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add amenity1) Several amenities were also added to the building.
2) Over the years we have added amenities as our little club grew.
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amenity1) The function processes institute charges into 8 surgeons resting american amenities .
2) An ideal holiday location close to various amenities .
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amenity available1) Not all amenities available on every ship .
2) It lists rooms and amenities available at each hotel.
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amenity for1) It provides amenities for sports and leisure activities.
2) There are other great amenities for the community, too.
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amenity include1) Other park amenities include walking and bicycle trails.
2) Other amenities include : Over 1100sq.
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amenity kit1) All linen and towels, and complimentary amenity kit are provided.
2) Additionally, amenity kits , pillows, and blankets are given to first class passengers.
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amenity require1) Agra Municipal Corporation provides the people with all the required civic amenities .
2) And he said the initial public improvements and amenities required have significant upfront costs .
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amenity society1) An amenity society in Tavistock Devon was formed, inspired by Weeks' action.
2) Local amenity societies and conservation groups therefore frequently oppose their construction -; and all too often the houses remain unbuilt.
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amenity space1) Roofs will be green and brown with many providing outdoor amenity space .
2) There should be no loss of overall amenity space in the park, and no loss of vegetation.
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amenity such1) Trains typically have amenities such as a dining car.
2) These communities also provide special amenities such as tennis and golf.
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amenity value1) Both fine buildings of Loreto Abbey and Rathfarnham Castle also provide amenity value .
2) Even before its closure, there was interest in retaining the canal for its amenity value .
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basic amenity1) Some camp sites may provide only basic amenities .
2) Far fewer houses for example lack basic amenities .
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civic amenity1) Another important civic amenity attended is the disposal of solid waste.
2) Jharkhand has several towns and innumerable villages with civic amenities .
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community amenity1) Other community amenities are factors as well .
2) Leisure, social and community amenities were few.
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cultural amenity1) It remained one of the few cultural amenities .
2) Many of its businesses and cultural amenities departed.
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enjoy amenity1) enjoy the excellent amenities of your boat.
2) Buyers enjoy unsurpassed amenities in our bustling 30,000 square foot community center.
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environmental amenity1) Insufficient funds are directed towards essential maintenance and replacement leading to a loss of visual and environmental amenity .
2) Other concerns include the threat of pollution, noise disturbance, danger from heavy lorries and the loss of environmental amenities .
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excellent amenity1) Enjoy the excellent amenities of your boat.
2) The hotel itself has excellent amenities and has been the centre of great party nights.
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feature amenity1) It is furnished in antiques and features quality amenities and gourmet foods.
2) The village features most tourism amenities and is a growing recreational area.
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have amenity1) The structure had modern amenities including hot water heat and running water.
2) Trains typically have amenities such as a dining car.
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hotel amenity1) But overall the hotel amenities were good.
2) These hygiene kits contained hotel amenities collected by the Clean the World Foundation.
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improve amenity1) It featured sleeker styling and improved amenities .
2) We are committed to improving visitor amenities and imparting consistency in programming and organizational performance.
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include amenity1) The Madison Avenue store included many different amenities .
2) Which activities and amenities are included in the resort credits?
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lack amenity1) Far fewer houses for example lack basic amenities .
2) Many houses were infested by rats and lacked elementary amenities .
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leisure amenity1) He also recommends the greater provision of entertainment, sporting and other leisure amenities for the working classes.
2) In the 1960s, the value of the towpath as a leisure amenity began to be recognised.
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lifestyle amenity1) There's just so many lifestyle amenities and living choices in this gorgeous new home.
2) Our spacious, smartly designed one bedroom suite boasts modern lifestyle amenities while adding unexpected touches of luxury at every turn.
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local amenity1) Rural location with local amenities close by.
2) local amenities include many shops and several small shopping plazas.
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luxurious amenity1) It has 160 rooms, equipped with all luxurious amenities .
2) It's an amazing property with plenty of luxurious amenities .
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luxury amenity1) All suites are fully air-conditioned and contain luxury amenities .
2) Residents enjoy plenty of other luxury amenities throughout this amazing island community.
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modern amenity1) The city began to acquire modern amenities .
2) The structure had modern amenities including hot water heat and running water.
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natural amenity1) The town is located on the banks of the River Liffey, which provides a range of natural amenities .
2) Private, neighborhood and community docks and four connecting waterways will provide property owners access to this wonderful natural amenity .
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necessary amenity1) Then you can filter for the necessary amenities .
2) While small, this unit is completely tricked out with all the necessary amenities .
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need amenity1) It needs more amenities , but that is happening.
2) Haslam has said he thinks the stadium needs better amenities .
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offer amenity1) The project offers world class amenities with best specifications .
2) The property offered features amenities that compliment a luxury lifestyle .
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passenger amenity1) The rehabilitated cars feature upgraded passenger amenities and upgraded propulsion and train control hardware.
2) Development of the design of passenger amenities included consideration of shelters, seating and lighting.
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provide amenity1) Some camp sites may provide only basic amenities .
2) It provides amenities for sports and leisure activities.
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public amenity1) public amenities are emphasized for improvement in these denser neighborhoods.
2) The camp was removed because the group was illegally occupying a public amenity .
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recreational amenity1) The grounds were lush, the recreational amenities many.
2) This is a public garden with recreational amenities maintained by city municipality.
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resort amenity1) There are numerous resort amenities and activities to enjoy !
2) It is within a short distance of all of the resorts amenities .
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room amenity1) The main focus of the program is in room amenities .
2) In room amenities are not the only area of improvement.
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social amenity1) All the social amenities must be relearned.
2) The members of the community work together to build social amenities and facilities.
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upscale amenity1) All feature upscale amenities including multiple flat screen televisions, private bar, restrooms, and plush seating.
2) The Manhattan hotel offers sophisticated comfort and edgy decor among many of their upscale amenities and top notch guest services.
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urban amenity1) There was total lack of urban amenities and facilities.
2) In fact , the urban amenities are excellent.
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visual amenity1) One controversy was about visual amenities ; the other concerned noise.
2) Neglect, poor maintenance and poor construction have all contributed to declining visual amenity in various parts of the City.
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