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amenable1) Few vegetables are more amenable to freezing .
2) Don't utilize facial boil freedom possibly amenable chronic wounds.
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amenable children1) Certainly, parents who have had easy babies and amenable children may be unprepared for the changed behaviour that can characterize adolescence.
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amenable for1) Essentially all soil types are amenable for treatment by LTTD systems.
2) The technology is also amenable for light trucks, SUVs and passenger cars.
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amenable to1) Few vegetables are more amenable to freezing .
2) Side effects are dose dependent and amenable to dose reduction.
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be amenable1) Few vegetables are more amenable to freezing .
2) This type of uncertainty is amenable to analysis using probability theory.
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highly amenable1) The Germanic mind is highly amenable to the belief in correspondences between the Universe and Man - between microcosm and macrocosm.
2) Payers will ultimately organize populations into subgroups that are highly amenable to specific actions or interventions, predicts the author, David Bodycombe.
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most amenable1) They were most amenable and forwarded a corrected contract without delay.
2) He was concerned with focusing quickly on the areas most amenable to cost reduction.
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particularly amenable1) Claude Simon's fiction at this time is particularly amenable to the criteria established by Ricardou.
2) SVE is particularly amenable to contaminants with higher Henry's Law constants, including various chlorinated solvents and hydrocarbons.
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prove amenable1) Over the years, languages in general have proved amenable to this kind of analysis.
2) Like other Shakespearean tragedies, King Lear has proved amenable to conversion into other theatrical traditions.
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render amenable1) The essential aspects of a situation to be examined are defined in the language of mathematics and thus are rendered amenable to treatment by mathematical methods.
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seem amenable1) In order to win it, you make a compromise that would seem amenable to you and the other person.
2) Denmark, in particular, seemed amenable to a reversal of alliances in the events leading up to the Second Anglo-Dutch War.
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very amenable1) Still, being very amenable and wanting to please Tom, Grace agrees.
2) I find it very amenable .
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