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alkali1) Common strong alkalis are sodium and potassium hydroxide.
2) Your green ones are the alkali earth metals.
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alkali blue1) In 1883 he brought out alkali blue XG, which became important in cotton dyeing.
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alkali flat1) There are also some alkali flats in the region.
2) The alkali flat area is the exposed bed of this Ice Age lake.
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alkali grass1) Pioneer plants such as Salicornia europaea and alkali grasses , grow on and stabilize the mud flats.
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alkali metal1) Most alkali metals have many different applications.
2) Like all alkali metals , lithium is highly reactive and flammable.
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alkali soil1) alkali soils have large supplies of compounds which are extremely soluble.
2) Calcium Chloride is also used to reclaim alkali soils .
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