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African American1) African American political realities are distorted beyond recognition.
2) African American activism had been informed by mass organizational strategies.
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American1) American popular music has become extremely popular internationally.
2) American style interior color coordination was absent.
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American Canadian1) American and Canadian currencies are headed in the same direction.
2) This included interviews on American and Canadian radio stations.
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American Indian1) Many slaves sought refuge near growing American Indian settlements.
2) Even favorably presented American Indian characters usually died tragically.
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American actor1) The television show starred African American actors .
2) American actors began to rival their British counterparts.
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American citizen1) His wife and three children are American citizens .
2) Public benefits are being cut for American citizens .
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American civil1) U.S. intelligence programs must respect and protect American civil liberties.
2) During the American civil war, mobile was a prosperous body.
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American comic1) Consider the traditional 32 page pamphlet type American comic book.
2) The title has been used for three American comic book series.
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American culture1) American culture confirmed that military schools were appropriate environments for boys.
2) American culture places a high value on individuality.
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American dream1) My family has lived the American dream .
2) This incidental situation crashes their own American dream .
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American film1) Early American films were concerned with racial imagery.
2) This was especially true in American films .
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American flag1) Another puzzle was the revised American flag .
2) The front window displays an American flag .
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American football1) This is American football meets rugby meets war zone.
2) This is particularly noticeable in American football .
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American force1) American military forces were racing toward victory .
2) American forces also killed civilians through aerial bombing.
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American foreign1) The theatre showcases American and foreign films.
2) Throughout its history American foreign policy has contained this blend.
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American historical1) These attitudes arise from the American historical experience.
2) It also publishes The American historical Review .
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American history1) American history has already answered that question.
2) Formal discrimination against minorities has been present throughout American history .
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American military1) American military forces were racing toward victory .
2) The American military industrial psyche laid bare.
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American naval1) American naval forces attained some early successes against Japan.
2) American naval and air units acted to deter the rebels.
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American people1) American people 'round here seem really cool.
2) A great challenge faces the American people .
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American political1) African American political realities are distorted beyond recognition.
2) The American political landscape is changing rapidly .
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American popular1) American popular music has become extremely popular internationally.
2) American popular culture is also recognized in shorthand.
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American professional1) The organization represented the first American professional soccer league.
2) There have always been two sides to American professional sports.
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American public1) The American public is playing a very dangerous game.
2) Its emotional impact 21 on the American public was immense.
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American society1) American society highly emphasizes entrepreneurship and business.
2) Education is very influential in American society .
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American sociological1) American sociological Review 54, 163-79.
2) American sociological Review 74: 777-799.
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American soldier1) No American soldier has been executed since 1961 .
2) American soldiers also paid a heavy mental price.
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American troop1) American troops start their own private rehabilitation campaigns program .
2) American troops advanced steadily despite logistical hardships imposed by the environment.
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American woman1) The average American woman owns six bras.
2) An American woman uses discarded bottle caps to create stunning masterpieces.
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Americana1) Russian culture is very different from typical Americana .
2) The specific epithet Americana means America .
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Americanised1) Burke labelled her first album as very Americanised .
2) Against: Furniture design outdated and Americanised .
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Americanism1) Such conduct represents an assault upon Americanism .
2) How does cultural anti Americanism affect politics, and vice versa?
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Americanist1) Much published material concerning Tübatulabal uses the Americanist orthography.
2) What theoretical frameworks are most tractable for Asian Americanist critique?
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Anglo American1) Anglo American represents a powerful world of resources.
2) Anglo American culture is very focused on productivity and independence.
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Asian American1) Asian American population growth is fueled largely by immigration.
2) The Asian American yield was nearly 88 percent.
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Central American1) The Central American squirrel monkey is noisy.
2) Her Central American service comprised tending patrol planes and transport duty.
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Native American1) Native American tribes were particularly hard hit.
2) Native American gaming has appeared many times in literature.
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american civil war1) During the american civil war , mobile was a prosperous body.
2) The american civil war had little effect.
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american english1) american english uses sports for both terms.
2) Both are correct in american english usage.
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as American as apple pie1) Strange customs and practices are as American as apple pie .
2) Lincoln is a brand as American as apple pie .
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distinctly American1) It is distinctly American , and very picturesque.
2) It is a distinctly American holiday, not celebrated elsewhere.
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early American1) They were an early American muscle car .
2) Legitimacy and Authorization early American police were authorized by local municipalities.
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especially American1) Nor is there anything especially American or British about them.
2) With the assistance of some foreign especially American companies gas expedition has increased.
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exclusively American1) It contained almost exclusively American names and addresses.
2) Creationism is not an exclusively American phenomenon.
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first American1) WHO WAS the first American in space?
2) Fuller was the first American ever to earn this award.
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hispanic american1) Marco Rubio may be a hispanic american .
2) Bushwick is the largest hub of Brooklyn's hispanic american community.
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mainly American1) His academic interests are mainly American and comparative politics.
2) Riparian areas are forested with mainly American sycamore.
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mostly American1) It is now composed of mostly American musicians.
2) You know why it's mostly American documents?
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particularly American1) Academic interest in food, particularly American food , is expanding.
2) Moreover, Uber remains a particularly American obsession.
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peculiarly American1) That last one does not seem peculiarly American , at least.
2) FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Mission has a peculiarly American texture.
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predominantly American1) It emphasizes the development of film as a predominantly American art form that had world-shaping ramifications.
2) Kentucky is more similar to the Upland South in terms of ancestry which is predominantly American .
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purely American1) Much like Tex-Mex music is purely American , Chalino argues that Cal-Mex music also exist in California.
2) Smitty It must be a purely American phenomenon : the stupider a politician is, the more popular they become.
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quintessentially American1) Smith & Wesson is perhaps the most quintessentially American firearms company.
2) The movement is quintessentially American in its 'feel-goodism'.
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truly American1) Was this not a truly American missionary opportunity?
2) The Great Awakening has been called the first truly American event.
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uniquely American1) The uniquely American love of money poses a persistent confusion.
2) The genesis of the lawyer ratings phenomena seems uniquely American .
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