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amicable1) Relations among the 13 officially recognized religious societies are generally amicable .
2) They divorced ten years later but remained amicable .
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amicable agreement1) Lawyers for both sides tried to reach an amicable agreement .
2) I knew we should come to an amicable agreement .
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amicable debate1) One of the pleasures of writing the book has been the attempt to settle an amicable debate of our own.
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amicable divorce1) The marriage ended in 2001 with an amicable divorce and settlement.
2) He tells her that he will arrange for an amicable divorce .
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amicable parting1) We had an amicable parting of ways in 2009 or 2010 .
2) Along with the name change came some stylistic changes that eventually resulted in an amicable parting of ways for some members.
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amicable relation1) amicable relations between them are critical to stability in the region.
2) More amicable relations between GSC groups and primary care physicians should develop.
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amicable relationship1) The generally amicable relationship among the various religious communities contributed to religious freedom.
2) The amicable relationship between the two continued as time went on.
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amicable resolution1) Kim said she did not hold out any hope of an amicable resolution with TNL while the firm insist that they are not responsible .
2) The statement , according to The Telegraph, reads: We can confirm that Fiona Shackleton is acting for Nigella Lawson to ensure a swift and amicable resolution .
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amicable settlement1) The dispute ended in an amicable settlement .
2) His publicist stated the couple had agreed to an amicable settlement .
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amicable silence1) They settled into an amicable silence as they breakfasted and turned the pages.
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amicable solution1) Bayern attempted to reach an amicable solution .
2) He said that the council hoped for an amicable solution .
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amicable split1) I wanted an amicable split , Waddell recalls.
2) It 's an amicable split .
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amicable term1) Despite these circumstances, the musicians remained on fairly amicable terms .
2) In January 2013, they announced their divorce on amicable terms .
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on amicable terms1) In January 2013, they announced their divorce on amicable terms .
2) The Bermuda agreement settled the Anglo-American civil aviation dispute on amicable terms .
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split amicable1) This split was initially amicable with each side retaining many friends within each organisation.
2) Actor James Caan left mid-production due to creative differences and split was amicable .
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