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absorb assimilate1) The body absorbs and assimilates everything that we ingest.

2) Eat Protein : Protein is calorically expensive to digest, absorb, and assimilate.

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completely assimilate1) He should completely assimilate to the collar within a few days.

2) Sharon (Athena) became completely assimilated in human culture.

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culturally assimilate1) It was believed that the barbarian could be culturally assimilated.

2) Their descendants assimilated culturally, economically, and politically with little trouble.

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assimilate culture1) This increasingly hastened the growing pressure to assimilate Indo culture into dominant Dutch culture.

2) Hellenization produced tensions between observant Jews and their brethren who had assimilated Greek culture .

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easily assimilate1) The second generation assimilated easily and quickly, as described by the melting pot phenomenon.

2) This may make it difficult for Asian Americans to assimilate easily into American culture.

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eventually assimilate1) The second generation eventually assimilated in Australian society.

2) Some lines eventually assimilated as white, after generations of marrying whites.

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assimilate experience1) Difficulty assimilating the experience is also a hallmark.

2) The Indian Maoists would do well to learn and assimilate the experience of the Nepalese Maoists.

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fully assimilate1) One concern is that many Korean migrants refuse to fully assimilate.

2) They have assimilated fully into the country.

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gradually assimilate1) Both groups became gradually assimilated into the village society.

2) The Polabian Slavs were gradually assimilated by the Germans.

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group assimilate1) German-Americans are an assimilated group which influences political life in the US as a whole.

2) These small groups were usually assimilated quickly and sometimes left marks in the new language they acquired.

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assimilate idea1) The organisations within the non-profit sector also have an ability to assimilate new ideas .

2) It takes time to assimilate Baader's ideas, since they are not systematic.

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assimilate immigrant1) Most future waves of Dutch immigrants were quickly assimilated.

2) The focus shifted to culturally assimilating immigrants and "whitening" the population.

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assimilate influence1) Baekje assimilated diverse influences and expressed its derivation from Chinese models.

2) Consequently, Malagasy cuisine is traditional while also assimilating newly emergent cultural influences .

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assimilate information1) His passion for reading allowed him to assimilate any information .

2) There was a long silence while Alyssia assimilated this information .

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assimilate knowledge1) His ability to assimilate knowledge was extraordinary.

2) Tactile and acoustic exhibits help you assimilate knowledge through play.

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largely assimilate1) Many Germans in Russia largely assimilated and integrated into Russian society.

2) Since World War Two, Ukrainians have largely assimilated into Canadian culture.

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assimilate nutrient1) The ability of our individual bodies to assimilate nutrients .

2) The liver absorbs and combines all the 100 essential enzymes needed for assimilating nutrients .

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often assimilate1) They often assimilated into the Tibetan population.

2) Natives who work in media and entertainment often assimilate to the General American broadcast standard.

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assimilate people1) After their subsequent spread, they began assimilating non-Slavic peoples .

2) The Patriarchate of Constantinople became its tool to assimilate other peoples .

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assimilate population1) Their population was consequently assimilated by the Slavic settlers.

2) Britain assimilated a large population with an ease that few countries have matched.

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quickly assimilate1) This system was quickly assimilated into a liturgy.

2) The herbal notes assimilate quickly, revealing some incense beneath.

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readily assimilate1) Other individuals may assimilate more readily to London English speech.

2) Yeast readily assimilates ammonia as a nitrogen source.

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well assimilate1) The Polish today are well assimilated into American society.

2) To this day, he has assimilated very well into this setting.

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assimilate into1) Both groups became gradually assimilated into the village society.

2) This system was quickly assimilated into a liturgy.

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assimilate to1) They usually assimilate to a following consonant.

2) He should completely assimilate to the collar within a few days.

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rapidly assimilate1) The U.S. government urgently sought a progressive educational model to rapidly assimilate Indians into white culture.

2) Successive waves of immigrants during the 19th and 20th centuries were rapidly assimilated into French culture.

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thoroughly assimilate1) By the 1940s Germania had largely vanished outside remote areas and the Germans were thoroughly assimilated.

2) Yet there is one sense in which Swallow has thoroughly assimilated the professionalism of the academy.

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