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abuse allegation1) Sri Lanka has rejected all rights abuse allegations .
2) They seldom deny or recant abuse allegations .
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admit the allegation1) the six men have admitted the allegations , Jiji added.
2) the presiding officer questions the accused with reference to the alleged facts to establish whether or not the accused admits the allegations in the charge.
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allegation1) This allegation was confirmed during later inquiries.
2) The allegations of such conduct are bad enough.
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allegation about1) These are really serious allegations about individuals .
2) allegations about beatings and violence were widespread.
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allegation against1) There are bribery allegations against the head of bribery too.
2) The strategy was thwarted by allegations against him.
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allegation level1) We have not levelled personal allegations .
2) Actually, those who want to polarise politics, they level such allegations .
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allegation of1) The allegations of such conduct are bad enough.
2) To investigate allegations of offences against trading standards legislation.
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allegation of corruption1) The election campaign was dominated by allegations of corruption .
2) Forced to resign after allegations of corruption .
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allegation of mistreatment1) Black Heart, too, denounced the allegations of mistreatment .
1) allegations of mistreatment included excessive force, battery, and sexual abuse.
2) The EHRA also reported it investigated allegations of mistreatment and abuse.
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allegation of negligence1) The court upheld immunity for AOL against allegations of negligence .
2) Most legal action is in the form of an allegation of negligence .
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allegation of plagiarism1) This allegation of plagiarism ignited fierce debates among architects about its validity.
2) David Simpson is fired by Tulsa World amid allegations of plagiarism .
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allegation prove1) None of these allegations were ever proven .
2) The allegations were independently proven to be false.
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allegation that1) The allegation that there has been undue secrecy seems untrue.
2) There were allegations that authorities engaged in inhumane treatment.
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allegation true1) The defendants maintain that their allegations are true .
2) The judge acknowledged that the allegation was true and apologized.
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allegation unfounded1) Wesley's allegations are therefore wholly unfounded .
2) The matter was closed because the allegations were unfounded .
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allegation untrue1) Gibbs said the allegation was completely untrue .
2) We now accept that these allegations are untrue .
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allegations1) The allegations of such conduct are bad enough.
2) All sister own artists remain area outcomes with tax allegations .
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allegations of atrocities1) He also complained about allegations of atrocities and brutal repression conducted by the French and Serbian forces in occupied Montenegro.
2) allegations of atrocities and ceasefire violation
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allegations of harassment1) A spokesperson for the Shaanxi provincial government called the allegations of harassment unfounded rumors.
2) Meanwhile, allegations of harassment and assault in the ADF are frequently under-reported.
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allegations of impropriety1) Olympus defended itself against allegations of impropriety .
2) It is fair and appropriate to pursue answers to any allegations of impropriety .
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allegations of irregularities1) The commission probed allegations of irregularities in the May 2011 local government elections candidate lists .
2) The delay in building Brahmani 's steel plant was also due to allegations of irregularities in acquiring the land.
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allegations of misconduct1) The inquiry distilled various accusations into four allegations of misconduct .
2) Robinson was cleared of allegations of misconduct before the vote.
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allegations of mismanagement1) allegations of mismanagement at Arlington Cemetery were first raised in 2008.
2) Faumuina resigned from cabinet last week in response to allegations of mismanagement and abuse of power.
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allegations of wrongdoing1) Jackson was later fully exonerated of allegations of wrongdoing .
2) Lantos denied any allegations of wrongdoing arguing that The media happened to focus on her.
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allegations surrounding1) The other note refers to the allegations surrounding seven-year-old Dylan.
2) However, these allegations surrounding the Trepča mines turned out to be false.
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amid allegation1) The parking garage was finally demolished amid allegations of bid rigging.
2) Aiken resigned amid allegations of recruiting and practice violations in early 1951.
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answer allegation1) The captains of the crusade were asked to answer allegations of receiving bribes totalling 18,000 gold francs.
2) The respondent may also state affirmatively special matters of defense. (c) Failure to deny or answer allegations in the complaint.
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baseless allegation1) These are just baseless allegations , Vamsi told.
2) I find these baseless allegations infuriating.
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be confronted with allegation1) They are made by all Ministers who are confronted with allegations of student poverty and hardship.
2) While the manufacturing of the Tucker Torpedo continues, Tucker is confronted with allegations of stock fraud.
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bribery allegation1) There are bribery allegations against the head of bribery too.
2) The International Olympic Committee is also no stranger to bribery allegations .
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confirm allegation1) The force confirmed allegations against police officers were also being investigated after a newspaper claimed four officers were being quizzed.
2) In March 2011, officials from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees confirmed allegations of discrimination by Tunisia against black Africans.
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contest allegation1) He added he wanted to be left alone to contest allegations against him at a tribunal.
2) The company offered an unreserved apology and compensation to eight claimants, but would continue to contest allegations made by other litigants.
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corruption allegation1) He later faced corruption allegations after leaving office .
2) In December 2012, six officers were reassigned amid corruption allegations .
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counter allegation1) They focus more specifically on insults and quarrels , allegations and counter allegations .
2) Tareq fought the charges and made counter allegations against his parents and their lawyer.
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credible allegation1) Clergy with credible allegations are permanently removed from ministry.
2) credible allegations of torture committed by the PA's security services increased.
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damaging allegation1) He wrote ' we can expect more damaging allegations '.
2) The resolution states that urgent action will be taken against any ANC public officials or leaders facing damaging allegations .
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defamatory allegation1) In recent years M.P.s have made use of this privilege to make defamatory allegations .
2) False and defamatory allegations would be banned, as would calls inciting violence or hatred.
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deny allegation1) Spears has neither confirmed nor denied these allegations .
2) The army has officially denied these allegations .
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deny the allegation1) the associate coach also vehemently denied the allegations .
2) the company has declined to expressly deny the allegations .
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dismiss allegation1) Hamas has dismissed the allegations as stupid .
2) However , plant have officials dismissed the allegations .
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disprove allegation1) Those allegations were disproved by later inquiries.
2) It is fortunate that the documents were available to disprove the allegations .
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disprove the allegation1) It is fortunate that the documents were available to disprove the allegations .
2) However, Slovo was able to disprove the allegations .
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dispute allegation1) Attorney-General Charles Wilson Cross strongly disputed this allegation .
2) He, however, disputed the allegations and the couple stayed together.
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dope allegation1) Contador's career has been marked by doping allegations .
2) At the time he was facing a US federal investigation into doping allegations .
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examine allegation1) A separate public inquiry is examining allegations of Crown force collusion in her killing.
2) But the right to examine allegations is a primary right of an accused person.
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face allegation1) He is also facing allegations of having made inflammatory speeches .
2) He also faced allegations over his expenses .
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factual allegation1) The material factual allegations of the amended complaint are as follows.
2) Finally, it altered somewhat the factual allegations underlying several counts.
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false allegation1) My father is now being persecuted with false allegations .
2) This was designed to protect political careers from repeated false allegations .
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fraud allegation1) It changed slightly the property allegations of the mail fraud allegations .
2) Contact Author HP 's Autonomy fraud allegations .
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fresh allegation1) There were fresh allegations of MNR atrocities.
2) He refused to comment on the fresh allegation on violation of reservation rules in the recruitments .
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further allegation1) These submissions contained further allegations which had not been previously raised.
2) further allegations were made on 14 May.
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give rise to allegation1) This paperwork was completed but only after the embalming had been carried out, giving rise to allegations of suspicious circumstances.
2) The scheme has also given rise to allegations that it serves as another platform for the PAP to undercut support for the opposition.
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harassment allegation0) There have been additional controversies over sexual infidelities and harassment allegations .
0) You ask a number of questions about a separate sexual harassment allegation .
0) Judge Magid chaired the enquiry into the sexual harassment allegations .
1) On harassment allegations I was put in the cells and released without charge.
1) Mr Clegg initially insisted that he was unaware of the sex harassment allegations .
1) Surprisingly enough they were about the sexual harassment allegations over Lord Rennard .
1) His campaign was dogged by a series of surfacing sexual harassment allegations , which detracted from his campaigning.
1) How to make sure that employees know how to bring sexual harassment allegations to their employer's attention.
2) Darin Reeves, has said de Jong's harassment allegations can be dealt with outside of the court martial.
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investigate allegation1) To investigate allegations of offences against trading standards legislation.
2) I directed my subordinate units to investigate each allegation .
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investigate the allegation1) He has instructed the party to investigate the allegations .
2) Labour said Ahmed was suspended while it investigated the allegations .
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lead to allegation1) Defeat could lead to allegations of fraud.
2) Speculation after the broadcasts led to allegations of collaboration and treason.
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level allegation1) Lalit Modi has since appeared in several media appearances and clarified the leveled allegations against him by BCCI.
2) The official spokeswoman Ms. Tasnim Aslam said that Pakistan did not have the habit of leveling allegations without investigation or evidence.
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look into allegation1) The Florida Athletic Commission is looking into allegations the fight was fixed.
2) The cat belonged to a deputy attorney general looking into allegations of fraud by the school.
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make allegation1) Some had allegedly made allegations to their parents.
2) They implied they knew I had made allegations .
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malicious allegation1) Slander and malicious allegations about the issue became common.
2) SAPS training drivers to save fleet malicious allegations ?
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misconduct allegation1) misconduct allegations or complaints may be generated internally or by the public.
2) misconduct allegations are noncriminal in nature and typically involve ethics or regulatory violations.
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new allegation1) The new allegations may simply have been the last straw.
2) Evidence of drugs persisted and in 2004 came new allegations .
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plaintiff allegation1) The complaint sets forth the plaintiff's allegations against the defendant.
2) No opinion was issued regarding the merit of the plaintiff's allegations .
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probe allegation1) A grand jury has been impaneled to probe the allegations .
2) The commission probed allegations of irregularities in the May 2011 local government elections candidate lists .
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prompt allegation1) The killings again prompted allegations that the British Army was operating a shoot-to-kill policy.
2) It has divided communities, enraged activists, prompted allegations of racism and stirred politicians to action.
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provoke allegation1) Because Harvard paid almost all of the damages and allowed Shleifer to retain his faculty position, the settlement provoked allegations of favoritism on Summers.
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publish allegation1) Earlier the paper had published allegations of Yeltsin's involvement with the Italian Mafia.
2) Indian media has widely published allegations of corrupt Indian citizens stashing trillions of dollars in Swiss banks.
2) In 1987 he won a libel case against The Sun which published allegations of sex with rent boys.
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rebut allegation1) Borodin , speaking to Reuters in August 2011, rebutted the fraud allegations .
2) Justice Retired Kayani rebuts allegations from Afzal Khan regarding rigging in general elections 2013.
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refute allegation1) Facebook and its underwriters strongly refute these allegations .
2) GOM refuted the allegations , and another officer blamed the riot police.
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reject allegation1) Sri Lanka has rejected all rights abuse allegations .
2) The Syrian government has categorically rejected the allegation .
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repeat allegation1) Robert Royal has also repeated this allegation .
2) He repeated these allegations on June 28, 2011.
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report allegation1) Amnesty also reports allegations of abuse of suspects during these interrogations.
2) Defense contractor employees seeking whistleblower reprisal protection must continue to report allegations directly to the DoDIG.
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retract allegation1) Further , victims who retract allegations can face prosecution.
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serious allegation1) These are really serious allegations about individuals .
2) Nor are serious allegations made in a vacuum.
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settle allegation1) In December 2010, The Dannon Company settled allegations of false advertising.
2) Morgan Stanley settled allegations of improperly influencing research analysts for $5 million in December 2012.
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spurious allegation1) The Brazilian government was forced to deny these spurious allegations several times.
2) This is not a spurious allegation .
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substantiate allegation1) No evidence has been produced to substantiate such allegations .
2) A Navy investigation substantiated all reprisal allegations .
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support allegation1) A careful review of the tapes did not support allegations of improper behaviour by the judge.
2) In 2000, the U.S. Department of Justice completed the investigation into Jowers' claims but did not find evidence to support allegations about conspiracy.
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unfounded allegation1) I will not allow you to make such unfounded allegations against Harriet .
2) This will protect you in the event of unfounded allegations in the future.
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unproven allegation1) Police notebooks are closely guarded and may contain unfounded and unproven allegations .
2) The files allegedly contain unproven allegations (including fraud) .
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unsubstantiated allegation1) He concocts facts and makes unsubstantiated allegations .
2) It was time to deploy Dexter's tactic of unsubstantiated allegation .
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untrue allegation1) Clifford denied what he termed the damaging and totally untrue allegations .
2) Echeverría is now suing the PRD for untrue allegations .
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widespread allegation1) There were widespread allegations of cheating on the part of the regime.
2) widespread allegations of corruption led to increasing factionalism within his government and party.
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wild allegation1) Several reports are on websites, sensationalised with wild allegations and invented details.
2) wild allegations were a hallmark of the FLP, Qarase claimed.
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withdraw the allegation1) It appears that Mackay never withdrew the allegations .
2) the former Fifa employee later withdrew the allegations .
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