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alike1) Personality types further away are least alike .
2) He should serve all political parties alike .
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alike believe1) Good intentioned administrators and folk alike believe that this new educational isolationism can benefit the poor and the minority.
1) We are living in a day when the overwhelming majority of Christians and non-Christians alike believe in situational ethics.
1) In the, courts of law, and at meetings in the market-place, the Society of Jesus was alike believed to have prompted the assassin.
1) Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike believe that all people are created in the image of God and are blessed with God-given dignity.
2) Only man is interested in creating automatons that are programmed to act, think and believe alike , and are forbidden to exercise their critical faculties.
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alike enjoy1) Children and adults alike enjoy looking at rocks.
2) Kids and adults alike enjoyed the slide!
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alike feel1) All classes alike felt the enthusiastic impulse to demand revenge.
2) Consequently, they thought and felt alike .
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alike find1) Families, seniors, and singles alike find homes in Waukegan.
2) No two fingerprints have ever been found alike in many billions of human and automated computer comparisons.
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alike have1) Both true and false prophets alike have done them.
2) Singers and poets alike have much to denounce.
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alike love1) Kids and adults alike love our frozen drink rental machine.
2) My children and students alike love doing activities with these creative apps .
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alike need1) Indies and retail alike need to stop having such tunnel vision.
2) Schwamm says laypeople and doctors alike need to realize that young adults can suffer strokes .
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alike seem1) Until then all methods will seem alike .
2) Yet, there are times the lizard and I seem more alike .
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be alike1) Personality types further away are least alike .
2) Some reptiles and amphibians are superficially very alike .
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become alike1) The number of mutations increased as the parents became more alike .
2) Audiences and critics alike became Craig loyalists.
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dress alike1) The highest king to the humble laborer are both dressed alike .
2) She and Anne were dressed alike in the manner of twins.
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great minds think alike1) Perhaps this is an example of how great minds think alike !
2) Our great minds thought alike today.
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look alike1) Staff members ordered more tests to screen out look-alike diseases.
2) Kate Upton has her very own look-alike .
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share and share alike1) share and share alike , this fellow said.
2) In Kent the sons share and share alike .
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sound alike1) Even the vocal inflection sounds ridiculously alike .
2) Funny, how all these singer almost sound alike .
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think alike1) Successful small and big companies thinking alike .
2) At least a lot of us are thinking alike .
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treat alike1) All patients were properly cared for and treated alike .
1) I try to live a christian life and treat all alike .
2) Like cases must be treated alike .
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