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assimilationist policy1) The Proclamation gives legal expression to assimilationist policies .

2) Polish rule, which came later, was accompanied by a more assimilationist policy .

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complete assimilation1) The individual is then taken away for complete assimilation by drones.

2) Sociologist Henry Pratt Fairchild believed that innate racial characteristics would make complete assimilation almost impossible.

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cultural assimilation1) cultural assimilation can happen either spontaneously or forcibly.

2) They also criticized the cultural assimilation of young Indians.

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digestion assimilation1) It interferes with normal digestion and assimilation.

2) Nutritional deficiency is reduced significantly by improving digestion and assimilation.

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force assimilation1) These ranged from outright massacres to restrictive exclusionary laws and forced assimilation.

2) Official policy has vacillated between forced assimilation and enforced isolation in carefully controlled settlements.

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full assimilation1) full assimilation of them into the old upper class would seem unlikely.

2) Thailand has the largest overseas Chinese community and is also the most successful case of full assimilation.

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gradual assimilation1) In these centuries a process of gradual assimilation took place among the native population.

2) gradual assimilation into American culture has presented both challenges and opportunities for the Utes.

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immigrant assimilation1) Thirdly, the difference in institutional arrangements may influence immigrant assimilation.

2) Secondly, the size of new gateways may influence immigrant assimilation.

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immigration assimilation1) It runs counter to immigration and assimilation.

2) This action runs totally counter to the NA culture of immigration and assimilation.

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assimilation policy1) CEO has been involved in promoting assimilation policies since its founding.

2) The Turkic Khaganate had special policy against Chinese assimilation policy .

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assimilation process1) Helping restore impaired metabolism and correcting digestive and assimilation processes .

2) The palatal affricates behave like stops in assimilation processes .

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promote assimilation1) Their practices tend to promote assimilation rather than transformation.

2) Japanese-sponsored shorts, newsreels, and feature films heavily promoted cultural assimilation to colonized Korean audiences.

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resist assimilation1) Throughout centuries they resisted assimilation and kept their traditional lifestyle.

2) It steadfastly resists sonic assimilation into the world around it.

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assimilation effect1) assimilation effects occur when the subject feels psychologically connected to their social surroundings.

2) We conclude that size contrast and assimilation effects are a further manifestation of a fundamentally probabilistic process of visual perception.

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assimilation into1) Zionism also sought assimilation into the modern world.

2) One factor was its assimilation into the larger science fiction mainstream.

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benevolent assimilation1) On December 21, 1898, President McKinley issued a Proclamation of benevolent assimilation.

2) U.S. President McKinley's December 21, 1898 proclamation of benevolent assimilation was announced in the Philippines on January 4, 1899.

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carbon assimilation1) CO2 concentration changes in leaf chambers are measured to provide carbon assimilation values for leaves or whole plants.

2) The critical measurement for most plant stress measurements is designated by "A" or carbon assimilation rate.

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data assimilation1) This process is called data assimilation and uses a branch of mathematics called inverse modelling.

2) Here a coupled model should be setup and exchange laws optimised using data assimilation theories.

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forced assimilation1) These ranged from outright massacres to restrictive exclusionary laws and forced assimilation.

2) Official policy has vacillated between forced assimilation and enforced isolation in carefully controlled settlements.

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genetic assimilation1) Due to intermarriage and genetic assimilation, just who is a descendant of the African diaspora is not entirely self-evident.

2) For example, according to the phenotype-first theory of evolution, mutations can eventually cause the genetic assimilation of traits that were previously induced by the environment.

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nitrogen assimilation1) The enzymes GOGAT and GDH catalyze the nitrogen assimilation reactions.

2) The biosynthesis of glutamate and glutamine is a key step in the nitrogen assimilation discussed above.

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regressive assimilation1) Historically, morpheme-boundary gemination is the result of regressive assimilation.

2) regressive assimilations are only conditioned by phonological factors while substitutions take into account semantic information.

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