Expressions - Collocations of the word " assignment "

" assignment "Collocations - Expressions
accept assignment1) The grievant accepted the assignment "under protest".

2) One example is accepting a temporary assignment as an independent contractor.

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bit assignment1) Two rectangular 8-QAM constellations are shown below without bit assignments.

2) Table 12-16 shows the DBGBVR bit assignments.

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block assignment1) Missed blocking assignment and needs technique work in this area.

2) This left the 310th with two battalions for their blocking assignment at Rollesbroich.

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challenge assignment1) When possible, give your employees challenging assignments.

2) Presti also gave him challenging assignments .

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committee assignment1) Members are expected to volunteer for committee assignments.

2) Brown's committee assignments were as follows.

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complete assignment1) Also, evaluate whether students are completing more assignments.

2) Student must complete a consulting assignment for a client organization.

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duty assignment1) Will transitional employees be allowed to opt on vacant duty assignments?

2) Transitional Employees are not permitted to opt on vacant duty assignments.

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execute assignment1) Therefore, did Lender XYZ Bankruptcy Court grant Mers authority to execute such assignments.

2) One depositor alone, whose deposits exceeded half a million pounds, executed 26 assignments of £20,000 each.

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fulfill assignment1) Despite little experience, he successfully fulfilled the assignment.

2) Are they go to classroom everyday, and fulfill the professor's assignment?

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grade assignment1) They will help you prepare for the graded assignments.

2) These 5 assignments were all graded within a 2 minute time period.

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handle assignment1) Each individual unit generally handles dormitory assignments.

2) He has handled many challenging assignments nationally and internationally.

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homework assignment1) You are more likely to check homework assignments.

2) These homework assignments may help fabricators explore those options.

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miss assignment1) Perhaps the child has missed some homework assignments.

2) It's a missed assignment here and a missed assignment there.

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model assignment1) When Lucy takes a modelling assignment overseas, she and Brad break up.

2) Her first modelling assignment was being a promotional model at a Harley-Davidson bike show in Detroit.

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overseas assignment1) U.S. overseas assignment are typically for three or fewer years.

2) Fletcher has some tough overseas assignments coming up though .

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random assignment1) random assignment was conducted separately for each center.

2) A valid experiment is controlled and uses random assignment.

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reading assignment1) The reading assignments match philosophical and literary texts.

2) Dont fall behind on your reading assignments.

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refuse assignment1) An independent contractor is always free to refuse an assignment.

2) On December 30, White again refused assignment to the Vipers.

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Register assignment1) Figure 4-42 on page 4-64 shows the Slave Port Control Register bit assignments.

2) Non-Confidential 4-62 System Control Table 4-42 shows the ATCM Region Register bit assignments.

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rehab assignment1) After a rehab assignment, he was activated on May 26.

2) He starts a rehab assignment with High-A Frederick today.

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request assignment1) Long-term visiting researchers may request a temporary locker assignment during their stay.

2) While at Meridian, McCain requested a combat assignment.

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submit assignment1) You complete activities and submit assignments whenever you are ready.

2) Additionally, most assignments are now submitted electronically via email.

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TDY assignment1) This TDY assignment was to a previously closed flightline.

2) A TDY assignment should be cleared in advance with the activity involved. 2.

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teaching assignment1) Be better prepared for your teaching assignment in the ward.

2) Details: Fellows may undertake a reasonable number of teaching assignments.

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temporary assignment1) One example is accepting a temporary assignment as an independent contractor.

2) What is the length of the temporary assignment?

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undertake assignment1) Do NOT wait until the last minute to undertake this assignment .

2) This is especially important when they are undertaking major assignments like research papers .

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variable assignment1) This is exactly like a variable assignment in a conventional language.

2) In vimscript, this includes variable assignments.

more variable assignment sentences
work assignment1) Performance means accomplishment of work assignments or responsibilities.

2) Frequent personnel changes or juggling of work assignments.

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write assignment1) The key is getting students to not fear writing assignments.

2) Machine grading of written assignments is also underway.

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writing assignment1) This task more closely mirrors college writing assignments.

2) Student presentations and short reading and writing assignments are required.

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accept the assignment1) the grievant accepted the assignment "under protest".

2) Valkerie feels doubly guilty about accepting the assignment.

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assignment for the benefit of creditors1) OnLive entered into a proceeding known as an "assignment for the benefit of Creditors", wherein all previous OnLive shareholders purportedly lose their stakes in the company.

2) Mark also represents buyers and sellers of distressed assets in out-of-court transactions, including Uniform Commercial Code public and private sales and assignments for the benefit of creditors.

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assignment of benefits1) NRS 689A.135 assignment of benefits to provider of health care.

2) On this form, please be sure to check off "Irrevocable assignment of Benefits;" this will allow MasterCard to work with Zipcar directly on the claim so you won't be charged.

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assignment of error1) Defendant argues three assignments of error on appeal.

2) Finally, in view of our determination that the evidence here must be suppressed, we need not consider the assignment of error challenging the imposition of an exceptional sentence.

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assignment of lease1) In addition to the assignment of leases between producers, the producers themselves may merge or become acquired.

2) Avondale Holdings became substantive lessee with effect from 1978 in terms of a notarial deed of assignment of lease.

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assignment of mortgage1) Rather, the bank argued it had standing via an assignment of Mortgage.

2) Here, the borrowers were not parties to the assignments of mortgages or PSA that they challenge in their complaint.

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assignment on1) So does every missed screen and every blown assignment on defense .

2) Team members will complete assignments on time.

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assignment operator1) No, there is no associated assignment operator.

2) Variables are defined using the assignment operator, __CODE__.

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assignment problem1) The traffic assignment problem for a general network.

2) As always, there is a credit assignment problem.

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assignment statement1) The assignment statement assigns values to one or more variables.

2) Evaluates expression string parameter, which can include assignment statements.

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business assignment1) No doubt on some other business assignment.

2) More than 200,000 Japanese went abroad in 1990 for extended periods of study, research, or business assignments.

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carry out assignment1) Before the agent actually starts to carry out assignment, training in tradecraft may be necessary.

2) After carrying out assignments in Vienna and London, Haas conceived of an extensive project about America.

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class assignment1) Heterogeneous class assignment with part-time homogeneous groupings is one possible compromise.

2) A class assignment that illustrates this point is not one of them.

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dangerous assignment1) He often gives the most dangerous assignments to himself.

2) He picks his favourite spots and recalls his most dangerous assignments .

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deed of assignment1) Avondale Holdings became substantive lessee with effect from 1978 in terms of a notarial deed of assignment of lease.

2) Producing the original deeds of assignment and proving their execution; or secondary evidence of their contents after accounting for their absence. 2.

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difficult assignment1) The higher level Slayer masters tend to give more difficult assignments.

2) That game proved to be a difficult assignment.

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do assignment1) Friends say that he did assignments for the CIA.

2) K. What does assignment of a Registration Number Mean?

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equitable assignment1) It left the old equitable assignment untouched, and it may be used still.

2) Therefore, this is an equitable assignment which cannot be impeached.

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finish assignment1) I frequent this place while finishing assignments or projects .

2) He is a young man who does chores in the college such as helping students by ironing their clothes, finishing assignments, and getting groceries, in return for money.

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frequency assignment1) Edge colorings have applications in scheduling problems and in frequency assignment for fiber optic networks.

2) Cable TV's use of Channel 1 is rare and its frequency assignment is sometimes inconsistent.

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general assignment1) Prior to this role, Bolduan was a general assignment correspondent.

2) I was the general assignment reporter at the Rhinelander Daily News.

more general assignment sentences
get assignment1) Your website isn't just to help you get assignments....

2) Require students to get assignments online.

more get assignment sentences
give assignment1) Giving assignment answers or test answers for money.

2) And make sure those who were given assignments have followed up.

more give assignment sentences
group assignment1) What therapy they receive is dictated by their risk group assignment.

2) You will develop your teamworking skills through structured group assignments.

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hand in assignment1) As a distance student how do I hand in assignments or ask questions of my professors?

2) But he knew of pupils handing in assignments to teachers to have the spelling and punctuation corrected before being submitted for grading.

more hand in assignment sentences
have assignment1) The students will have assignments using their computers at home.

2) I also had assignments in other states as the need arose.

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important assignment1) She entrusts Naomi with a very important assignment.

2) Keeping track of the score in these games was an important assignment.

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job assignment1) Lighter job assignments are usually given union leaders.

2) Lack of opportunities for career development and rotational job assignments.

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modeling assignment1) Four years later, Claudia Schiffer reportedly earned $12 million for her various modeling assignments.

2) Crystal Trueheart leaves for a modeling assignment in Hong Kong and interviews that she will then return to New York City.

more modeling assignment sentences
modelling assignment1) When Lucy takes a modelling assignment overseas, she and Brad break up.

2) Her first modelling assignment was being a promotional model at a Harley-Davidson bike show in Detroit.

more modelling assignment sentences
on an assignment1) He was abruptly blacklisted while on an assignment.

2) Working on an assignment or project for class ?

more on an assignment sentences
on assignment1) Break in footwear before arriving on assignment.

2) Mitchell had been on assignment in the region.

more on assignment sentences
photographic assignment1) He received various other commercial and magazine photographic assignments.

2) Due to his familiarity with the state, Wentzel was ordered to complete the photographic assignment.

more photographic assignment sentences
plum assignment1) It's tempting to view colleagues as competitors for promotions or plum assignments.

2) Internal emails showed the political leadership exchanging racist jokes and handing plum assignments to staffers perceived as conservatives .

more plum assignment sentences
read assignment1) How about some reading assignments for you now.

2) Quizzes will be given periodically to encourage timely completion of reading assignments.

more read assignment sentences
receive assignment1) Many times the professor will communicate with students through email for sending and receiving assignments.

2) Students usually receive assignments through the Internet and turn in their work the same way.

more receive assignment sentences
school assignment1) Will you help me with my school assignment?

2) They read because of school assignments and pop culture fads.

more school assignment sentences
set assignment1) Our coach sets assignments where we need to watch the games and make notes on them and share it all with the team .

2) For basically the same reasons, you can set assignments you would not even think about if the students had to program in BASIC or Pascal.

more set assignment sentences
single assignment1) This complicates the use of conditional statements with single assignment.

2) Once created by single assignment, named values are not variables but immutable objects.

more single assignment sentences
space assignment1) space assignment space assignment will begin on July 12th.

2) space assignment space assignment will begin on July 12th.

more space assignment sentences
special assignment1) North also describes his long military career and special assignments.

2) Give special assignments to people who show initiative.

more special assignment sentences
take on assignment1) Upon retirement, Otto Müller no longer needed to take on assignments in order to earn a living.

2) Warp often takes on assignments for Zurg and is paid quite handsomely (He owns a moon and a summer home).

more take on assignment sentences
tough assignment1) I realize this is a tough assignment.

2) Sri Lanka had been a tough assignment.

more tough assignment sentences
type assignment1) If the MM3- WebAssistant don't start by clicking on JAR archive than the file type assignment can be faulty.

2) This connection must be deleted in the assigned program (if possible) and the file type assignment must be changed in the operating system.

more type assignment sentences
wage assignment1) In many cases, income withholding (aka wage assignments) can be served across state lines.

2) Pursuant to state law, all child support orders issued in California include a wage assignment order.

more wage assignment sentences
written assignment1) Machine grading of written assignments is also underway.

2) The module will be assessed via written assignments and class presentations.

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