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amino1) An average protein might contain 100 amino acids.
2) The amino acid polymers are called proteins.
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amino acid1) An average protein might contain 100 amino acids .
2) The total protein has 343 amino acids .
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amino acid sequence1) Human antibodies have a completely human amino acid sequence .
2) The amino acid sequence encoded by the gene is then predicted.
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amino arginine1) It is derived from the amino acid arginine .
2) They are high in the amino acid arginine .
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amino chain1) amino acids chains are found on asteroids .
2) The specific amino acid side chains have been determined for many enzymes.
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amino composition1) amino acid composition is the principal effect.
2) The average amino acid composition for fish and mammal skin is given.
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amino glycine1) Experiments were performed by reacting the metal-metal complex with the amino acids glycine and aspartic acid.
2) The tRNA molecules with the anticodon CCG also have attached to them the amino acid glycine .
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amino group1) However, protection at the amino group is not mandatory.
2) This positive charge comes from protonation of its free amino groups .
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amino lysine1) This occurred because zein lacks the essential amino acids lysine and tryptophan.
2) This family also includes the amino acid lysine , which is derived from α-ketoglutarate.
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amino phenylalanine1) They thereby deduced that the codon UUU specified the amino acid phenylalanine .
2) Colchicine is biosynthesized from the amino acids phenylalanine and tryptophan.
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amino profile1) amino acid profiles are presented in Table 10.
2) Fish grow best on a balanced diet with a balanced amino acid profile .
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amino residue1) The resulting enzymes only differ in 4 amino acid residues .
2) These inhibitors modify key amino acid residues needed for enzymatic activity.
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amino sequence1) Primary structure refers to the amino acid backbone sequence .
2) Human antibodies have a completely human amino acid sequence .
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amino substitution1) A statistical difference was observed with the reported amino acid substitution .
2) amino acid substitutions in OXA enzymes can also give the ESBL phenotype.
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amino terminus1) The gene then forms a mutated huntingtin protein with polyglutamine repeats near the amino terminus .
2) The chemokine binding site on the receptor appears to be localised to the amino terminus .
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amino tryptophan1) Large meals, carbohydrates and an amino acid tryptophan induce sleep.
2) The amino acid tryptophan can be converted into niacin.
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amino tyrosine1) amino acid tyrosine is also very important for producing the hormones .
2) Melanin is derivative of the amino acid tyrosine .
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