In all honesty1) In fact, few are In all honesty .
2) It 's pretty pointless In all honesty .
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after all1) after all grandmás remedies are trial and tested!
2) There had been much happiness after all .
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all1) all children ages 4 - 12 are invited.
2) all properties are cleaned thoroughly between each let.
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all American1) all American news is rightly considered tabloid television .
2) all American aircraft remained over international waters.
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all I can1) all I can do Is offer examples.
2) all I can relate Is my own experience.
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all I could do1) all I could do was stay silent.
2) all I could do was watch television.
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all aboard1) No fire occurred and all aboard survived.
2) This allowed all aboard to be landed safely.
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all along1) all along the front rapid progress was being made.
2) Boat landings are located all along the river.
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all along the line1) Work was actively progressing all along the line .
2) It meets my fundamental requirements all along the line .
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all and sundry1) all and sundry seem to be involved.
2) Hands on his hips looking sideways at all and sundry .
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all around1) Most traditional tools leak fine dust all around working areas.
2) We send those little holy texts all around .
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all at once1) all at once it has become hot.
2) all at once her voice was very low.
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all at sea1) Evidently this author is all at sea there.
2) We are all at sea in two ways.
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all bets are off1) At that point surely all bets are off .
2) If he gets bounced early all bets are off .
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all but1) all but 14 are considered contributing properties.
2) all but 20 buildings are contributing properties.
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all but dead1) but otherwise, our relationship is all but dead .
2) Russia's short-lived experiment with democracy is all but dead .
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all but extinct1) In the BSG universe, human life has become all but extinct .
2) Pens , paper and books are all but extinct within the school's confines.
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all but impossible1) Their music was often experimental, making classification all but impossible .
2) It is all but impossible to control every witness you face.
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all clear1) The all clear was given building by building.
2) The clouds were all cleared away, long since.
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all comers0) For 146 years Darwinian evolution has seen off all comers .
1) Open competitions are open to all comers .
2) The affluent teams hone their game here and take all comers .
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all conquering1) At the front comes the all conquering Table of Contents.
2) In 1940 Britain was fighting alone against an all conquering German war machine.
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all consuming1) all consuming interest in video games is another issue.
2) True hypocrisy is an all consuming condition.
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all dancing1) They should just go to all dancing numbers .
2) We are all dancing hopefully and blindly, in our own way.
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all day1) The squad had been hiking all day .
2) She encourages drinking water all day long.
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all directions1) The plot flies off in all directions .
2) The drawing illustrates exploration in all directions .
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all dressed1) We had dessert all dressed up nice and pretty.
2) all dressed in white, ready for the wedding!
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all dressed up with nowhere to go1) Turns out getting all dressed up with nowhere to go is the new black .
2) This is an epic about people who are all dressed up with nowhere to go .
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all ears1) We're all ears here in Niagara.
2) But now a new rumour filled all ears .
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all embracing1) Guru is deep, calm and all embracing .
2) The future peace in the millennium is all embracing .
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all encompassing1) The blink is completely involuntary and all encompassing .
2) It is by no means all encompassing .
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all ends up1) So it all ends up being very political.
2) It all ends up as a lower price for the farmers .
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all expense1) all expenses paid including child care costs.
2) It is gross revenue minus all expenses .
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all expenses paid1) all expenses paid including child care costs.
2) They would be accompanied by their parents with all expenses paid .
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all eyes1) all eyes and ears for greener grass.
2) all eyes were on her naked body.
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all eyes are on1) all eyes are on the rookie manager .
2) all eyes are on YOU watching your every move.
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all fired1) The Alton team were certainly all fired up.
2) But we're all fired up now.
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all for1) Our expense is almost all for conformity.
2) all for less than $100 including tax.
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all for the best1) And that is all for the best .
2) Possibly it's all for the best .
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all found1) They were all found guilty and eventually executed.
2) They nearly all found alternative employment, eventually.
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all fours1) The creature ran off on all fours .
2) Get onto all fours and gently roll onto the books.
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all get out1) It was all getting out of hand.
2) Then it all gets out of proportion.
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all girl1) all girls together, did you think?
2) This is an all girl's facility.
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all hail1) all hail the red , orange and pale.
2) Still, all hail rock n'roll.
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all hands on deck1) The event is an all hands on deck effort.
2) By 2 am , it'll be all hands on deck .
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all hell breaks loose1) The house has an evil past and all hell breaks loose .
2) Somewhere down the road, all hell breaks loose .
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all her1) all her bowel motions had been normal ever since.
2) all her movies were instant box office hits.
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all his1) all his kills were fighters.
2) The writer has all his little schemes.
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all his money1) Heavy gambling took all his money and more.
2) Vincent died leaving all his money to Brooke.
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all hope of1) Thus humanity loses all hope of immortality.
2) Right there perished all hope of justice.
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all important1) all important decisions are taken during this period.
2) all important files are kept in this office.
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all in1) Its factory workers are nearly all in light industry .
2) all in a 12 x 10 presentation envelope.
more all in sentences
all in a days work1) all in a days work for this sweet boy .
2) When workers, women, and children drown, its all in a days work .
more all in a days work sentences
all in all1) all in all 245 changes were committed.
2) all in all the audio quality is really impressive.
more all in all sentences
all in good time1) All in good time , she told herself.
2) All in good time , I guess.
more all in good time sentences
all in one1) We are really all in one pot.
2) Having everything all in one bundle is afford.
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all inclusive1) all inclusive was great but hotel was noisy.
2) Any all inclusive flight plus hotel and transfer pricing?
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all inclusive hotel1) all inclusive hotel attractions are complemented by a beautiful coral reef.
2) Looking for Mauritius all inclusive hotels ?
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all innocence1) She knew the gift had been chosen in all innocence .
2) In all innocence , we hailed them.
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all is said and done1) Will that feel good when all is said and done ?
2) After all is said and done u have one hell of a headache.
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all its1) To lay forever all its rising fears.
2) One sorry looking creature had lost all its feathers.
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all kinds1) all kinds of laws help reduce gun violence .
2) I was seeing all kinds of crazy stuff.
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all kinds of1) all kinds of laws help reduce gun violence .
2) I was seeing all kinds of crazy stuff.
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all knowledge of1) all knowledge of it had died out.
2) Chang denied all knowledge of the deal.
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all manner of1) This morning all manner of opinions are afloat.
2) He prohibited absolutely all manner of idolatry.
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all meals included1) Night in Rancho Naturalista, STD Room, all meals included .
2) Night in Savegre Lodge, STD Room, all meals included .
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all my1) all my wives are such wonderful girls.
2) all my water quality readings are zero.
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all night1) Fancy cocktails are ten bucks all night .
2) But others had been celebrating all night .
more all night sentences
all of1) all of those things are terribly exciting.
2) all of those early spoken songs did.
more all of sentences
all of a heap1) I am struck all of a heap .
2) On his way to the lake-head Horrocks learned from Frank that the parson's wife had swooned all of a heap by her carriage.
more all of a heap sentences
all of a piece1) The film is all of a piece .
2) Even falling apart she was amazingly all of a piece .
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all of a sudden1) all of a sudden things are moving very fast indeed .
2) all of a sudden a car stops.
more all of a sudden sentences
all on1) My computer equipment is all on surge protectors.
2) all on 20 and 30 lb test.
more all on sentences
all one1) The full blocks are all one square mm each.
2) all one needs is the proper leverage.
more all one sentences
all or nothing1) This all or nothing approach really frustrated me.
2) The concept prevents an all or nothing choice.
more all or nothing sentences
all our1) all our products are 100% guaranteed.
2) all our products are supplied fully warranted.
more all our sentences
all out1) The team is all out .
2) Your vulnerable soft parts are all out front and center.
more all out sentences
all out attack1) all out attack , but played in a passing style.
2) all out attack and entertainment as the teams shared eight goals over the 90 minutes .
more all out attack sentences
all out ban1) The Supreme Court in Heller stated that only an all out ban violates the 2nd Amendment.
more all out ban sentences
all out battle1) Being a part of an all out battle with thousands of players is quite indescribable.
2) What then occurs is an all out battle for Colu between all 3 present day Brainiacs.
more all out battle sentences
all out brawl1) The encounter started off as an all out brawl between the four men.
2) H.A.M.M.E.R. seals Chinatown on Hood's behalf and an all out brawl erupts around Li's estate.
more all out brawl sentences
all out effort1) Master guide steve zernia gives all out effort .
2) Like the prologue, it's an all out effort .
more all out effort sentences
all out offensive1) After 48 hours, the modifications to Blue Noah was complete and the crew prepared for an all out offensive against the Death Force.
more all out offensive sentences
all out war1) Okay, we're talking all out war here.
2) He also called for an all out war against India.
more all out war sentences
all over1) Literally-usually all over baggage claim.
2) She got man juice all over those colossal cans.
more all over sentences
all over again1) The same story repeated all over again .
2) The homicide investigation should start all over again .
more all over again sentences
all over the lot1) So religion is all over the lot with dreams.
2) Democrats are all over the lot .
more all over the lot sentences
all over the place1) I got bullied all over the place .
2) There were bones all over the place .
more all over the place sentences
all over the shop1) He ran us all over the shop .
2) My own lifetime experiences with suicide is similarly all over the shop .
more all over the shop sentences
all part of the game1) It was all part of the game .
2) Identify strengths and weaknesses in all parts of the game .
more all part of the game sentences
all party1) all parties must dine off the same menu.
2) all parties and witnesses must testify under oath.
more all party sentences
all pass1) The really great singers have all passed on.
2) all passed off smoothly for me until dinner time arrived.
more all pass sentences
all pervading1) It is invisible, all pervading - a symbol of the spirit.
2) This all pervading medium was called the Aether (ether).
more all pervading sentences
all pervasive1) This theme of opposites was all pervasive .
2) This indicates that management is a universal and all pervasive process.
more all pervasive sentences
all points bulletin1) If my kids did that today, I'm sure my wife would put out some kind of all points bulletin !
2) At the station, the Peeples gave Horace Ida's license plate as 58-895, and the police put out an all points bulletin for the car and its occupants.
more all points bulletin sentences
all powerful1) The party apparatus and ruling elite seemed all powerful .
2) The relationships among the three are all powerful and effective.
2) I will answer God is all powerful .
more all powerful sentences
all purpose1) To all purposes the universe appears flat.
2) all they left behind were their all purpose flint axes.
more all purpose sentences
all purpose flour1) When the butter has melted completely add the all purpose flour .
2) You can use 100% all purpose flour as well.
more all purpose flour sentences
all right1) all right thinking liberals support nationalist aspirations.
2) all rights reserved public that many alien species are useful.
more all right sentences
all risk policy1) In fact, the defendants were more likely to be insured on an all risks policy for council employees.
more all risk policy sentences
all round1) The car had drum brakes all round .
2) all round the room men were lying.
more all round sentences
all round performance1) Measurement rules which design yachts for all round performance have difficulty with this factor.
2) With a great all round performance from the Wolves we won the match by 177runs.
more all round performance sentences
all rounder1) A good all rounder with a very distinguished looking bottle.
2) Your all rounder skills just screams out to the world.
more all rounder sentences
all seater1) I blame all seater sands , and lack of stamina.
2) A covered, all seater stand for 1,000 home supporters.
more all seater sentences
all set1) all setting errors are corrected free of charge.
2) It was all set to form powerful coalition.
more all set sentences
all singing all dancing1) Revisiting the all singing all dancing classics sometimes feels like a walk among dinosaurs, which is not always a bad thing.
2) She said that there would NOT be an all singing all dancing public inquiry - i.e. much of the proceedings will be in private.
more all singing all dancing sentences
all smiles1) Yet 12 hours later it was all smiles again.
2) The ladies were all smiles all night.
2) Christina was all smiles as she got ready!
more all smiles sentences
all sorts1) I was thinking all sorts of horrible.
2) This raises all sorts of due process problems.
more all sorts sentences
all square1) Not all square taper crank and bottom bracket combinations are compatible.
2) The game ended all square , finishing 1-1.
more all square sentences
all star1) This feature has an all star cast.
2) all stars die , some more violently than others.
more all star sentences
all star cast1) This feature has an all star cast .
2) all starring cast members whose characters survive the events of Season 4 are expected to return for the fifth season.
more all star cast sentences
all star team1) The league also began naming an all star team .
2) Jones was named to his second all star team .
more all star team sentences
all sweetness0) The Bible is not all sweetness and light.
1) Its aromas are all sweetness and caramel.
2) My life isn't all sweetness .
more all sweetness sentences
all sweetness and light0) The Bible is not all sweetness and light .
1) It was all sweetness and light .
2) It's all sweetness and light here at BBC Good Food .
more all sweetness and light sentences
all terrain1) He is confident and familiar on all terrain .
2) No single camouflage pattern is effective in all terrains .
more all terrain sentences
all terrain vehicle1) CVTs are used in some all terrain vehicles .
2) Every year new models of Yamaha all terrain vehicles are arriving.
more all terrain vehicle sentences
all that glitters is not gold1) But all that glitters is not gold .
2) Plus: all that glitters is not gold !
more all that glitters is not gold sentences
all that good1) all that good news didn't happen by accident.
2) Me double isn't all that good .
more all that good sentences
all that jazz1) She looked sweet, beautiful all that jazz .
2) They are too far and all that jazz .
more all that jazz sentences
all that junk1) Shift all that junk in one cupboard.
2) Hanging all that junk on the bottom is just silly.
more all that junk sentences
all that rubbish1) Nah, I've seen all that rubbish .
2) And as for all that rubbish about my sweet face....
more all that rubbish sentences
all that stuff1) all that stuff is getting produced overseas.
2) all that stuff took a little spending.
more all that stuff sentences
all that time1) You've been here all that time ?
2) all that time , all those years.
more all that time sentences
all that well1) He was not wearing all that well .
2) She can't be all that well .
more all that well sentences
all the best1) all the best with whatever is next!
2) I wish your fans all the best .
more all the best sentences
all the better1) all the better for a romantic evening!
2) all the better if those timbers are pioneer species.crown.
more all the better sentences
all the better for1) all the better for a romantic evening!
2) We are all the better for this experience.
more all the better for sentences
all the better to1) all the better to eat you with Ben.
2) all the better to prevent a combatant from fleeing the fight.
more all the better to sentences
all the easier1) C-Suite makes that goal all the easier to achieve.
2) Well, it will make my task all the easier .
more all the easier sentences
all the farther1) But that was all the farther I got.
2) And if all you're interested in is relative numbers for comparison purposes (is this carb better, or that one?), that's really all the farther you need to go.
more all the farther sentences
all the go1) Hides are all the go ; not much of any other in camp.
2) I'm worn out with all the go of the last days,' Rose said.
more all the go sentences
all the more1) This makes diagnosis all the more difficult.
2) That makes measuring progress all the more difficult.
more all the more sentences
all the rage1) International equity issues are all the rage .
2) Currently alternative investments are all the rage .
more all the rage sentences
all the same1) We human beings are all the same .
2) the strips are all the same width.
more all the same sentences
all the same to me1) Whether Southern drawl or Mid-West twang, it was all the same to me .
2) If it had said 22.000 KM. it would have been all the same to me .
more all the same to me sentences
all the time1) all the time solid benzene is forming.
2) This situation is changing all the time .
more all the time sentences
all the trimmings1) the game had all the trimmings of grief .
2) Now it' a renovated house with all the trimmings .
more all the trimmings sentences
all the way1) But prosperity never reached all the way down.
2) They are walking all the way south.
more all the way sentences
all the way back home1) the feeling of that moment stayed with him all the way back home to 81st.
2) In his agitation, Gaily carried the brown bag of washing all the way back home .
more all the way back home sentences
all the way down the line1) It goes down the line, all the way down the line .
2) Wait , no, that's not right.. work to bring them the things they want from multiple angles to increase engagement all the way down the line .
more all the way down the line sentences
all the while1) all the while his literary activities continued.
2) all the while the ship is sinking .
more all the while sentences
all the world and his wife1) It seemed that all the world and his wife were in Madrid.
2) Now all the world and his wife seems to have heard of them!
more all the world and his wife sentences
all the worse1) And that makes it all the worse .
2) List all the worse mishaps which could have happened.
more all the worse sentences
all their1) all their male folks including boys were slaughtered.
2) all their equipment has since been replaced.
more all their sentences
all things considered1) Both are pretty quiet all things considered .
2) all things considered 17 ships with 331 guns.
more all things considered sentences
all thumbs1) She was all thumbs ; sweating and grumbling.
2) The English equivalent of the phrase is being all thumbs .
more all thumbs sentences
all time high1) In fact the stock market is at all time highs .
2) This period saw football match attendances reach an all time high .
more all time high sentences
all time leader1) all time leader in game-winning goals with 118.
2) He is also the PBA's all time leader in Assists.
more all time leader sentences
all time list1) This placed him ninth on the distance all time list .
2) all times listed below are Eastern Daylight Time.
more all time list sentences
all time low1) all time low had no such problem.
2) An all time low period for them !
more all time low sentences
all time peak1) The population of London reached an all time peak of 8.6 million in 1939.
2) Today, with an emphasis on force restructuring mandated by the Pentagon, the role of PMCs, and their impact on policy-making decisions is at an all time peak .
more all time peak sentences
all time record1) all time record domestic energy production across the board .
2) all time record S &P 500 index.
more all time record sentences
all told1) all told she has 16 major tournament titles.
2) all told , 37 arrests were made.
more all told sentences
all too1) all too often the divisions become rival religions.
2) Unfortunately such cases are all too rare.
more all too sentences
all up1) Materials in car construction are vital factors affecting all up weight.
2) Our pricing is all up front and inclusive.
more all up sentences
all up with1) It was clearly all up with the Collector.
2) In 2005, he summed it all up with a remarkable statistic.
more all up with sentences
all very well1) all very well thought through and positive.
2) The designers are all very well known .
more all very well sentences
all weather1) The swimming pool is a marvellous all weather facility.
2) all tactical terrain, all weather conditions.
more all weather sentences
all weather pitch1) An all weather pitch at Handy Cross has 400 luxe floodlights .
2) In 1992 the Highland Council opened an all weather pitch near the Bught Park.
more all weather pitch sentences
all weather track1) Memorial Stadium features an all weather track that was updated in 1989.
2) Every Tuesday evening for eight consecutive weeks in June and July, the GRTC held all comers meets at the RIT all weather track .
more all weather track sentences
all week1) The weather was perfect all week too.
2) He has been looking sharp all week .
more all week sentences
all well and good1) The descriptions sound all well and good .
2) Forensic evidence was all well and good .
more all well and good sentences
all wheel drive1) Parties were driving a low clearance all wheel drive vehicle.
2) all models were equipped with standard, symmetrical all wheel drive .
more all wheel drive sentences
all wool1) Skirting is disposing of all wool that is unsuitable for spinning.
2) Not all wool was dyed.
more all wool sentences
all year1) This horse had raced great all year long.
2) The cottages are available all year round.
more all year sentences
all year round1) The cottages are available all year round .
2) When symptoms are experienced all year round .
more all year round sentences
all you can eat1) all you can eat is always a big win !
2) One example is the all you can eat buffet.
more all you can eat sentences
all your1) all your details are kept 100% confidential.
2) all your post are made during normal working hours .
more all your sentences
and all1) and all playing styles are naturally allowed .
2) and all those private police carry guns .
more and all sentences
and all that1) and all that 's left is smoking ruins.
2) Whoever thinks possession and all that bull crap.
more and all that sentences
at all1) Hygiene is extremely important at all times.
2) The highly regarded music program offers conservatory study at all levels.
more at all sentences
be all smiles1) Yet 12 hours later it was all smiles again.
2) The ladies were all smiles all night.
2) Christina was all smiles as she got ready!
more be all smiles sentences
be not all there1) But the charts weren't all there was.
2) They said that manufacturing is not all there is.
more be not all there sentences
for all1) Seasonal influenza vaccine is recommended for all individuals.
2) The increase is statistically significant for all regions.
more for all sentences
for all I care1) He may have drowned for all I care .
2) He could bloody stay for all I care !
more for all I care sentences
in all1) in all cases ministerial confirmation is required.
2) in all three cases the analysis is wrong.
more in all sentences
not all that1) not all that is labeled green is environmentally friendly.
2) A stick was n't all that interesting.
more not all that sentences
of all people1) Nearly twenty percent of all people use tobacco.
2) You of all people should understand this .
more of all people sentences
of all the1) Get rid of all the double words.
2) of all the glory that has ever been.
more of all the sentences
of all things1) This is true of all things wonderful.
2) Mother of all things help cleanse our sister.
2) He was Gods appointed heir of all things .
more of all things sentences
on all sides1) The town was burning on all sides .
2) The final report found fault on all sides .
more on all sides sentences
one all1) one all the score last time round.
2) She's been one all her life.
more one all sentences
two all1) My two all time favourite traveling quotes.
2) Nice offers countless emotions for two all year long!
more two all sentences

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