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actually alive1) It was later revealed that Cameron was actually alive .
2) Plus, Emily's father is actually alive !
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alive1) Our title challenge is miraculously still alive .
2) Neither girl was ever seen alive again.
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alive and able1) A living trust may be revoked or amended at any time while the trustmaker is alive and able .
2) If this poor fellow were alive and able , he would have communicated his position somehow by now.
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alive and active1) This substance is ever alive and active .
2) All the cats are still alive , active and seem healthy.
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alive and conscious1) In those moments, we are fully alive and conscious .
2) Even so, you would still be alive and presumably conscious .
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alive and kicking1) The beast was still very much alive and kicking .
2) Western classical music is alive and kicking .
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alive and safe1) All four foreigners are alive and safe now.
2) Computer kept Star Zoo alive and safe .
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alive and unharmed1) We are thankful that he is alive and unharmed .
2) He tells Mrs. Travers that the men are alive and unharmed .
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alive and vibrant1) Fine detail is alive and vibrant throughout the film.
2) More than 150 caste myths are alive and vibrant among the caste.
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alive and well1) He was found alive and well four days later.
2) That foundation is alive and well today .
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alive healthy1) The double calf was alive and healthy but died during birth.
2) And, please, stay alive and healthy while doing so.
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alive or dead1) The natural bait used may be alive or dead .
2) It was unclear whether the child was alive or dead .
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alive thriving1) The knowledge of recombinant innovation is alive and thriving today.
2) Fascism is alive and thriving in Venezuela and Russia.
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alive to1) Their minds keep alive to the last.
2) Frederick himself was quite alive to his danger.
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alive to the danger1) Fortunately, we're more alive to the dangers inherent in the bruising of delicate psyches.
2) the Germans fought with inconsiderate fury; our men, more alive to the danger , threw, but not at random, stakes shod with iron and heavy stones.
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alive to the fact1) the Federal Executive was alive to the fact that great numbers of workers were not satisfied with the policy of the ALP.
2) We were very alive to the fact that the Howie review was raising issues of integration and articulation that Further Education couldn't afford to ignore.
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alive to the possibility1) They were creative, alive to the possibilities of the ambiguities of language.
2) the grandmother of the present Tjerssen had been fully alive to the possibilities of tourism.
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alive with1) The dry ground was alive with game.
1) The air was continuously alive with gay synthetic melodies.
2) The air was alive with swirling birds.
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back alive1) From that appointment he never came back alive .
2) Don't bring them back alive .
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barely alive1) He was barely alive in this world.
2) They 're barely alive as it is.
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be alive1) The dry ground was alive with game.
2) He felt suddenly happy at being alive .
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be buried alive1) He had been buried alive in sugar.
2) Some of the troops were buried alive .
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be burned alive1) No such benefit with being burned alive .
2) They had been burned alive and beheaded .
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be captured alive1) This allows the creatures to be captured alive .
2) He stated, a government doctor verified he was captured alive .
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be eaten alive1) The kids know that they are being eaten alive .
2) Investigators documented two birds literally being eaten alive by a rat.
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be found alive1) They were found alive five months later.
2) He was found alive and well four days later.
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be left alive1) In 1550 what percentage of the original population was left alive ?
2) Not one of them is left alive .
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be taken alive1) He'll never allow himself to be taken alive .
2) Thomas ordered Khalid to be taken alive .
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become alive1) The cracks disappeared and the soil became alive !
2) It becomes full of light and becomes alive again.
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born alive1) The document must show that the child was born alive .
2) Those are the charges involving the babies who were allegedly born alive .
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bring alive1) The Maritime Museum brings alive Jersey's maritime past.
2) Seldon and Walsh bring alive the human stories.
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buried alive1) He had been buried alive in sugar.
2) Engineers and slaves were constantly buried alive .
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burn alive1) She was tortured for hours and burned alive .
2) The remaining citizens were tortured and burnt alive '.
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bury alive1) Engineers and slaves were constantly buried alive .
2) Some of the troops were buried alive .
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capture alive1) Most of the defenders were either slain or captured alive .
2) He stated, a government doctor verified he was captured alive .
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child alive1) Their mission is to keep children alive .
2) Every moment the child is alive is cherished.
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come alive1) There were voices outside as the train came alive .
2) The dormant grass seed have come alive .
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dead alive1) dead alive is gory, but it is a comedy.
2) I believe if was dead alive that had the best movie line ever.
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dead and alive1) I salut all the vets dead and alive .
1) We must reckon on the fact that we are dead and alive in Christ.
2) This includes plants, animals, humans (both dead and alive ) and certain objects.
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dead or alive1) The answer is neither dead or alive .
2) Whether the Huntsman was dead or alive was initially unknown.
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dream alive1) The dream was still alive , and more desirable than ever.
2) Events like this one help keep young dreams alive .
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eat alive1) The kids know that they are being eaten alive .
2) Investigators documented two birds literally being eaten alive by a rat.
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escape alive1) He succeeds, and the three siblings escape alive .
2) Will any of the group be able to escape alive ?
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father alive1) My father is still alive and doing fine.
2) Few of the biological fathers are still alive .
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feel alive1) We feel powerfully alive when are are angry.
2) The talking cars feel more alive than talking cars should.
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find alive1) Only two women and five children were found alive .
2) If found still alive , please let me die.
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fully alive1) In those moments, we are fully alive and conscious.
2) Maria demanded tempestuously, hatred fully alive again now.
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get out alive1) He probably felt lucky to get out alive .
2) It is almost a miracle that anyone got out alive .
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hope alive1) The team is keeping their playoff hopes alive by winning games.
2) Washington won its sixth straight to keep its narrow playoff hopes alive .
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human alive1) It costs relatively little to keep a human alive .
2) Wanting to be alive, absolutely human and alive .
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husband alive1) When my husband was alive we did the camping routine.
2) This gives Ellen Baker more hope that her husband is alive .
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indeed alive1) Robin later confirms that Jason is indeed alive .
2) In great pain, he learns that Cleopatra is indeed alive .
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intensely alive1) Here was another history, intimate and intensely alive .
2) The sacred syllables entered mysteriously in resonance with my silent presence which seemed to become intensely alive .
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keep alive1) Humans are incredibly difficult to keep alive .
2) Their minds keep alive to the last.
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leave alive1) No one practically left alive as follower.
2) He felt like the last person left alive .
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look alive1) Everybody look alive , 'cause here come de judge!
2) They almost look alive , don't they?
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lucky to be alive1) I am very lucky to be alive .
2) Nash considered himself lucky to be alive .
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man alive1) At least they knew their men were alive .
2) This man is still alive and my husband is dead.
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more dead than alive1) She was worth more dead than alive .
2) I'm worth more dead than alive .
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much alive1) This tradition is very much alive today.
2) Of course, mythology is very much alive today.
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only half alive1) She was only half alive , poor woman.
2) Shall I then be only half alive ?
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out alive1) It's a wonder any of us get out alive .
2) However, Bianca is given a miracle when Miranda turns out alive .
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parent alive1) My parents are alive and have thirty grandchildren.
2) Were your parents alive at the time?
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patient alive1) Twenty three of the patients are still alive .
2) Their patient was still alive but his condition was deteriorating visibly.
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physically alive1) The machines keep the bodies physically alive and fit, but imprisoned.
2) Each child naturally born to the human race is born physically alive but spiritually dead.
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real alive0) The truth be told that God is real and alive .
1) It was a good read with characters that seemed real and alive .
2) May this Easter be more real and alive for you than ever before!
2) God is real and alive .
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really alive0) This is the ultimate proof that Jesus is really alive .
1) Whether he is really alive or not is unknown.
2) But they are not really alive , are they?
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remain alive1) The baby must remain whole to remain alive .
2) By 1986, only one captured animal remained alive .
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return alive1) Only half of the fleet returned home alive .
2) Only five of them returned home alive .
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seem alive1) The very air around her seemed alive with tension and expectancy.
2) The beautiful young woman sleeps so soundly that she hardly seems alive .
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seen alive1) They were last seen alive in 1988.
2) He was last seen alive on 2 October last year.
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spirit alive1) Thanks for keeping the rotary spirit alive !
2) I'm sure his spirit is still alive down there.
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spiritually alive1) We must all seek and find inspiration to feel spiritually alive .
2) Also, only a spiritually alive person can die spiritually.
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stay alive1) These fish are barely maintained to stay alive .
2) This cricket managed to stay alive through everything.
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still alive1) Our title challenge is miraculously still alive .
2) Is the original owner still alive today?
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suddenly alive1) She smiled, feeling suddenly alive and full of energy.
2) His nephew had suddenly alive .
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tradition alive1) The locals enjoy keeping traditions alive , especially old farming techniques.
2) The locals enjoy keeping old traditions alive , especially farming techniques.
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truly alive1) Finally assured that he had been truly alive , he died.
2) And so they will be truly alive .
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up alive1) Cristian turns up alive but Sarah is presumed dead.
2) After Maggie shows up alive , Mickey divorces her.
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very alive1) I feel very alive and very alert.
2) But the feeling dimension was very alive !
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very much alive1) This tradition is very much alive today.
2) The beast was still very much alive and kicking.
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vibrant alive1) Her coffee-colored hair matched her spirited personality- vibrant and alive .
2) Austin, like SSW, is vibrant , alive and welcoming!
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vibrantly alive1) The Castle's long and distinguished history was brought more vibrantly alive .
2) Star Trek was vibrantly alive even on the beaches of Waikiki.
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yet alive1) Why did he withhold his hand and leave me yet alive ?
2) She- with no name, face nor heart but yet alive .
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